Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stock Watch

YeeLee : Closed at 1.05(current low at 1.00, touched a intraday high at 1.09). Oversold. RSI hooking up. MACD shown a green, with bullish candlestick shown last Thu. On Wed, it formed an inverted hammer, so confirmation to BUY on Thu. So, I shall watch it on Monday as it will move to 1.13 resistance level. So, this will be a good stock to play on contra.

Sunday morning ... time to look into some charts to ask my trainer some questions later. Yes, I do know that I m not suppose to look into one or two indicators only, but to combine many to increase my chances in my trades.

For example, stochastic in oversold region with a bullish crossover. If possible, also look if a hammer is formed, rebounded from the strong support level with MACD histogram showing bullish divergence. That should give us the 'signs' that the correction for that particular stock is over soon ... and it might reverse. No certainty, just higher chances ...

1.00 pm : I m reluctant to use my Sundays for CN's meeting but I have not attending any meeting for some time. Ok, I hope it is a good learning today

KLCI at 1437 level now. BY END OF THE YEAR, will you see it above 1437, at this level or lower than 1437? I will choose the latter as anything UP must come down la ...

CN : Analysing on stocks

Group 1 : Unisem, Notion, JCY, D&O

Group 2 : Maybulk, MISC, TGoffShore, Scomi

Group 3 : Dialog, WaSeong, WCT and BJCorp

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