Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stock Watch

A123 : Trading at USD9.60 tonight. It rebounds from the historical low of USD6.32. Overbought. It needs to take out USD9.75, register a green-histogram and MA20-MA50 crossover to confirm its reversal of trend - from downtrend to moving uptrend. Then, I will move in again ... as my time frame for this one is 3-6 months or longer, I m in no hurry. This is not for trading, but waiting for the average target price by analysts at USD14 level.

STP : A monthly chart since listed in DEC 2005 around USD20 level and shot up to USD90 at its peak. Today it is trading at USD9 (yes, minus one ZERO). Its historical low was at USD5 level during the market collapse.


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