Friday, October 08, 2010

KFC-wb : Bought at 1.30-1.32 level today, will it give me a good trade? Let me share with you my idea to trade this one before it moves(up higher or lower). First, look at the ibu-ayam. The mommy first, ok? KFC-wb has been consolidating at 1.20 level before a good move yesterday. I was looking at her while watching Malaysia beating Singapore in CWG badminton team event. it was mid-night. Anyway, at 0.130 level ... my target is 1.50(1st arrow up) but will collect more at 1.40(it is fails to break 1.50 level and retraces again) only to clear 1.40 portions at 1.60. If both trades is successful, congrats. If not ... did I ask you to buy what I m buying? And what did I get sharing with you my ideas? Perhaps, you could HELP me to top-up my maxis(pre-paid) to show you appreciate my ideas?? Hmm ... I m asking for a teh tarik, will you who are reading these lines(and benefit from the trades!) pay for my drinks? I could give you more 'tips' and we could have kopi-tiam market talk. Will KFC-wb moves UP?

KFC : At support 20-MA, bullish crossover seen in stochastic. Green histrograms seen(today will form the third one) with increase in volumes. Moving back to RM3.30 level today. Do check that I have 'free' KFC previously. I do not look back, so I CANT remember at what price I bought her and sold for my 10% profits. Since the anak-ayam is out, I grabbed her baby instead. Yeah, higher leverage. I will want to see the baby-chick to grow ... and it will.

Gamuda : At 20-MA again, and it has shown that it will rebound once at 20-MA. So, I will be collecting her through Gamuda-cm. Current correction will be a good opportunity to ride on its uptrend. Yes, that MRT news out again and again ... and investors still chasing her. When the music will ends? Is it running ahead of its fundamentals? It is NOT cheap at all now. But, why many still chasing? That is market's behaviour.

EAH : At support 0.550, I queued at 0.545 not done so far. Thus, I will queue at 0.55 to buy more today. But if it breaks 0.55 support, be prepared to collect at 0.50-0.51 level.

I have sold JCY, Kinstel and SigGas yesterday in my selling spree. I hv also cleared Supermax-ca as TopGlove will pull the rubber-stocks again, Supermax could not stand alone. So, the chances of the REAL recovery will not be at this level and it will fails to rebound for the fourth time. But due to its oversold position, it has rebounded 10% for my target.

JCY failed to rebound too. So, I took small loss but still keeping my eye on her. It is oversold but cheap could go cheaper when sentiments are NOT good. Going down 0.95 was my cut-loss point and seeing it going lower(from the buy-sell queues), I cut it off earlier at 0.96. Bye JCY for the time being and watching 0.88 level again.

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Now, I m going for EAH and MMCCorp in a larger portion soon. I want to be focused. Also, as ZhongWang starts to be in correction mode, I want to be ready to average up.

9.35 am : KLCI up 1 point.

TWSCorp : Grabbed at 0.885-0.89

UEMLand-cc : Bought more at 0.34 - 0.35

Mas and BJToto : I do still have these two in my portfolio but it is not 'mine'. I m buying on behalf using my account.

10.15 am : Axiata moving again today, up 3%.

MMCCorp : Queueing at RM3.00

KFC-wb : Grabbed at 1.30-1.32, being mentioned in CN. This anak-ayam will grow, dont worry. I m going to wait for my 10% again. Or I could hold on ... riding on the fingers licking good. Hmm ... I think I should go KFC tmr ... hehe

IJMLand-wa : I prefer KFC-wb which going to move soon rather than catching IJMLand-wa which moving very fast. Hey, I bought her at RM1 only to release her for 5% profits!! Chasing could be very tiring, like I m chasing UEM-cc now.

12.10 pm : UEM-cc at 0.355 ... good, wait. KFC-wb up too. wait.

CIMB-cj and Gamuda-cm : Still in deep water, I m still waiting to see if I need to top-up more of it or cut loss.

EAH : Bought at 0.550 as planned done. Waiting at 0.545 and 0.540.

TWSCorp : Support at 0.845 level, and I m starting to collect it back today at 0.885-0.89 level. This is not for day-trading or contra. This is to wait for buyers to come in. I m a stalker ... I hv been waiting for her to come back to me. So, I sold SigGas and Kinstel for profits yesterday for this one and MMC.

I dont like stocks up to its resistance level and since my 10% target acheived, I will sell. I do believe SigGas and Kinstel will continue to move up but I sold it as when a stock move higher, the RISK is higher especially when it is reaching a resistance level.

I m learning to look into queues and price-volume analysis to catch a stock BEFORE it moves and will give me a high chance of 8-10% profits. I m adding TA into my system and testing it out. SO, DO NOT buy what I m buying as the system used is RANDOM and not been tested. Catching SigGas and Kinstel for my 10% were good, perhaps LUCKY. Yup, I am.

So, according to my system ... collect TWSCorp from 0.85-0.88 will give me 10% profits, with good market sentiments. Remember, going below 0.85 is my cut-loss point and I will cut it off without a question ask or pain--la. C'mon, it is just a trade, testing out my theories, ok? Will you treat me my teh-tarik please? Haha

KFC-wb : Reaching 1.40 soon.

UEMLand : Moving too ... wait

MMCCorp : Suddenly it moves moments ago, breaching 3.10. My queue at RM3 not done.

MMCCorp-ca : Grabbed some, average at 0.215 now, I think.

3.50 pm : KLCI flat.

MMCCorp : At 3.08, if managed to close higher today, it will form a 'hammer' or a 'nail'. Or is it a thumb-tack? Hmm ... So, I m grabbing its baby. It is for short trade.


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