Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday morning ... many anticipating today with excitement as DOW up 200 points. I find that KLCI is not really following DOW long time ago. Most important point should be the general sentiment. If they are bullish, we could ride on it. There are many retail punters(I dont call them retail investors as many written). Retail punters are those seeing market shooting higher for past one month, one week then only they will have stock-market chat in kopi-tiam to boast what they have bought and shoot up 100% in days. Example : Karambunai. Nicorp in play too. Dont forget Sinotop, one of our 'best' stock-pick ... in some kopi-tiam.

I have been writing like an uncle in kopi-tiam talking about share market. Hehe.

Supermax-ca : Close at 0.110, Supermax up a little. RSI at 20 level, oversold. Expecting a technical rebound in rubber-stocks but today many rubber-stocks in red after short-signal of rebound last Friday. I do like those stocks with RSI below 20 and RSI at historical low. Supermax is no longer the Superman? Among my three CWs at the moment, I hv largest positions in this one. Just hold and watch ...

GenM-cl : Closed at 0.190. GenM at 2.49, touched 2.56. This baby touched 0.210 today. RSI at 66, quite high - so I m not comfortable. Hence, I will try to clear it off soon. Mid-term, I m still positive in GenM.

GenS-c8 : Done at 0.315-0.34 today as it moves lower after high opening. It closed at 0.315. So, I m slightly down. Recent low is 0.290, that will be my cut-loss point. Do not expect all trades will go your way, especially I hv done well with this one, so ... by being cautious, I hv smaller positions in her(with cut-loss in mind!). I m still bullish in GenSP as profit-taking is going on. Wait.

EAH : Closed at 0.610, my last queue to clear at 0.625 and 0.63 not done. I have cleared at 0.60-0.62 level today. I have reduced significantly my positions on this babe for another 10% profits. Good trade. WHY SELL? It is overbought now with RSI at 72 today. With RSI above 70, I viewed that as higher risk. So, taking my 10% profits in a week is a good-enough trade using my un-commonly-stupid way of punting. When I mentioned RSI, that is a little of TA used. So, I shall wait for it to retrace, and riding the uptrend with my remaining holdings. I will buy back when it retraces lower but I dont know when or at what level.

SigGas : Closed at 0.870, will only buy more at below 0.850.

TAGB : Closed at 0.410, I m accumulating this one at 0.40 and below. Waiting for 8%-10% profit at 0.44-0.45.

Within Temptation

9.10 am : Karambunai is karam-ing after the casino-rumours being disputed. Well ... it is pure punting. Buy morning, sell after profit or else cut cut cut. Today is cut as it will karam back below 10cents?

EAH : AT 0.60, I m still watching, target 10% acheived for third time. Huge positions, so I will take half-profits. Thanks.

LionDiv : Is up now, nice but I bought it using StockQuest funds ... and I m out of the contest due to the 'loss' in Tejari.

Supermax-ca : Bought at market price 0.120, and queueing more at 0.115 and 0.110.

GenS-c8 : Opened higher but not chasing. Waiting at 0.34 and below.

9.30 am : KLCI up 5 points. Done with my queues and wait to see later if any done. So far I grabbed some Supermax-ca and cleared some EAH at 0.60 for profits.

10.05 am : Top-up GenM-cl and GenS-c8 done at 0.340. UEMLand-cc flying off my 0.245 which I sold for 15% profits last week!! At 0.25 now. Too many to handle at the moment. Time to clear and trim ...

EAH : Trimmed some EAH at 0.605.

10.45 am : MEGB in my waterfall list is rebounding ... nice chart.

EAH : At 0.610 now, clearing all at 0.630. No regrets as I hv achieved more than my 10% target for the third time in a month for this fella. It is going into overbought region now. Wait for collect back at lower price. Will it give me 4th time of 10% at 0.65 or above? Stocks do not move vertically(except those like KARAMbunai la), so collect at lower prices or when it consolidates. THINK risk, then if the risk is lower than the reward, move in. A game of chance!!

Call-warrants : So, I bought more of GenM-cl below 0.20, GenS-c8 back at 0.34 and 0.335 and Supermax-ca at 0.115 and 0.120. My average never in the mid-point as the lower-priced volumes are more than the higher priced volumes. For example : Supermax-cc, I bought at market price at 0.12 for 5k units only, then queued 8k units at 0.115 which is done too and 12k units at 0.110(not done yet).

12.10 pm : I just had ROJAK for my lunch. Yes, my punting ways are RANDOM and using my RA = rojak analysis. I will define my rojak-analysis one day when I m in writing mood. At the moment, KLCI up 13 points, many SHOULD be gaining some profits(IF MARKET UP SO HIGH and you are still in losing positions, please let me know(e-mail me) ... I will give my opinions(for free?) on your portfolios!!0 ...

At times, it is NOT WHAT you bought(it is important, actually) but WHEN you bought into it. Also, to realise our profits/losses, we need to SELL. Holding on to a stock which keep moving higher will increase our RISK. Place a trailing stop-loss if you know how. ASK and you shall be ANSWERED. I m no GOD but asking GOD about your stock-prices movements may not help.

12.40 pm : KLCI up 13.73 points. Resorts(a more dearly name to me and I like Asiatic as a name but since they changed it, I dont hv the feel for her. So, girls ... DO NOT simply change your names, ok?!) at 3.52

GOLD : I will write what I shared with a young colleague of mine(PT) how we could invest in the appreciation price of GOLD.

PT : Please do the simple steps I shown you first. Come to my place and I shall give u an hour of simple 'investing for dummy' crash-course.

2.50 pm : I m running busy - EAH trimmed more at 0.62 done. Left some at 0.63 level.

8.25 pm : Busy with classes just now. KLCI up 13 points. GenS-c8 closed in red. Supermax-ca at 0.110 done too. GenM-cl closed at 0.190. These are my call-warrants but UEMLand-cc flew off today. I hv let go of UEMLand-cc last week.

9.15 pm : Sunway broken 1.90 today - anyone buying at 1.70?? Do treat me a dinner, ok? Haha


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