Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kencana-cd : Next call-warrant to punt. I have cleared most of my Gamuda-cm for losses, took some profits on Plus-cc. AirAsia-ci doing well.

DOW down 165 points and moving back below the critical 11,000 psychological level. KLCI should be going down too ... and be ready to grab your fav-babes if you are still bullish and believing KLCI will breach 1,500.

Stalk : QSR, TanChong, CIMB, Tenaga, Kinsteel and HiapTeck.

MKLand : I wrote about her 2 weeks ago(was at 0.33) wondering if speculators will goreng her to 0.36 for 10% profits - yesterday it closed at 0.380. So, I m jotting down my theory about market. SPSetia leads the property-rally, then it retraces ... and those smaller speculative property counters start to have a party. In fact, MKLand surpassing APLand. APLand at 0.37 still.

E&O : I dont have the fund to hold on to her ... bought at 1.13 and sold at 1.13. At current level, I think E&O will move up back to 1.20 or so when the party is back. I m holding to Sunrise to rise and do not wish to hold to similar party-game. What if the party is to be cancelled? I dont know ... it is rainy season, they might cancel it!

Steel : LionInd and LionDiv have been moving higher. LionInd closed at 2.05(how to chase?) and LionDiv at 0.55 now. Wasted a chance for 10%. I still like LionInd the most, among all the steel counters.

GLD : CLosed at 130 level yesterday ... so time to watch Gold retracing and make a commitment to INVEST into this one.

Crude Oil price below USD80. So, the rebound of USD ... will it last? It is at 3.12 vs MYR now. With market down, oil down ... I m thinking of Kencana or Sapcrest. These two in my O&G stalk list.

11 am : KLCI down as expected.

AirAsia-ci : Added at 0.385 done, waiting at 0.380. I have average of 0.33 previously. So, my average will be at 0.36 after today? will check on it.

AsiaAir : Flying again ... oopss I thought it is AirAsia? It is breaching a high at RM2.50 now. Blue sky? Added AirAsia-ci at 0.39-0.40. At 0.405 now. Wait.

AirAsia-ci : Cleared some at 0.430 and it still jump to 0.45. I m still holding half. WAIT and buy-back later when it retraces back. May be I should fly back to KK using AirAsia as everyone can fly?

Rubber-stocks : Having some party today, is it because USD expected to rebound? I took a short punt at Supermax-ca at 0.12, market price now. I m clearing AirAsia-ci.

4.40 pm : KLCI flat ...

Press Metal : Flying today, read the article reported in The Edge, ok? The writer should have his/her 'gains' too.

AirAsia : Flying today and glad that my punt into its AA-ci last week is a good choice.

Keladi : Besides, Karambunai and MKLand, Keladi(yam in English) is fetching good price too. Property stocks in goreng ... well, at least Malton not totally empty-shell yet, it has been running too high. Keladi ... nice bubur-cha-cha.

QSR-wb :Touched 1.92, closed at 2.12. WOW ...

Muhibah : I missed this one too ... too busy with my AirAsia and Supermax today.

Latexx and Kossan : Shooting high today. So, I grabbed Supermax thru its lagging baby, ca. cb and cc shot up.

TanChong : STILL moving lower today, nice.

Wild Boys by Duran Duran (best of 80s)


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