Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 : The perfect ten?

JCY : Last 10 hours for the poll to close --------> click your choice. Thx.

The Edge : O&G sector bounces back

1. Naim
2. Dayang
3. Tg OffShore
4. Kencana
5. PetraEnergy
6. MMHE(listing soon)
7. Dialog
8. WahSeong
9. SapuraCrest
10. Petronas

TEH : Personally I do like the sector. Crude oil prices could only go higher. Buying any counters above is good for investors who want to ride on the recovery of the O&G sector. For investors, do NOT look into KNM, Saag, Ramunia, Vastalux ... or even Scomi. These are speculative counters. Other O&G counters like Coastal, Alam, EPIC worth noting. Did i miss anyone else? Do your own homework.

Kencana-cd : This could be a good CW to play on the expected O&G rally.

CT-long candidates : Petra for risk taker and Alam for a conservative INVESTOR. Alam is a good counter, Petra is no longer good.

MMC and UEM : I will like to clear MMC-ca and UEM-cc tmr as it is overbought, while collecting MMCCorp. I will look into more CWs tonight and might list my top-10 CWs to stalk.

MMCCorp : As I bought only 1k units at 3.15, I will be buying 1.5k units of it at 2.95 and 2k units at 2.75 level.

Round 1 : 1,000 x RM3.15 = RM3,150
Round 2 : 1,500 x RM2.95 = RM4,425
Round 3 : 2,000 x RM2.75 = RM5,500
Round 4 : 2,500 x RM2.55 = RM6,375 and so on.

This is what I mean by huge positions. Anything reaching 20k for me is VERY huge. So, I have cleared half of Efficient which I bought at 0.175 at 0.180. Efficient will still move up but I dont know when.

12.55 pm : KFC-wb at 1.35. It is a good warrant to ride on ibu-ayam positive uptrend. So, may be I might get greedier and buy more into it ... and only will sell at 1.60?


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