Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday morning ... as usual, early in the morning before market opens, I will be looking into my portfolios and to see if I will queue to sell any of my holdings. Or is there anything I will buy today? Or should I average down any of my stocks which below the current value or top up whichever above the current market value?

SigGas : Average at 0.80, at 0.79 now ... this is for short trade. So, I will queue to clear later around 0.82 or higher. I m flexible ... but SigGas is to clear.

EAH : To clear the remaining if it shoots up another 8-10%. So, if goes above 0.555, recent high, I will think of selling. Queueing at 0.555 now for the starting. Sometimes I will cancel my queues if I could monitor the movements.

Efficient : Do nothing today, at 0.180 ... perhaps queue to clear ALL at 0.200.

JCY : Wont do anything till it goes to 1.20 level. It needs to break 1.17, recent high.

KFC : Queue to clear stage 1 at 3.20 as planned. Keep the rest to ride on the trend.

While selling of my stocks in mind IF they move higher, I will collect EAH at 0.50 and below. Also Efficient at 0.170. To top up KFC, I will want to see if go lower than RM3 later, otherwise it is a sell.

I always remind myself the three possibilities - up, flat or down. What should I do with each of my stock? If up, then up by how much will I sell(I do think in percentage). If flat, is it forming a doji at the support or resistance? If down, should I average down of cut it off?

These are decisions by traders everyday ... and once decide, I will carry out the plan without looking back with joy or regret.

我问天 <--- I asked heaven. Dedicated to those using hope or pray analysis. Those using lucky analysis can also ask heaven for help. I have accepted in the very beginning itself that ALL my trades are my responsibilities. No one should be blamed if you are in losing positions and also FAIL to cut losses. Not your remisier or friends who recommended the stocks. Not any broker's report that you read(and believe into their target price - u r just naive). Not any blogs that you read and believe they r some 'sifus'(count me OUT - none of my trades are real, ok?). Not your trainer. And definitely not GOD who is against your trade. I do hear "I hope ..." or "I wish ..." like stock-market is a wishing-well, a road to get rich!! Please learn to take responsibilities IF you want to improve in your trades or invesments. ONLY YOU know you should be blamed for taking that decision - BUY, HOLD or SELL .

9.15 am : KFC queue to clear at 3.25, not 3.20 as planned. SOmetimes I get greedy when I see the initial queues have a high volume to BUY. It touched 3.23 and going down below 3.20 now. I dont know ... I will start to queue to BUY at 3.10 if it goes lower. So, it is topping up!!

Yeelee : Grabbed some at 1.10(1.08 and 1.06 wont be done today?).

9.45 am : KFC is done at 3.25. Cleared stage one. Will hold on to others - 3.30 will give me another 10% but I think it could go higher, so I m queueing to clear ALL at 3.35. Good contra trade on it so far. Grabbing back when it retraces later.

TopGlove-cc : Up 22%, at 0.135 now. I did not punt.

KFC : Grabbed back some at 3.24 and 3.23 done. Time to clear more ... it touched 3.30 just now.

Rubber : TopGlove and Kossan are still moving up. This is a technical rebound or on the way to recovery? THINK.

TopGlove : At RM6 again and TopGlove-cc at 0.145, up 32%. Get rich quick? Hmm ... wait till I track more of these 'risky' instruments and put some funds to PUNT into it.

11.50 am : KLCI UP 13.3 points.

YeeLee : As it toucehd 1.15, and back down at 1.11, I might clear it if it fails to form a white solid candle-stick. If it closed at 1.11, that will be a shooting star, time to SELL. Yes, short term day-trading or contra-trading needs to monitor its movements. If one is good in their TA, then the chances of a good-trade will be higher. I m NOT, I m random and ... yes, ask the heaven. Please make my stock flies higher ... please .... please ...

P&O : Missed this one - last week stalking to BUY, then Kossan came diving - forgotten about it as was greedy to grab Kossan. On trading day, grabbed KFC instead!! Yes, IF I have lots of bullets, I will buy ALL three - P&O, Kossan and KFC last week. But, KFC is a good trade too. P&O shooting high ... I wont chase. There is always an opportunity around, if you could OPEN your mind. Many in KLSE are VERY narrowed. I know many are, actually.

