Sunday, October 17, 2010

ECM's Stock Quest


It is a game of LUCK - pure punt. NO ONE in the world could perform 80% in a month, it long run. Otherwise, all the top 10 PUNTERS will be millionaires in a year!

It is a rule of the game - so, I m not in the game as I dont think so I could be as lucky as those punted well in KBunai. How about asking them to bull KBunai next week with real MONEY, RM20k? ...who knows, it might go to RM1.00 by next month?

I done 'badly' with only 11% gain so far with counters like JCY, Supermax, EAH, Gadang, Kinsteel, SigGas and such. I know I am certain to lose the game from the first day! Hehe

Today I wrote about 'speculative counters' as most of the stocks in KLSE are speculative in nature, anyway. It is a matter of extend. When syndicate bull into KheeSan or HwaTai, that is the theme. Now are Karambunai, HWGB. How about YTL-e or even Malton?

We need to accept that KLSE is a place for many kind of traders, gamblers and such ... usng PURE PUNT(PA) or we could use our TA which we learnt in CN. Some using only FA and seeing TA as tak-ada-akal method. Whatever, we should use what work for US and forget about others.

Since I know I m going to lose for sure, I used the a/c to monitor my ACTUAL trades. Those counters above are my real trades, actually

Congrats to those winners in the contes, anyway.

Thanks ECM for having such a contest as it ables me to use another platform for my REAL trades, and it helped!!

TEH : Above is the post I sent to CN's forum regarding ECM's StockQuest. If the contest is to look into trading skills, it FAILED badly. It is more YOU PUNT, YOU LUCKY, YOU WIN. Thank You. Haha


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takeiteasy said...

hi Teh,

understand your frustrations, sometimes shares trading is like that ... ending story is we try our best to win most of our punt (almost impossible to win 100% all the time)...