Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TWSCorp : Signs of rebounding soon ... will like to change my overbought GLBhd and SigGas into this one.

5.30 am : DOW up by only 30 points, paring off some gains from 100 points initially. We are still having a bullish sentiments but in selected sectors - plantation and steel. Property-stocks are still on the move, so I will still hold on to Sunrise to rise. With SigGas clearing off soon, I m looking for next to shoot the sky - which one?

Steel Stocks

LionDiv : I joined William's party yesterday thru LionDiv. Yes, it came up from 0.50 level to current 0.56 level. I grabbed at 0.555-0.565. It is overbought and correction will be here soon.

Kinstel : Broken RM1 level yesterday as expected. RM1 is my level to watch, Closed at 1.02, I will start the queue at 1.01. Again, it is overbought. Most of the steel-stocks have moved significantly. AnnJoo and LionInd are huge gainers.

Leader : Broken 0.89 level to form a double-bottom yesterday. This is a more quiet party which more to my taste. Can consider.

PressM : Continue to impress but too late.

Plantation stocks

Golden Land : RSI at 68, no chasing ... so, I will wait for it to correct to near support before start to ride on it.

HSPlant : Mommy HapSeng is shooting so high now, and HSPlant going back to RM2.80, its IPO value. When I started to look into stock almost 3 years ago, HSPlant was listed as IPO. I was in Sabah, so I should know.

There are these two sector which is lagging behind - rubber-sector and tech-sector.

Rubber stocks

TopGlove : I told my aunties that I will grab a lot(1000 units) for them at RM5.50 and keep for a year. And if glove-sector bottom-out, I will change their BJToto(just got 8 cents dividend again) into TopGlove. I need their approvals as money is theirs. Yes, moving forward .. for investors, glove-sectors are still worth watching. I m NOT asking anyone to buy TopGlove, did I? RSI

Supermax : Oversold and still waiting for correction. Volumes are thinner now, divergence. So, it will likely to correct soon. Wait.

Latexx : Has moved significantly too.

Adventa is what I want - a laggard(RSI 46) and smaller player. I am watching the retracement, the lower high showing its failure to rebound, and RM2.40 and RM2.35 levels will be a good entry level.

What is hot and what is not

The big-caps have pulled KLCI up significantly for the past weeks and it is for the smaller caps to shoot now. The theme is plantation at the moment when crude palm oil(CPO) breached RM3,000. That is a big number!! Nothing gonna stop us now?

Hot : Plantation and steel

Not : Tech and Rubber.

I will like to look into rubber-stock(tech stock like JCY still very much in radar) as it will pay to be a contrarian. I just do not have enough bullets to shoot on them, so I m getting some funds from my 'boss', my aunties. Currently they are quite please with 12% gains from their capitals. Actually, I know I could do better than 12% for them(it has been 10 months now - 12% in 10 months?) but being conservative for them I only bought BJToto and MAS for them. I m going to change BJToto to Topglove. Or Supermax?

MLTR - nice songs.

Why we should not TELL anyone what to buy, what not to buy, what to sell and what not to sell.

Example : KheeSan at 0.585 now.

ABC : Arrghh ... that stupid TEH-la, I want to buy KheeSan to position for its strong rebound, he said KheeSan is not worth looking into and asked me to buy Supermax. Luckily the Supermax gained me 20% in 2 weeks, otherwise I will kill him the next time I see him. I KNOW KheeSan will shoot up one. Even my friend, Ms KLM given me the tips.

CDE : Why do you listen to him?

EFG : Ya-lor ... who is he arr?

ABC : Hai ya ... looong story la. He was my ex-classmate. Recently I found a blog and was surprised it was him. Anyway, he seems to know a lot about stock-market hor.

CDE : Really?? Can get tips ar? You bought SUpermax because he asked u?

ABC : Hai yah ... I talked also kek-sim la, I bought Supermax at RM5 hor, then I get stucked.

EFG : Hai-yo ... ya lor, I also get stuck with my ...

ABC : Yo, you let me finish first la.

EFG : ok ok ... hehe

CDE : So ... so ... Supermax went to RM4.50,I think

ABC : No la ... went to RM4.

EFG : Wah liao eh ... RM5 to Rm4, die la ... no wonder kek-sim! If I were you hor ...

ABC : EFG, you let me finish first can or not?

EFG : ----quiet ---

ABC : Ok, where am I? See see ... I forgot liao, disturbing only la(looking at EFG)

CDE : Supermax.

ABC : Oh yes, then I said I want to buy KheeSan at 0.50 level lor. Suddenly my friend, TEH, wrote a looong post about why I should buy Supermax at RM4 and not KheeSan.

EFG : But, Supermax go down from RM5 to RM4? How to buy? stupid meh?

ABC : No leh, Supermax came down from Rm6.50 leh. I thought cheap already ma. Some more, I called my old friend who is working there now ma. She said 'can buy can buy'. So, I buy lor. Mana tau ... no luck ma.

CDE : Ya la ... all depends on luck la

EFG : ---nodding ---

CDE : So, you trust him and buy SUpermax at RM4??

ABC : Yup, but hor ... when I bought at RM4, it still go down leh. He asked me to grab more at RM3.50 and RM3.00 ...

EFG : Siao meh ... you sure he know about stock market or not? So, stupid la. How long he is in stock market?!

