Monday, October 25, 2010

Bursa : Up 38 cents today, closed at RM8.62, touched RM8.66. It needs another day of confirmation to break RM8.63 convincingly tmr ... and yes, my Bursa-co will benefit much. I was stalking her since morning as that is planned. I wrote about it last night before I sleep, actually. Today is execution day. 0.115 and 0.120 done so far. I think I started to believe in FOCUS.

12.20 am : Liverpool won, finally. Phew. Torres scored too. Phew. Turning point? Bottom-out? They were 2nd from the bottom. It is rarely that I need to scan all the way down to check on Liverpool's status.

Counter showing 248, 000. So, it is about 500 clicks for one Sunday. Too bad as I m too tired to post what stocks I was checking last night ... today, I m busy spending time with my family. :)

I will be watching financial stocks and stalking Bursa later ... I need to sleep. Night

6.45 am : Preparing for Monday market opening and this week trades. I m glad I m more focus now, using my little knowledge of trading to set-up my plans for this week. Market is dynamic, so we need to be aware and flexible. If a stock reaching our cut-loss point, we have to do just that.

Banking stocks in mind - Affin, Bursa, Cimb, Maybank and PBBank.

Answers to SC(the relevent one)

Question : Since najib did mention abt property and construction, will this sector really move?

TEH : SC, property and construction HAVE MOVED. It moved about 1-2 months ago. We do have property and construction INDICES to check. I know you do not even know such indices. I m TELLING you that I do track indices BEFORE looking into any stock in the sector. So, market moves BEFORE the news is out in public media. By the time you listen to Najib's budget day, you are 2 months late! Do you think you could still catch any worms being a late-comers?

Do you even use a chart? Do learn this simple point. You may get free charts from star-biz online or many more websites(links on my site). Do look into Gamuda, MRCB, UEMLand and such ... it MOVED. Currently, since the news are OUT, it is time to sell for profits to those IGNORANT people out there who listened to the budget and think ... I see ... I can buy construction stocks now!! Too late, maam.

Property stocks have moved too ... look into SPSetia, the leader. If you dont even know SPSetia is our property leader, LEARN. I m getting upset speaking to you as you seem to know nothing much, or are you pretending just to test me?

SPSetia is above RM5 now. Sunway and IJMland are moving much higher. Even a laggard YNHProp is moving. E&O? I dont know ... it is back to its support at 1.11 level, I think.

What is moving for past two weeks? Building materials - steel in particular. AnnJoo is back above RM3 and LionInd is at RM2, my watch level for steel. Kinstel will follow to go above RM1. These are my watch-level to know which sector is moving and I do know WHY it moves. So, we BUY into a stock BEFORE the hype of the media and anticipating the sector to be upgraded and eventually moves.

I have written MANY of times how the 'sheeps' following the crowds slaughtered. If you dont know anything much, the BEST advice should be - get out of market now and learn at least ONE strategy, stick to it until you learn the next! Buying HWGB or KBunai, KheeSan, Tiger ... and such will NOT make you rich. You might get lucky once a while ... get greedier and sucked in. Then you get stucked and once the market reverses, you dont know what to do with your 'punts'. Cut-loss at 10% is kek-sim to you. By the time you realised, you are 30%-50% down in your 'coma' stocks. If you are unlucky, they might go into PN17 category and ... buried them.

Do you know how many 'lost' their money THAT way? They are sheeps, to me. Yup, we are born in the year of sheep but I want to sail away with my ship, instead of following the sheeps.

I can continue to write pages about these IGNORANT sheeps as I was one of them in 2008 when I started to be in market. What is the difference between me and many sheeps? I continue to LEARN. Many do not think so they have anything to learn. Afterall, buying a stock like KBunai at 0.10 level, sell at 0.25 level is certainly better than those many stupid investors buying GenM or Tenaga, right?

Reply from SC moments ago

Wow.... u are extremely rite abt the property and construction... It certainly moves alot... True... I have been holding on my UEMland for a while and i'm not letting go as to see how far it can reach. As for HWBG , i just went in this morning for 26cents. The rest of coma shares includes of LCTH, Iris, Mitra and E&O - put in my drawer and kiss them every morning... Thanks for sharing ... Keep up your good writing to me, okay... I enjoyed every minute of it!

Comment from TEH : No comment is the best comment. Period.

9.20 am : KLCI up 4 points. Queueing for Bursa. Grabbed LionDiv @ 0.555.

SigGas and EAH continue to move up but HuaYang is at 1.01.

LionDiv : I m queueing at 0.55-0.55 now. It is at 0.565 now. SO, wait for it to come lower later or else wait for 4.30 pm.

