Monday, September 27, 2010

KheeSan vs Supermax

This post is for you, SC(my old Kepong friend). It is also to share with many NOVICES and those who are still losing money in such a bullish market!!

KheeSan : WHAT?? BUYING this one tmr??! WHO TOLD YOU TO BUY KheeSan, let me know and I shall shoot him/her. I do not wish to write more about KheeSan as there is NOTHING to write about. BUT ... how about you give me 5 good reasons WHY YOU INTEND TO BUY TMR?? I m SHOCKED. Pardon me, sorry.

Wait, to protect myself ... you can buy ANY stock at all at any price. Who knows, KheeSan might goreng up 20%-40% again, right? But ... syndicate are NOT into consumer stock, do you know?? Wait wait ... you DO KNOW KheeSan trading in what sector and its business, right?? IT IS INSANE to me to even mention KheeSan.

Someone mentioned HwaTai to me ... I puked. I m a goreng-kaki, I am a punter but I m not THAT daring. So, take your risk ... I do not which to be blamed when you really bought KheeSan and gain 20%. I m NOT responsible for ANYONE's trades, ok?

Supermax : Closed at RM4 level, 1-green histogram seen. So, it might give us a short rebound soon. RSI at 20 level VERY nice. And if I speak a little more technical, I do not think so you or many novice could understand. I bought Supermax today for the technical rebound and I do protect my risk(down-side) in case the rebound fails. With my Supermax-ca at 0.115, it is easier for me to make 10% IF Supermax rebounds, as I m expecting it soon.

SC : Please do yourself a favour. LEARN FA(fundamental analysis) first ... at least the BASICs. KheeSan is peanut and looking to buy into it showing to me you are NOT using FA or even TA. Once you have advance a little, I can teach you BASIC TA. Then, you will know that BUYING KheeSan tmr ... I wish you A LOT OF LUCK. That is purely LA = LUCK ANALYSIS. Even using my RA, which consist of some LA, I will NOT and will NEVER mention Kheesan anymore. PUNT at your own risk. Please learn ... I think it is the best that you are OUT OF MARKET totally until you could learn a little about HOW market works. Otherwise, you are in dis-advantage. Sorry to 'pour cold water' on your intention to buy KheeSan while letting your Supermax which you bought at RM5(without a plan to top-up or cut-loss or whatever at all, I could see)

So, I will STRONGLY recommend that you use your funds to average down Supermax at RM4 now(IF you really need to BUY KheeSan tmr), then prepare to average down at RM3 and so on ... no need to trade. average down and HOLD till rubber-sector rebound. I m not a stock-god, I m not a sifu as many called me but I m quite sure rubber WILL rebuond. KheeSan? What is that peanut?

These writing is also for many novice readers. DO YOUR HOMEWORK on FA. Learn some TA. DO NOT rely only on LA. Stock market is NOT a gambling platform. Believe me, in long run ... you will lose out to MR MARKET.

Fact : 80%-90% of those in KLSE are losing money. If they say they r in positive region, congrats. But if they recommend you to look into KheeSan, IGNORE him.


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