Tuesday, October 19, 2010

YTL-e : A trader stock at the moment, with news on. moved from 0.80 to 1.50(WOW) and diving to 1.23 today from 1.50 yesterday. Few more days of tumbling to 1.14, I will look into it to trade. Two days ago its RSI at 95(WOW) and dropped to 71 yesterday. Today, it should drop further to 60 level. Watching RSI 50 level.

DOW up 80 points, thanks to Citi. So, banking will rebound and help KLCI to rebound today?

9.45 am : KLCI up 5.7 points.

Steel : Notice the rally in steel counters now. Annjoo breached RM3 with AnnJoo-wb at 0.73. I m tempted, so I m waiting. LionInd breaching RM2 soon ... another fav steel counter of mine. LionDiv is moving to 0.55 level now. Kinsteel to go to RM1.

12.15 pm : Playing with KBunai ... it is like playing with fire. Dont get burnt.

2.25 pm : Busy day as Chemistry practical exams going on. And a subject called 'Thinking Skills' was on too. Oh yes, I m quite sure I will fail that Thinking Skills subject. Haha.

Trained to be a trainer

I m thinking to take up the offer(and challenge) to be trained to be trainer of SAS software. Yes, I used to be a 'trainer' for SPSS, teaching those under-grads. I have lost touch, actually. So, now I have the chance to be a trainer again. SAS is just another statistical software, like SPSS. Hmm ... then, I wont be 'free' like now anymore?

I do wish that, one day, Chart Nexus will train me as a trainer! Serious. I believe I could be a good trainer too, I have strong Maths/Stat background with 20 years of teaching Maths. Currently I m learning TA(plus my own FA and RA). How do I apply to Chart Nexus so that I could be trained to be a trainer?

10.05 pm : Tired ... not feeling well with headache and flu. Hope to get well soon by tmr. So, I need to rest soon.

DOW down more than 100 points now, finally GOLD retraces 2% now. I m waiting for correction in gold to buy into GLD and release off my LingBao which showing some signs of reversal too after such a strong rally(up from 3.80 to 5.35 now, touched HKD6+). With that, investors will continue to push the GOLD prices up.

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