YJ : SigGas is moving, breaking resistance ... to new high. Watch at RM1.00 psychological level. I will let it run up and collect more at RM1.00 when it comes back.

A week or two ago, I went to CN's meeting at The Star, and pointed out about JCY is a risk to buy. It is still at that level now. Then, I gave the audience(many uncles/aunties ... should be LOSING money, otherwise why would they paid THOUSANDS to learn TA and going for CN's meeting for TIPS?) a little tips - BUY broker-houses stocks ... such as OSK, TA, ECM, Hwang ... I dont know!! When I mentioned that, it is with a view that these OLD people there understand a little that TA is NOT for everyone - it used up my brain-cells. Do they have the mental capabilities? I do know most of them are LOSERS(in market, I mean) there, who were HOPING that CN's trainer could give them some tips or at least some veterans in CN's forum could ENLIGHTEN their ... road to financial freedom(at age of 50-60?? Kidding me?). Hey, PMCap and today Insas joined the party!!


11.10 am : I m 'lucky' again that Bursa is moving, grabbed Bursa-co at 0.115, 0.110 not done. Wait.

TChong-cd : You want it ... it is at 0.180, down 7% now. How now? SELL to take small profit, hold on and hope it rebound OR buy more anticipating it will shoot up with TChong flying to RM6? Deal or not?

11.25 am : SigGas breaking RM1.00 today. Hmm ... I must be lucky to get a strike again. Thanks. But EAH in red, HuaYang not moving ... Sunrise is not rising? How?? Cut it off and buy HWGB - Genting's brother? Haha. I m going insane soon. Perhaps I m hungry, then early lunch now. off.

It will be a lengthy story ... how I moved to a city called TWSCorp at 0.88, stole some treasures there ... ran away to a steel palace called Kinstel, took my rest there while looking back if any soldiers from TWSCorp kingdom catching up - took a nap ... and stole some iron-bars from Kinsteel before going to SigGas, an open hot-spot with gases evaporating from the ground. I need to run soon as today the gas explodes!

Everybody wants to rule the world by Tears for Fears. This is one of my fav song back then. VERY appropriate ... as everybody wants to rule the world or are they?

2.15 pm : I was talking to a young finance lecturer about foreign investors in Malaysia market(Bursa). And I used SPSetia as the example.

SiGas : Taking profits at 1.04 those I bought at 0.92-0.93 level last week. Still holding to those bought at 0.94-0.96 level.

4.20 pm : Wow ... SigGas done at 1.04, at 1.05 now. I will still hold the other half, while now RM1 becoming my next target of buying back. It broke out of my ascending triangle today. It is new high now. Do look into last week. YJ, I m glad you bought at 0.93, a nice more than 10% profit in one week. But, please DO NOT buy what I m buying-la, ok? Can I have my teh-tarik, on you?

GLBhd : Broken resistance of 0.88 to form a double-bottom. I will post the chart tonight. It was alerted by one of my reader(thanks).

4.55 pm : KLCI is flat and today SigGas shot up, closing at 1.11. Wow ... now, we should see if profit taking will be here in 2-3 days as many day-traders or contra players are around. I will SELL ALL tmr if it shoots to RM1.20, ok? Good trade. :)

5.45 pm : I m rewarding myself with a teh-tarik since NO ONE call me up to treat me one. It is normal trading day for me tho SigGas flying off and I pocketted huge profits today. You see, when I decided to take profit at 1.04, 1.05 is a huge resistance as huge SELL volume seen. The RSI shooting above 70 today, I think. So, taking half profits at RM1.04 is good. You dont see me saying hai-ya ... I should wait and sell at 1.11, right? It is STUPID as I still have so many trades with different strategies to handle tonight! What is done is done and you cant undo it. What is next should be ... at what level should I sell ALL my holdings and at what level should I buy-back? That I will watch and stalk ...

I m surprised that SigGas is becoming a talk in CN's forum today. Hmm ... everyone love winners(which I cant understand why!) ... I prefer to speak about my 'failures' as I learned more from that 'pain of losing' than 'pain of not gaining'. Example, I want to write about Tenaga which I hv to cut-loss on my Tenaga-cp last week. WHY lost? What is going on in Tenaga? How do we interpret its chart now and will it jump up as I m anticipating? Why? Why not? That is in my mind - Tenaga - not SigGas. Once it is becoming a talk of many in forums, it is time to SELL to them. You want it, ok ... you may have it. I have others I m still looking and stalking. Take care of it and let it grow to RM1.30, ok? Hey, how do we know if Supermax could go to RM7.50 by ... say, Feb 2011? Sorry, I dont know such skills. Where can I get a crystal ball? WoFS?


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