Friday, October 15, 2010

DOW flat - KLCI will be testing the psychological level of 1500. In bowling, 200 is the psychological level, where good players will like to main above 200 in each game. Likewise, in markets ... there are level which investors/traders will observe. 1500 level is a big number in KLCI. I never want to listen or speculate if KLCI will correct or retrace after the budget etc etc. More importantly, we watch our own portfolios and see if we need to take profits or cut it off.

As trader, I will need to see if I need to cut off XYZ to buy ABC, which may give me more upside chances. At times, I could be right, at times I m totally wrong. No need to kek-sim about trades. It is just a trade if you do not see MONEY(in or out). I do not really calculate much .... I m more focus what strategies should I apply to what stock(s) I m holding. For example, I m positioning myself for the rebound of Gamuda and Tenaga. So, I m collecting Gamuda-cm and Tenaga-cp. While the rebound of Supermax has been significant(up from 3.80 to 4.60, corrected to 4.50 yesterday), should I release off Supermax-ca or wait for a few more days to clear for small profits(or bigger losses?)? How about KFC-wb which in red now? Will I continue to collect it below 1.25 level which I have planned? What is happpening to Plus-cc later when it resuming trading? How about Kencana-cd which is moving away from my grasp? etc etc ...

Plantation-stocks in play ... HSPlant which I like moved, shoulld I ride on it instead of MMC or clearn TWSCorp for profits(it shown no so good candlestick yesterday). How about KMLoong or go for its warrant? BStead still in uptrend, should I look into her again or should I move into IOI-cw?

Congestion when we over-trade ... infomation overload and perhaps over diversified. I need to learn to be discipline enough to focus and not listening to others. Not believing what this sifu or that guru saying ... I have cut-off my biz-channel as I do not want to listen to Bloomberg or such. I do need to re-organise again to enable me to focus in fewer baskets.

Time for selling spree again. Dont worry, we could always press the re-start button and replay a game or even change the game we are playing!!

Yeah, I want to take a break as I m in foul-mood ... I might write 'bad words' especially if I m writing about something that displeased me such as our stupid ass-holes politicians or those ignorant aunties/uncles learning TA(beat me).

I think I will go to spa for a massage today since I dont have classes in noon. Yeah, I m getting away from markets for a few days now. Perhaps go for a good hair-cut, dye my uban and listen to nice songs will do ...

10.35 am : A peep into KLCI ... down 8 points. CIMB below RM8 today. I have cut small loss on CIMB-cj days ago. I hv cleared MMC too for small loss just now. Tenaga is at 8.90 ... crawling up? Supermax at 4.45, so I will clear half of Supermax-ca for small loss.

3.20 am : Sunrise was down yesterday, so I bought more. Today, sold MMC and TWSCorp to collect more of WTK. Started to punt into WTK yesterday when I read what Sal.D wrote about WTK. Yes, I punted as many will read his blog and buy! Today morning, I continue to collect below 1.20. And I will sell soon ... a quick trade base on 'news'.

Supermax-ca : Bad bad baby. Cutting it off half doen at 0.11. I boarded AirAsia-ci today.


P/S : PLUS is still suspended today. See you on Monday, Plus.

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