Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DOW is still flat but A123 at USD10.40 now. As I bought at USD10.50(when it dived) and USD9.80(breakout), at USD10.40, finally it is in green. Let me ask ... You bought at 10.50 ... it dives to 9.50, to 8.50, to 7.50 ... and to 6.50. You watched it diving ... wow ... what will you do? Why do you buy in the first place? So, I have been questioning myself a lot in this trade. So, now ... finally I m LUCKY to get thru it, what should I do? Sell for profits? Hmm ... nope, I will hold till next year, as planned!!

counter : 245, 000. I registered 1k click today. I know why ... but am I getting the wrong audience again?

SC : Thanks for not taking offence. That was just a joke - and a sharing on WHY so many aunties/uncles punting into market and lose money. They know NOTHING much about stock-market. Neither do I. Send my regards to my fans(besides WL and SS, who else ar??) ... and also, READ my disclaimer. Luckily you do not buy into what I m buying. phew!


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