Thursday, October 21, 2010


10.35 am : KLCI up 5 points, I hv been very busy. Still need to run soon ...

AirAsia-ci : Flying again, cleared all at 0.485 and grabbing back at 0.495, 0.490, 0.48 so far done. As this is the third ride, I will reduce my exposure in it. As stocks moving higher in fast pace, it is overbought and technically CHANCES of retracing is higher.

HuaYang : Rebounds today, up 8%.

LionInd : At 1.97, touched 1.96 yesterday. Queueing at 1.94.

PressM : Continues to impress.

12.15 pm : KLCI up 4 points. Lunch time ... and I need to rest, preparing for my another 10 games training later.

YTLPower-wb : Grabbing at 1.17, market price as it will be moving. Do read some news about YTL and also Francis Yeoh. He is in limelight at the moment. Queue at 1.16 not done yet.

Should we attend training to invest or trading?

If it is investment, I feel reading some good investment books, do some good 'fundamental analysis' books and search for good fundanmental stocks to BUY n HOLD will be good enough. But ... when should we be buying? When everyone is in FEAR, when market is 'cheap' and no one wants anything to do with stock-market!! GET OUT is the signal. Then, investors who have done enough ground work could just come into stock market and grab his/her fav babe(s).

But, if we are to trade ... then, we do need to learn chart-reading and 'technical analysis'. It will certainly help to increase our chances of profiting.

Investment could be for imd or long term investors but traders normally will not be more than 3 months.

So, for trading ... I do feel that we should get some guidance and learn TA well.

Normally those courses will cost averagely RM5-7k. So, it is worth to pay such an amount before we trade? Well, yes ... I believe so. The amount of money you lose might be larger than the fees u paid. But, many attend 'wrong' courses and even if they have learnt, they DO NOT apply what they have learnt. WHY? We are human ... that is just a human norm ...

I will wait for you ... dedicated to a few of my babes(Sunrise, SigGas, WTK and EAH) which have not make any jumps.

2.40 pm : I was speaking to another young colleague of mine who is interested to learn about trading in stock market, with view to trade in forex someday. So, he will be attending some workshops or courses. I have only attended ChartNexus courses recently(in June) to learn the finer part of TA. I think I need another year or two before I could say I am well-versed in the chart-reading. Nope, I m not being humble but just being REALISTIC.

I m not promoting ChartNexus, neither am I saying it is not good. It is TA - buy/sell using signals or indicators. Discussions(or at times arguements) about some stocks thru its forum or meetings. Then, ultimately we have to decide if we are buying or selling. Training is only to guide us with certain limited knowledge. Do not expect to be expert and start profitting AFTER the 3-4 days of workshops, ok? To learn trading, be realistic --- put about a year if you are a fast learn(than me, of coz).

HiapTeck : Moving today ... yeah!! Buy Buy Buy ...?

The two 'H's : Suddenly from E to H ... I grabbed HuaYang and Hiapteck, which I mentioned days ago. HuaYang and HiapTeck high in my stock list as they are OVERSOLD and in the sector which rallying now. To get into these, I have to cut off WTK which not doing well at the moment. I prefer the oversold rebounding stocks for momentum play. Another H I was observing(and always like) is HSPlant, playing on plantation-rally. I missed the boat, actually.

KFC-wb : I cleared for a loss(sigh) but missed QSR-wb!! How could I ... so, I went for YTLPower-wb as I m seeing it is about to move. This is a VERY good warrant if I could hold to it. At 1.17, this will also give me my 10% if I could be patient ... but normally I m not.

10.05 pm : DOW up 60 points. I m tired after 10-games bowling. Another good scores as I was focusing well. I think I should learn to FOCUS in my trading too, and applying many similar concepts I m using in bowling for my trading!

The scores : 178, 200, 179, 243, 234, 214, 198, 258, 189, 158.

I could barely stand up for my last and final game(3 splits with only two strikes!). Last week a played an excellent 260+ and today a good '258'. It is not every time I could play 250+, 240+ and 230+ in a series. Total is 205.1, which is slightly lower than my average last week(205.4). The last game let me down(due to tiredness). Average 205 is my high average as I normally will play(since Jan 2010 when I resumed bowling) 195 average. The past two weeks of average 205 is encouraging as I have an internal staff's bowling competition(I m expected to win without a fight but ball is round with only 3 games - in three games, I might have a chance to beat a Malaysian bowler too, but if I have to compete in long run, I m sure I will lose to them!).

That remind me of StockQuest which is only 1 month old. Believe me, those in top-10 punters COULD NOT do that extreme well(80% profits in ONE MONTH is insanely not possible) if you give them ONE YEAR. Or perhaps asking them to trade for 3-5 years!! Yes, looking into longer term, could we sustain our % of profits? Today market is having a bull run --- many STILL LOSING money(do u believe that??!) and still hoping for some of their portfolios to turn green ONE DAY.

10.20 pm : DOW breaks 11,200 today ... are you BULLISH?


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