Sunday, September 19, 2010

IJMland : Uptrend.

IJMLand-wa : Support at 0.995, bought 5k units at RM1.00. Rebound and it uptrend now. Ratio 1 : 1, if mommy goes up 10cent, this will give me 10%, RM500 profits as target. Chart-wise is nice. Wait. Expiry 2013, 3 years time.

Sunday ... time for family outing. Today's homework will be plotting my strategies for my ECM's stockquest which starts tmr. We are given RM100k to trade in KLSE. I hv not checked if we are allowed to buy warrants or those ACE's babes. Must it be a main-board counter?

I will be LUCKY if I could profit 10-15% in the month period time frame given. Can anyone actually double their capitals in one month? How many percent the winners will gain? I m thinking of 30-60% range but I do not think so I could generate such a huge percentage! Hmmn ...

Yeah, perhaps I m more concern about my own trades. Perhaps I should clear most of it and go aggressively with the stock-game for a month.

Taken from a blog : Here are some rules how to do that (for building great trading habits)

1. Be consistent in your trading practice routines. Try to practice using the same approach or analysis every time, even though you are not trading at all. That way, the brain will be primed and be ready to get into a trade when there’s opportunity

2. Keep challenging yourself. If you are winning, trade a bigger size but keep to your maximum risk per trade for each capital outlay. On the other hand, if you’re losing, reduce your size until you have winning hands. Never fight the market!!

7.05 pm : Combed Pusat Bandar Puchong area for apartments - ranging RM130k to RM180k, still reasonable and affordable.

WahSeong : At 2.08, potential of rebound. Look into WaSeong-wa at 0.24-0.25 level for short-trade play. Expiry at 2013 but high premium.


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