Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Kossan : Closed at 3.19, lost 3% today. RSI at 21 level. Next strong classical support seen at 2.87 level. So, I will queue at 2.90 tmr. I DO NOT think so it will dive another 30cents down in these coming 2 days but if it did, with RSI below 20, I would be glad!!

I missed Hai-O when it was oversold as I shifted most of my funds to JCY last week. Today Hai-O is doing very well. UP again. Now, since I have cleared JCY(only left 6k units), I will like those extremely oversold good stock(s) and wait for rebound to sell for 8-10% profits. I have chosen Kossan as it is in rubberish sector. Technical rebound will be here but I do not buy and hold in Sept-Nov.


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