Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DOW is flat. KLCI up 6 points to close at 1487.

A123 breaching USD9.00 and moving above 50-MA, bullish. The rebound will continue ... way to go. Time to top-up on her. Wish me luck.

Price Performance Metrics for A123 Systems:

-- Week: 14.63%
-- Month: -9.13%
-- Quarter: -38.07%
-- 6 Month: -63.72%
-- Year: -62.30%

I m taking a break due to 'emotional' tireness. It has nothing to do with gaining or losing in market. Just feel very tired.

8.05 am : Good morning, Malaysia. I think I shall take a few days break to re-organise, update and clear some garbage in my systems. It will help me to be clear of my trades. Recently, I have been 'swayed' away from many of my plans. Hence, a pause will be good.

I shall be back kicking by weekend, hopefully.

10.20 pm : TWSCorp and KFC-wb are not doing well today. Plus-cc is good but Supermax-ca not moving despite my 'guess' that Supermax will move up is right. Tho I only have small portion of MMC-ca, I have failed to clear it. As I m also holding to its mommy, I might cut this one off and to focus on Plus-cc and Supermax-ca.

I need to clear more of my stocks to reduce my diversifications. Hence, I need to do some work with discipline on my coming trades. Hope I could 'clear the closet' soon.

It is also 'confusing' as I m currently using OSK and RHB. My CIMB is dormant. Added a new ECM, I have not put any amount into it. With so many a/c, it could be confusing!!

I shall be back soon ... thanks for those concern. I m fine.



YJ said...

We will miss you Teh! Hope everything is okay with your personal life.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon!

alex said...

teh, hang on there, trading stocks can drain much emotion and energy from someone. we need your write-ups and good song picks to put colours into our daily trading life :) cheers & have a good break...still owe you the latte when i come to kl

Imoogi said...

Teh, take it easy. It is good to take a break if things are not right or dont seem to be right. Concentrate on few counters will do...easy way is to concentrate 1 or 2 counters for each industry will do...more counters in your mind will give you more headache and at the same time tie up your capital resources.
You should also close some of those inactive etrading account...just concentrate on one and move all your capital into that one. You will get better brokerage if you just put all into one broker. If you need to manage different portfolio, some broker allows you to open multiple nominee account and use one login id to trade on all the accounts. Eg you may need one account for short term trade, and another one for your term trade and a 3rd one for your wife or uncle or auntie.

Nevertheless, have a great break.