Monday, September 13, 2010

New kids on the block

SigGas : Closed at 0.830, I cleared all at 0.825. From the chart, I could say that I have cleared it too early. So, might clear TWSCorp and grab back this one, hopefully it wont jump again tmr.

EAH : Failed to clear at 0.555 today. RSI at 54. Will continue to clear it at 0.55 level.


MEGB : Closed at 3.87, RSI 34. Worth looking but not for short trades and with thin patience.

Ivory : Closed at 1.19, RSI at 41. Low at 1.15. I do not have funds - otherwise, this is worth to collect.

SEB : Closed at 0.625, the new low. Another new IPO doing not good. RSI at 38.

TatGiap : Closed at 0.555. I like the chart but missed the 0.525 level. Will put in KIV when I sold my EAH, might consider this one.


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