Friday, September 10, 2010

My trades

My fav hit by Ah Niu(local Malaysian)

SigGas :

JCY : The poll closed with 75 voted(thanks). When I placed 0.980, it closed at 0.965 that day. Initially, the BUY and SELL percentage was quite balanced. Then, it went lower ... to 0.93 ... and I saw many took the STRONG SELL vote(only logical?). It went below and the SELL percentage increased(giving me a strong signal to BUY, actually). It rebounded from 0.88 level ... all the way up, surpassing 0.98 level ... 1.05 level ... wow, then a few STRONG BUY voted in. Amazing change of sentiment, actually. Did you get it right?

At 0.98, it was a STRONG SELL as it went to 0.88. But, after surpassing 0.98, it becoming a strong BUY as it went to 1.17 before retracing again. When it went below 0.98, I m a BUYER ... after surpassing 1.10 too fast and furious, I m a SELLER. Whether it is a technical rebound or an actual recovery, I dont know. I do know that I do not want to be stucked in market in Sept-Nov, anticipating another leg down. I still have 3k units which I have some paper loss, but wont hurt me as I have taken my profits!!

IF it goes all the way down below 0.88 again, I will start to get excited to grab it at 0.77!! That was my target price, but ready to collect more at 0.66. Err ... 0.55? I dont know ...

IF it goes all the way up to 1.35, I will clear ALL my positions without topping up. Then, I will congrats myself for a good trade done. A lesson learnt too. Nothing much more than a good trade and lesson. It is experience that I learn along the way ... I have traded few of such situations. I remember KNM the best and I successfully out of it after few months stuck into it!! What a relief, actually.

Will JCY move up to 1.35 or back to 0.88? At 1.35, I m out. But at 0.88, the unfinished trade continues ...

I do not have JCY in my mind at the moment as I do stalk MANY stocks - JCY no longer oversold(extreme) and I prefer to play safe in eerie-months ahead.

EAH : This is new to me. But, I managed to sell it for the second time(unexpectedly yesterday) at 0.52 for a 10% profits. Since the last time I sold it at 0.55(average was at 0.49), I have bought back at two levels : 0.50-0.53 and 0.465-0.485. I m NOT specific ... but I know it is more or less around that level. So, I cleared what I bought at average 0.475 yesterday at 0.520. That is about 10% profits, I think. I never really count or being so specific about it. I m more concern if my trades and what I could learn if I get it right, especially when I get it wrong! Anyway, another shot up above 0.555(recent high) will see me clear ALL that I bought at 0.515 average. But, if it retraces below 0.50 again, I will collect again ... while preparing more at 0.45, its short historical low.

Efficient : Start collecting at 0.180 and 0.175. Preparing for more at 0.170 not done yet. Clearing for 10% or could even wait for 0.20. This is one stock I always stalk when it goes below 0.20. And when it goes to oversold region(at 0.180 this time), I will start collecting. Always buying in stages, at one point, I could be buying at too huge positions and the FEAR that it wont recover soon is REAL. But, so far I have traded it 3 times, and it never fail to give me 10% profits. This is how I m trading this one and into it now(10k units @ 0.180 and 15k units @ 0.175, planning 20k units at 0.170 and so on).

When will I be selling? At around 0.20 - if it shoots up straight from 0.18 to 0.20 in one or two days, I will clear ALL. But if it moves slowly up, I will average up and will only clear above 0.20. Yes, 0.20 is the target. If I have average up, I might even wait for 0.21, its resistance. Recently I managed to have a short contra trade and sold at 0.21. So, 0.21 is in my memory. I have sold it at 0.24 too quite some time ago, so 0.24 becoming my resistance. Yes, I have Efficient's chart in my head so that when I scan for oversold stock and IF I see Efficient there, I will grab it the next day! The 'routine' continues ...

We shall see if I m fourth time LUCKY with it. At the moment, 0.20 will give me about RM500 profits.


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