Sunday, September 19, 2010

Steel-stocks to rally?

Annjoo-ca : At 0.075, up from 0.055(as mommy moved), worth a punt!! Exercise price at 2.60, ratio 4 : 1, expiring Dec 2010, trading at premium 5.84%. For short trade hit-n-run but liquidity might be an issue. HIGH RISK.

AnnJoo : Recovered from RM2.20 level to current RM2.70 level, will be seeing RM2.90 again as the steel-rally is back! The better fundamental stock and recommended for investors who want to be in steel-rally. I will go for its baby.

Kinsteel : The best chart(in term of my RA = rojak analysis) to play on current steel-rally. I will like to grab some tmr and might clear SigGas for this one. I do not always buy into 'waterfalls', ya.

LionInd : At 1.75, broken 1.73 recent high. UPtrend with RSI into overbought region. High volume breakout possible tmr. Watch.


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