MYR vs USD : It touched a new low of 3.08 level this morning. Yes, BUY US stocks - buy good retracing stocks(A123 is NOT a good one - I could easily point out a few) as when the stock-price recovers AND US rebounds, we could gain more. U know the logic I m saying, right? The difficult part is ... US's economy is very shaky(it is EMPTY, in my opinion). I wont go in in Sept-Nov period and waiting to top-up A123 at much lower level when MORE BAD news about the green-batt out, and all screaming of SELL. Time to do some homework on some US stocks, ok? I m just preparing and wont mind sharing few here.

3.40 pm : BULL DAY ... buy buy buy!! Err ... buy or sell or hold?

SigGas : I saw it touched at 0.825, thought my queue at 0.825 cleared but it is not done yet. This morning I was queueing to clear at 0.820, ok? Getting greedier? I dont know if 0.825 will be done for my profits, ok? But it is a bullish day, good time to clear/trim some.

TWSCorp : Shooting up, testing new high soon. Watch!! A breakout in the making

Adventa : Lagging behind last week when others rebounding. Up 5% now. So, I m moving in now!!

3.45 pm : Adventa done a bit at 3.60. Very fast ... not chasing and waiting lower.

4.05 pm : Top-up Adventa at 3.62 and 3.64 at the moment. Oh boy ... I m clearing YeeLee for this top-up. If it retraces later, more will be done and I can forget about TWSCorp.

4.20 pm : Cleared YeeLee at 1.13 done. Chasing TWSCorp for short-trades. Done at 0.88 so far. Waiting lower. Too hot to handle.

4.35 pm : SigGas cleared all at 0.825.

4.40 pm : KFC cleared ALL at 3.35. WOW ... nice decision to buy on Thu. Good.

4.45 pm : KFC KFC ... at 3.37 now. I m looking at Adventa and TWSCorp now.

4.55 pm : I like KFC ... so, I bought back 1k units at 3.37 before closing now. I cleared all, including the one that I bought back this morning(after cleared 3.25, I bought some back at 3.24 and 3.23 ... lower than these NOT done). So,I could openly say ... I only hv 1k units at 3.37.

JCY : I cleared all, the remaining 3k units at 1.10 before closing. This is with a loss of about RM350 as I have average at 1.20. Of coz I have taken profits much earlier. Freeing my cash from the sales of SigGas, KFC and JCY for other trades. Few in mind at the moment. Hey, I m a trader ... no no, I random punter! So, I do not mind writing my losses too. It is just too fast - overtrading in my mind now.

KLCI closed at 1457, up 20 points!! Malaysia BOLEH. KLSE Boleh ... most important thing is our stocks boleh??

CN's forum : Adventa and KFC mentioned. Dont know if anyone buying. With all those VERY technical charts and terms used, I m trying to digest the idea. Are they saying time to jump wagon or too late? Whatever way, is it a BUY AFTER it moved so much? KFC is a SELL-la ... buying was on Wed and Thu(last week). RSI reaching 90, can still BUY? The point is they dont look much into RSI ... UP-TREND is the main point. but UPTREND also buy during correction la. WHY chase? Adventa ... it was lagging on Thursday, I found based at 2.40 and THE EDGE written good news on RUBBER. Excuse me ... rubber-stocks are still profitting, u dont know? But look at USD vs MYR, ya ... speculations by rubber speculators. Am I saying BUYING rubber today?? Nope ... Kossan(which I like last week but grabbed KFC instead) and Supermax moved last week ... TopGlove was lagging, so it moves today. Adventa lagging ... and jumped today. So, today is a BUY of Adventa to me. We are all different. I dont know TA - leave that to the forummers and followers there. I do know LOGIC. So, it is LA(logic analysis = luck analysis).

