Saturday, October 02, 2010

12.45 am : DOW is flat ... JASO down 6% on profit-taking after hitting a new 52-weeks high yesterday. It has been up 35% in a month. A123 at USD9 level, up 35% from its low too. NEP up 6% again and already up 33% in 5 trading days!! WOW ... How I missed this rocket-ship?

I do have 2 tuition classes and in between I might drive from Subang Jaya to Bangsar for a short one hour CN's meeting. Perhaps, I could give it a miss. Wait till during my students having exams, I shall be free for these meeting.

7.30 am : DOW done very well in Sept - so, the song I placed "Wake me up when September ends" was not appropriate for this year!! Wow ... I was in fact awaken to trade in in mid of Sept and if you noticed, I m going for CWs. Yes, we r in bullish market, so I shall focus on the few call-warrants in hand. I have even 'abandoned' my ideas of going for warrants such as my fav AnnJoo-wb or SPSetia-wb. Gamuda-wd is still moving up from RM1 to RM1.50 now - a 50% appreciation in a month!! How is that??

Coaching : I was talking to two of my YOUNG colleagues about 'investment' and asking them to LEARN to invest - yes, invest and not trade. It is easier to teach investments and strategies in investments ... which could give us chances of beating the mere 3-5% from our FD or Bonds. UT? Hmm ... no comment as many have 'argued' in RHB's forum recently. I m more interested about using stocks as an investment vehicle. Caoching a total novice about investments is not easy ... you are not stock-picking for them, you are not giving them the fish but to teach them how to fish.

Then, I told them about my first student, Dr Julian Lim(of Sabah Medical Center) ... my sour experience. This is MONEY ... something sensitive. We dont like to talk about MONEY (or sex) as it is considered as taboo(which I CANT understand). I dont mind writing about a sex-blog(dont be hypocrite) but it wont benefit me. Writing about what mainly in my mind(investments and growing my money - through markets - stocks, futures, currencies and such) ... and sharing wiht many do benefit me. It reminds me about my trades, while I continue to learn. I m a sifu to myself as ONLY me could understand my learning processes and my own personalities.

But, how to teach another person? It is simply not possible to coach a person your 'style' as we all are different. Some will buy LCL ... KNM ... some still holding to them. Some will buy KheeSan ... and you name it. Some will buy Supermax at the high and panicly sold for RM1-2 losses. And some will look into its call-warrants. There are another huge percentage of them who see stock-market is for gambling, and I will never want to touch it. SERIOUS ... we are so so different - tho ultimately we want our money to work for us or is it?

Even in sex, we do it diffrently but I m not going into that. Too bad. Haha. To be honest, I do not have sex in my mind for years now. But that doesnt mean I m not interested to talk about it? Hmm ... one day, i might try my writing skills using sex = stock. Haha

I m thinking about it as I might start a new 'class' to them ... should I charge them this time? You see, I was so willing to share my knowledge in stages with my ex-student(a good friend!) and I done that for free fact seeing it in long term kinda thing. Things started to go sour when GREED comes in. I do not wish to speak about my bad experiences with JL(Julian Lim) as you may read my story written about him(from the moment he came begging me to teach him to the point where he sees me an idiot, conning him and my brain doesnt not worth RM200).

So, I decided to charge them PER HOUR rate ... but since they are young, the charges might put them off, it is ade-motivating factor. I do not want to be taken for a ride as what JL done to me. Not all human around me are sincere, good person ... and I need to protect myself(my wife scolded me for being too naive, ok?)

So, PT and WK ... I will charge a minimal RM50 per hour each. That is only half the rate of me teaching Maths to college level. RM50 is too cheap, but I wont mind it being free, actually. I m more interested with the learning-coaching.

Why I want to teach? Because it gives me a platform to be a good mentor(in investments) and sharing my knowledge and experiences.

At the moment, I do not have any plans to 'coach' outsiders(my readers and such) about investing as I do not think so I m qualified. Sorry, I do not want to know how u deal with your money or trades. And I will remain neutral about others portfolios. I wont answer questions or comments unless it is relevant or when I m 'free'.

Asking me if KheeSan or Faber can buy or not will not get any reply as ... yes, I dont know.I dont know you, your personalities and such. I dont know you entry point or your plans. So, teach me ... how could I give a comment? Give me a call/sms ... treat me my coffee-bean, you have the time for market kopi-tiam talk. That is OK ... afterall, kopi-tiam market talk should not be taken seriously!!

EAH : Recently, a reader Alex left a message and I replied. EAH happens to be a stock I m holding at the moment. Well, it will give me my another 10% profits for the fourth time, I believe. I thought he will sms me and treat me my doughnut. Hehe ...

I m off ... busy till 5pm again today.

have a nice weekend ahead.


p/s : I never ask others to view my blog, in fact I hv written many of times, do not read my blog to buy/sell. I m the opposite with some blogs. I asked my reader NOT to follow my blog, I wont mind if I DO NOT have many readers as I believe in quality rather than quantity. Spare me .. give me a break ... this blog is free and it will remain free. I might get tired one day,

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