Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Stocks to stalk

Kinstel : Touched a strong support at 0.83 today. Closed at 0.835, with RSI at 37 level.

Jaks : Closed at 0.685, waiting for 0.67 again. RSI still stands at 40. Bearish crossover seen in stochastic. Expect more downside before a rebound.

Kossan : Closed at 3.17, touched 3.06 and I was queueinf at RM2.99(not done, of coz). Last half hour, seen some bargain buyers and pushed the price to close 2cents lower. It formed a 'hammer' with RSI at 20 level. So, IT IS A BUY for me tmr. I cleared JCY for this one which I have stalk since it was at 3.80!! There might be some technical rebound but again, I m NOT buying to hold. I will clear it once my 8-10% target achieved.


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