Saturday, October 16, 2010

CN's traders meeting

Venue : The Star (ss16).

KLCI to retrace to 1478, support level. Overbought.

Construction : Overbought and expected to retrace soon.

TChong : CN traders' favourite, down to support level now. Wait for 1green and bullish crossover.

KKB : 4R1G, will rebound SOON. High volume ssen.

JCY : Being mentioned and I added that it is risky to buy into it, especially many there who DO NOT even know what JCY is about etc etc. All being seen is a NICE white candlestick jump up that day. Take the risk if you want. I wont touch it.

Nothing much interesting to write about.

Mobius : Three years to go in this secular BULL market

With lead story from The Edge sounded SO positive, dont you want to be in the market? He added " it is NOT too late to get in - bullish on commodities and consumer sectors".

Wai : This is my conservative young cousin who r also in stock-market, KLSE. He seen himself as an investor and has his own mind of thoughts. He said market is too expensive to be in(he is half right there, actually) but with Mobius's pointer, will INVESTORS lose out for being too conservative? Wai, as you are still under-30, you have ample TIME. Markets wait for no one ... market is NOT efficient in short or mid-term. I m not sure if EMH could be used in KLSE. Be honest to yourself, if market shooting up SO HIGH and you have NOT gain 10% from your capital, you are doing 'badly'. Admitting our weaknesses and looking positively to learn will be a better way. If you are going to read and read more of those books or star-biz, it will NOT help much in markets. Market is a CRAZY pl;ace for insane people like me. Whether you are in-or-out, if market is bulish, and if you are still stuck with your mentality, time to re-look into your mentality.

Next, since you are young, perhaps ... you might be patient enough to WAIT for the NEXT dive ... and prepare to buy. If you are waiting for PBBank's PE to be below 5 ... we REALLY need a VERY bad news - like Asian Financial Crisis or better still Malaysia Financial Crisis - in order to see the collapse.

Do also look into CHINA ... move into where the money is. Dont just stuck with few of your stocks simply because you have done some personal research on them. Do not love-hate a stock .. if you want to INVEST, place a portion into China - buy good defensive stocks(as you are so conservative) and HOLD.

I m not bullish ... I was skeptical and bearish, compounded by views and talks by some sifus/gurus in July/Aug. Today, the semtiment is so good that even Mobius saying we are in secular bull. Ok, enough said ... you have your own mind, which is GOOD.

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