Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My stocks

EAH : Cleared at 0.55, grabbed back at 0.54 and 0.545(as 0.535 and below not done). I dont understand the chart, but I think I could afford to collect more if it goes lower again.

SigGas : Grabbed her back and top-up today.

TatGiap : Written days ago, being a new kid on the block, missed 0.525 level. Today huge breakout. Closed at 0.585, touched 0.62. I have an average at 0.580 now, a little too late. So, need to be ready at lower level but chances of upside seen.

TWSCorp's monthly chart. This last time we see her at today's level was in June 2009, one-year and 3 months ago.

TWSCorp : Closed at 0.875, touched 0.89 today. Its recent high is 0.90. I brought it when it was shooting above 0.85, the resistance. Bullish-crossover in MACD, histrogram above zero-level. That is daily chart, bullish. Bought more at 0.85 today. as it is uptrending, 0.85 is becoming its support. Do look at its monthly chart to see that it is uptrending. Will like to see it at RM1 as KLCI continue to be bullish. I only have 5k units of it. I will top-up during corrections as it is going to be overbought soon.

I have cleared JCY and Adventa for small losses today. I still have IJMLand-wa which I m holding at RM1.00. KFC in red after taken huge profits on it. Will consider to buy when the current profit-taking is over.

Except for KFC, my stocks are penny-stocks for trading.

Property-stocks : Ivory and Sunrise in oversold region. Sunrise at its strong support at 1.98. Ivory to wait at 1.15 and below.

JCY : I still like her. Will you please go below RM1 again? I dont know ... I have many above to trade.

Malaysia Day - KLSE off tmr. Happy Holiday.


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