Friday, October 22, 2010

Adventa : Time to look into rubber-stocks. The weather is calmer now ... is the storm really over?

I m learning the 'rap' part of this song. Hehe

DOW up only 30 points.

CWs: Will grab some CIMB-ci later and clear my mistake punting into Supermax-ca without checking. Supermax forming a shooting-star yesterday. Premium quite low but I could save some bullets to shoot on other CWs in mind. Annjoo-ca and Kencana-cd flew off from my grip. Lack of focus ... inexperience and overtrading.

So, the FOCUS should be in CIMB-ci and Genting-cp. Can you be focused?

NDM1 : Recently Commonwealth game held in New Delhi. ND = New Delhi. Now, there is no panic but the news reported 6 cases suspected of this NDM1 in Singapore. It is unlike H1N1 ... but will the 'panic' trigger buying in glove-stocks again? We shall watch ... I do believe glove-stocks are bottoming out. Perhaps it might correct soon and I will like to move back into rubber-stock. USD rebounding too, giving us more good news SOON.

Adventa is lagging behind the bigger boys - TopGlove(still very nice), Harta, Supermax, Latexx and Kossan are in overbought region. So, we are expecting some corrections and it will be a good entry point.

10.20 am : Grabbed CIMB-ci at 0.26-0.265, lower not done yet. Added HuaYang at 1.01-1.03 done. Cleared YTLPower-wb at 1.17, bought at 1.17. Cleared Supermax-ca too at 0.115, bought 0.120, cut-loss quick as 'the shooting star' is not a nice candle-stick, ok? I will rather ride on Kencana-cdor TChong-cd now.

TChong-cd : Grabbed some at 0.170 now, adding at 0.165 and 0.160.

EAH : Moving today ... good.

SigGas : Also moving today ... good.

Bursa-co/cp : STALK alert.

12.10 pm : Genting-cp is inactive, so I grabbed TChong-cd instead, before it jumps as I saw buying in its mommy. Could it sustains for the whole day to form 1G today? We shall watch ... TChong-cd risk is lower than Kencana-cd.

1.50 pm : KLCI at 1492, and we shall see KLCI testing 1,500 level again. Could CIMB pull KLCI up .... or Tenaga?

2.00 pm : As my friend, SC, cleared Supermax for profits(bought RM4 when I told her so) today as I asked her to sell today. That is one good trade, but she owed me D&C, ok? Then, she told me she is buying Tiger today!! WHAT?? Never mind ...

Tiger : It is NOT Tiger Beer(defensive like GAB or Carlberg which I do like) or Tiger AirWays(that is traded in SGX, actually). This TIGER in TIGER year could bring a punter to VERY rich point? It moved from 0.12 to 0.14 now. Well, WILL YOU PUNT? Buying Tiger is PURELY punting, no FA(I wanted to show her the losses but again, it is punting - she knows nothing about FA) no TA(it is going into overbought as SYNDICATES collecting at 0.11-0.12 seen ... and ONE DAY they will take profits, run for your lives?

I cant sleep well IF I bought into Kbunai, KheeSan, Sinotop ... or Tiger. I wonder how someone who know nothing about FA, TA or even any-A could be buying into these counters. Hmm ... excuse me, isnt SAAG smell good now? A ticker will give huge profits, right?

SC : How about punting into CWs? I think my CIMB-ci or TChong-cd which I bought this morning is LOWER risk than buying Tiger today, agree? We shall watch ... lets get RICH with TIGER in the TIGER year .... arrghhh ... Yeah, I m disappointed with her PURE punting way of moving in-out of stocks, but hey ... who am I to say anything, right? I m punting, in-out everyday too!! But but .... I asked her to sell Supermax and buy TChong last night(mid-night before I sleep) but but ... ok, I surrendered.

I will write TChong-cd vs Tiger tonight for my dear friend. Perhaps she might want to admit that she has something to learn(from me??) and increase her chances of PUNTING. Let us talk about RISK before you even think of PROFITS. IF the rewards is NOT greater than profits, then it is 50-50? Nope ... market is heavy AGAINST us. I will do some work for her as she is going to treat me my doughnut&coffee(D&C). Hehe.

TChong-cd : Added my positions at 0.180-0.190 to the one bought at 0.170. Queues at 0.160 and 0.165 now done. So, it is averaging up. I wont buy above 0.190 today. So, I m keeping it if it moves lower later. TChong will form a green histogram, bullish-crossover at oversold region!! Beautiful technically. Want get into my new Nissan Sentra?

3.10 pm : Glad that I added SigGas at 0.92-0.93 days ago and added EAH at 0.550. They are moving today. I need to see SigGas breaking the resistance, and EAH needs to break 0.58 to form a nice 'small' double-bottom.

HiapTeck and Sunrise : I need to clear these soon as I think they will be moving too slow. I m going for some momentum stocks on Monday after I do some work during the weekend.

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YJ said...

Hi Teh,

So glad to see SigGas moving today. I bought a few units at RM0.93 on Tuesday. Hopefully, it is a signal of a breakthrough of the ascending triangle as depicted in your chart.