ABC : His blog hor, got a lot of charts one ... err ... also a lot of TA-la, FA-la ... whatever-A, I also dont know what is that

EFG : Hai yah, those people hor like to show-off only la. They always talk-talk only. I also know ma. Got earn money only consider good ma.

ABC : That one I dont know la ... so, I see my Supermax going down to RM4, I thought die la this time. I want to buy KheeSan, now I m stucked with Supermax. One asked me to buy at RM5, I buy-la. Another asking me to buy more at RM4, I buy. SO how now? Should I sell ar? Cut loss very painful leh.

EFG : Got choice meh, I still got 6 stocks I dont know what to do also like MaxBiz, err ...

ABC : He asked me to buy and wait ... then, I saw him saying he bought Supermax at RM3.75. That was the tip of the bottom leh.

EFG : Sure or not ... he dont scare to die meh. How u know he really buy at RM3.75?

ABC : He wrote in his blog ma.

EFG : Haha ... you believe in blogs? He can write anything he wants la.

CDE ; Ya lor, ya lor ... (nodding)

ABC : Anyway, you should see how Supermax shooting up the next days ... wow ... went to RM4.20!!

CDE :How come you didnt call us and we buy also la?

ABC : I thought moments ago u said he is stupid?

CDE : Hehe ...

ABC : He sold at RM4.20 for profits but I m still in the loss, so cant sell lor. Last week Supermax at RM4.80, he said can take profits liao. I sell lor ...

CDE : What??! From Rm3.80 to RM4.80 now, he asked you to sell? I do think he is stupid la. What if it goes to RM5.80 today? And somemore, he sold at RM4.20 and it is at RM4.80 now? Haha ... what a joke. I think he is banging his head on the wall now la.

EFG : Ya hor ... you kill him la. Haha

ABC : Dont say like that la. He is still my friend, ok? Dont know la .. I still got a few coma-stocks stucked inside dont know what to do. Hey, I bought HWGB yesterday hor ... wow ... up almost 10% in one day leh.

EFG : Me hor ... I buy XXX at 0.140 ... it is up to 0.16 now, I will keep will it goes to 0.25. By X'mas hor, I could buy that XYZ handbag I loooonged to have leh ...

CDE : Sell your XXX at 0.28 la, double the money ma. And 28 28 ... a good number ma. Yee-Fatt = easy to prosper.

Laughters heard from a distance as the three ladies continue their stock-chat.

As the conversation continues ...

FGH : Hey sis(of guess who?), so you all are here? Still talking bout stock market, I guess.

ABC : Hi FGH, ya ... stock market so hot now, we all laughing to the banks.

CDE : Hi FGH ... long time you never join us? How is your Genting doing?

FGH : Oh ... I bought at RM4.50 after it reversed from RM4, and hold till today. I m glad with its performance.

EFG : Hai ya ... I cant never understand you la. We are having party with KBunai, HWGB ... you still stick to your Genting? How many months liao?

FGH : Hmm ... since April 2009?

CDE : Wah liao eh ... I beh-tahan you la. If you buy KBunai at 0.06 hor, you fatt-tat(rich) already la. Dont know how u think la.

FGH : ---smile --- What is KBunai? Anyway, I have to go. I have just bought into KLK 2 months ago as the CPO is rebounding strongly now. You all should look into GOLD too. Bye and enjoy your stock-chat, ok?

CDE : ---shaking her head --- bye la, dont know how to say u la.

Footnote : My friend actually THANKed me many times for spending time to analyse KheeSan vs Supermax for her, and she said she enjoys reading my blog! Haha. The above was created from the thin air in 10 minutes while having my morning coffee at home.

--------------the end ----------

9.50 am : Grabbed GLBhd as planned at 0.97-0.99. Grabbed more at 1.00-1.01 as it breached RM1. Will wait for closing to decide. This is for short trade as RSI is very high now. Riding on it ...
3.20 pm : Kencana still moving - grabbed Kencana-cc.

TWSCorp : Moving above 0.90 today.

7.15 pm : KLCI at 1497, and will be testing 1500 again. Watching tonight DOW up another 100 points?

My portfolios and their health conditions

GLBhd closed with a shooting star - time to run.

LionDiv will retrace too ... but this is to collect while looking into Kinstel.

CIMB showing good chart - increase in volume. I m collecting her thru Cimb-ci.

Bursa is taking a rest today, will like to see it breaking the ascending triangle at RM8.60.

Kencana still showing good strong uptrend - collected Kencana-cc at 0.245 and 0.250.

TanChong at RM5.70, still waiting for RM6 for my profit target.

HuaYang is still OK, to collect more once bullish crossover seen. Many green histrograms seen, waiting for the surge ... I might add my positions if it could break RM1.03.

Sunrise is not rising ... sideway, holding at support RM2.19. I might clear her soon to release my bullets

LingBao moved up another 6% today ... Sold it off last week good profits and grabbed it back today. There is crazy buying into gold-mining stocks now.

ZhongWang : Back to the support level or HKD4.90, my purchase price. Hold.

A123 : Bought at USD10.50 months ago(when it dived from USD18 to USD10), and average down recently at USD9.80. Now, it touched a low of USD6.30 - yes, do calculate how many percents gain from USD6.30 to current USD10.30?? I did not catch it at USD6.30 ... but waited for months for it to bottom out ... and break strong resistance at USD9.75 level. This is called resistance breakout. This is for longer term play.


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