Saturday, September 25, 2010

Supermax : An old friend of mine bought into it at RM5 level, stating that she knew some insider working with the big boss(Stanley) and said it is a good value buy at RM5. I did not comment but just wish her luck while telling her I m cutting of TopGlove for a loss. Today, Supermax at RM4 level now. I m not sure if it will show a failure to rebound for the fourth time?

SC : If you are reading these lines(as you are following my blog now!!), I hope you are ready to buy more into it at RM4, continue to look at RM3 and such. It might take some more beatings before it could rebound and recover. No one could tell how low these rubber-stocks could go, but seriously, due to the rubber-rally, many have gained substantial amount from it and many late comers are stucked at higher prices. Remember to always CUT LOSS(if you have a stop-loss) or be prepare to average down in stages.

Currently, USD vs MYR is at 3.09(touched 3.06), and the coming earing reports will NOT be good. So, it might take another beating if investors do not like its figures. High latex prices and also the so-called oversupply issue is hanging still. If one is an investor with 3-5 years time frame, I do believe buying at current level and in stages as it goes lower(no neeed to time the bottom) will benefit hugely. Yes, I m a believer that it will rebound!

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Hokkien Pop Song: Grandma's Words (阿嬤的話)

TanChong, Help, Genting, AMMB, KFC, MMC - these are good uptrending stock which correcting from overbought region and for those who wish to ride on its uptrend(and believe KLCI will rebound).


AMMB at 48 - banking
HELP at 57 - education
Genting at 59 - gaming
KFC at 60 - fingers licking good
TanChong at 61 - auto
MMCCorp at 68 - construction

My personal 'homework' - my routine on Sat morning

Early in the morning, it is a routine that when I wake up, I will check the US market and also some of the US stocks which I m looking into(for many certain reasons). Then, I will browse through KLSE ... starting with top loser today. As I do have many charts in my head(up or down trend), looking at their closing price, I will short-list out some(around 10) good stock which I might be interested to stalk.

The six listed above are uptrending stocks which breached into overbought region recently. So, it is only logical to check on those retracing after KLCI down for two days. Short-listing them, and look into their RSI will be my first step. I have listed above the six stocks with their respective RSI. Please understand that I have done a lot scanning through some news/blogs and such to check on any negative-ness in these counter before I will bother to do some chart-analysis on them.

The step one done above. Second step - I will quickly use chart-nexus charting software to do some simple quick TA ... and plant these charts in my head for the day, before I m going for my tuition classes!! Yes, I m digesting the chart while I m driving or while having my breakfast(with The Star biz-column in hand). What's going on in my head is complex which i myself could not explain and write it in words here. At these two initial stage, the observations are still raw.

For example : KFC - I traded this one recently - I sold it off for small loss at 3.20 level yesterday. I have sold it at 3.30 for profits recently. Volume decreases seen - but RSI still high.

So, KFC chart is in mind now, carrying it for the whole day, before I do my analysis tonight while reading The Edge. I will also look into its new baby.

This is only KFC ... my mind will be occupied by these six counters for the whole day!! That explain why I do not talk 'empty' with others as my mind is full. Well, I do not use much of brain when giving tuition or teaching Maths as it natural. At times, when I m teaching, I m actually have these charts in my head!! Luckily I do not need to use my brain for my teaching job!!

So, that is my two initial stage for this morning ... rubber-stocks in mind too. Hmm ... have a nice day. I have tuition till 5pm today!

Taken from : politemarket's blog

Karambunai - KLSE best stock this week.

Karambunai is located 30 kilometres north-east of Kota Kinabalu City. Area about 4,000 acre. There got white sandy beach, wetland, crystal blue cove, flatland, highland, rainforest and river.

Karambunai Corp Bhd is listing in Bursa Malaysia. I think they got the name because they are located in Karambunai. KBunai significant asset is the Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai, a luxury 5-star international-class resort hotel with a world-class 18-hole golf course. Got 6 Royal and
Presidential Villas, with their private gardens and most with private swimming pools.

Annual report of Karambunai, stated they build the Nexus ResidenceKarambunai project. Up-market beachfront resort villas about 2,000 units. The main buyers of NRK products are mainly foreigners who are participants under the "Malaysia My Second Home" programme, including
Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Dublin, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.

TEH : I stayed in Sabah for 10 years before returned back to KL recently. I stayed for holiday with my wife for two nights there. It is located near Tuaran and I almost bought a unit at their new housing project(cant remember the name!) as it is near my ex-college's new campus, located at Menggatal, off Jalan Tuaran. Their main competitors is Rasa Ria(Shang's group). What I think of Karambunai? To stay there for holiday is nice, tho it is costly. But to buy it stocks, no way ... there isnt any growth seen in many years to come. Speculation about casino to be built there or in Sabah is an old story. Ask any Sabahan. Majority of Sabahan are Christians and many are non-gamblers. So, if they are to open one there, it is to attract west-Malaysians(while holidaying there) or those from neighbouring countries. DO we need so many cosinos?? What are our values??

Anyway, I will NOT be distracted by the huge % up in recent Karambunai stock price. Karambunai did not even satisfy my simple minimum criteria to buy into it. BUT, I might think of placing a small amount to PUNT into it. That is called gambling, not investing.

Good luck


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