Thursday, October 21, 2010


TanChong-cd : I like it technically, So, I m still watching the oversold TanChong and at this level, it could rebound very furiously. I hope I will remain FOCUS and do not let her go ... I like her since I was young. But, I still could not afford to have her. Yes, I m refering to Nissan Sentra. Hehe

Maxis-cd : At 0.08, its new low. Strike RM4.80, ratio 8, 150 days expiring. Mommy at 5.30, so low premium entry. There is a reader who told me that he ONLY bought Maxis as he believe Maxis will go up to RM6 by end of this year. That was in March 2010 ... today, it is STILL at this level. I remember I told my friend SL to sell hers at RM4.38(that day) and KW of CN to sell his at RM4.30(at RM4.20+ then). That is because they want to release their funds for some stocks which moves. Maxis still trading at a range ... will grabbing Maxis-cd a good play? Hmm ... its premium is only less than 3%. I read before that low premium should not be a criteria in buying CWs. Anyway, I will grab some to TEST it out. Do not punt into it as I m only testing it, ok?

GenS-c8 : Time to consider this one, as it is back to 0.30 soon.

AirAsia-ci : Will AirAsia keep flying higher?

DOW rallied back above 11,000 ... up 100+ points. Airlines stocks rallied too. So, that could fuel AirAsia to fly higher. I have sold off half of my AirAsia-ci at 0.43(as I bought at 0.31-0.33) only to buy-back some at 0.44(lower not done!). It is overbought now ... will wait a while to clear it and ride on other CWs. May be GenS-c8 doing well(up from 0.245 to 0.290) or Kencana-cd as planned?

Call-Warrants : Recently, for the past one month I hv been playing with CWs due to 'good' market sentiments. GenS-c8, Supermax-ca, Plus-cc and currently AirAsia-cd giving me good profits as I managed to buy before they fly off. These are winners. As for the cut-loss CWs, there are many ... like CIMB-cj, Gamuda-cm, GenM-cl, hmm ...(tend to forget the losers! haha). As market continues itss uptrend, I was hoping that I have put-warrants as an insurance to trade in KLSE. I no longer looking into those CW/PW traded in HKSE. It is too fast for me and the fees of trading it is expensive!!


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