Sunway being mentioned too .... hey, I was like 'screaming' a buy to those aunties/uncles who are VERY lost in the CN's meeting weeks ago at 1.60, ok? Most of these aunties wont read blogs(definitely wont reach to mine) and those uncles THOUGHT they know KLSE more than the trainer, their egos will stop them from listening. Sunway closed at 1.74. Recommending Sunway to uncles/aunties and ask them to keep will be good as these people might have paid thousands to CN and thousands to market.

I have a CN member told me that he bought XYZ and hope to get even as he just sold ABC for a huge loss. I dont know how huge is huge(to me, RM1k+ is a huge loss) ... but get even?? Excuse me(sorry uncle, I forgot your name and wont mention here) ... you dont get even by buying ANOTHER stock simply because you just lost a trade, right?

Technical Analysis : In my opinion, DO NOT bother too details and too much of technical terms. Please DO NOT use too many indicators and such. DO NOT get too fanciful ... and make your trades SIMPLIER. I found that many in CN have an impression that the more indicators a person know, they better he could be a trader. Hai-choo ... indicators still need us HUMAN to interpret and the way we interpret are VERY likely to be different, ok?

Nice good trading day ...

8.00 pm : Going to Malacca early in the morning tmr ... and if got energy, will drive down to Johore too. Wondering where to stay in Malacca with RM200 per night hotel.

9.30 pm : HSI closed 400 points higher!! DOW opens 60 points higher.

Stalk : IJMLand and IJMLand-wa. Mommy has moved, do BUY into IJMLand-wa, ok?



YJ said...

Market is very bullish today which is quite surprising as I don't think many people would be back from holiday yet. Meanwhile, KFC is currently riding on a very strong uptrend so you might wanna consider holding on to them or topping up.

Anyway, just curious. You mentioned that your trades are not real in your post. Does this mean there is no real money involved and whatever you are writing is for a virtual portfolio?

takeiteasy said...

can still trade mah even while holidaying in the kampung, through internet mah,... broadband... even trading can also be done while b..zai in the toilet.... ha! Ha! just joking leh.


CP said...


Profit-taking after they are back? Local funds collecting KLCI-linked counter to push up the index. Nothing much, actually.

KFC sold at 3.25, grabbed back some at 3.23 and 3.24 so far. Preparing at 3.20. Clearing at 3.35 today without question. OVERbought reaching new heights, so will correct soon, and buy during correction if I do not have others to trade!!

I have always say my trades NOT real and this blog is for entertainment or edutainment, depending who is reading!!

I m too busy with my trades that I do not use the simulation OSK virtual portfolio for some time now, actually. But, some doubt about my trades, so it is GOOD if they could accept that my trades are UN-real. Whatever way, it wont affect me. I 'ignored' others views - they have the rights.

But, I hv registered for ECM virtual-trading contest. So, I will write my ECM trades(in different colours, perhaps).

Most of the trades are real. I do have un-real trades which for my own records but I seldom write in my blog.

For example : I wrote down BUY hugely KNM below 0.40 in my trading dairy but never wrote in my blog. But, I do mention KNM recently. So, I virtually 'bought' KNM for 50k units at average 0.395 now. I hv a target at 0.435 for profits which I written in my dairy too. I do a lot of works on my trading, to check and learn. What IF I m right - what do I learn and what IF I m wrong - what are the mistakes etc etc.

Sinotop : I punted into it VIRTUALLY when it dived and get caught ... then, I posted the chart of Sinotop without mentioning my virtual trade. It is for my own learning, ya.

I wont mind writing my virtual trades here BUT I might confuse MYSELF with my actual trades!! That wont be good.



YJ said...

Actually, I think it is more of buying from foreign funds because of the strong appreciation from our ringgit. I guess some local funds are also involved as well like you said.

Yeah. Thanks for answering my question. I was just confused by what you said earlier (that your trades were not real).

Anyway, I really respect you for sharing with us all your trades in your blog, including how much you make, lost, etc. For some, these can be very personal information and most might not be that comfortable to disclose.

takeiteasy said...

hi Teh, what do you think about Evergreen, earn profit like mad but share like nobody take notice.. I just punt 5 at 1.56, ok or not.. btw nice blog you have here..