Monday, September 06, 2010

Monday morning ... Raya off today - school holiday off - it is a holiday mood season. KLSE might be quite this week.

JCY : Continue to queue to SELL - at 1.18 and 1.22 today. If it break resistance from here, I will hold to it for the recovery and might average up then!!

JCY : Failed to clear at 1.18, touched 1.17 ... at 1.13 now.

10.30 am : KLCI is flat - volume is low. JCY showing weakness? I trimmed more at 1.13. Left only 6k units. That I will keep for 1.20 or above. But, if it dives back to RM1(dive NOT retrace), I will grab back more of it. Otherwise do nothing now ... lets have a nice holiday!!

Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive


The KLCI has performed strongly YTD, driven by big-cap blue chips from the banking, gaming and infrastructure sectors. Aggressive buying by foreign funds over the past couple of months has pushed up prices of Malaysian heavyweights even more. But small- to midcaps are trailing far behind. We believe the gap will narrow as investors scour for value and rotational play helps to re-rate laggards. We maintain our OVERWEIGHT on Malaysia and end-11 KLCI target of 1,520 points but advise investors to look at some laggards as they offer significant value with lower downside risk in the event of a major correction.

Our top-3 laggard picks from the big-cap category are Tenaga, Public Bank and MAS.

For mid cap, our picks are JCY, Mudajaya and WCT.

As for small caps, our top-3 picks are Adventa, Latexx and E&O.

Stalk : I do like those listed above and highlighted those I will stalk closely, awaiting for the corrections. Yes, I do look into laggards and many of times, while a particular rally(rubber, tech, bankings, consumers, properties, plantations etc etc) for a sector, there are some 'late-comers' lagging behind will perform too. These are for late-comers ... say, you are seeing banking stocks moving(lead by CIMB, MayBank ..), you will like to look into those lagging behind after a few days of rally!!! It is rotational.

While TopGlove, Supermax, Harta or Kossan may lead rubber for the next rally, it worth looking at the smaller cap rubber-stocks which lagging behind. At the moment, I do like the oversold Adventa and Latexx as mentioned above.

MAS : I have released it ... but will like to have her back when market DIVES. So, just wait ... wait till it is grounded. At the moment AirAsia took off.

WCT : I like WCT and will like to watch WCT-wb instead. We shall wait ...

This is SEPTEMBER ... I want to remain in cash - placing partly into those stocks which I think have corrected significantly below 'market value' and will rebound when market sentiments for lower liners are better.

2.50 pm : JCY at 1.09 vs 1.10. Hmm ... I m waiting for the dive, and thinking of queueing at 1.05 now. Or wait for RM1 in few days time? It failed to move beyond 1.17.

3.20 pm : I was playing TV-game ... yes, TV-game, not pc-game or PS or Wii or whatever they have! Haha. It is cheap - RM25 for the whole set, and another RM25 for the catridges. Is that how I m going to waste my time away?? Haha.

Banks : CIMB at RM8 level now, RHBCap at RM7 level and AMMB at RM6 level now. Banking stocks are doing very well now. Do you think MayBank will reach RM9 level?

4.33 pm : JCY at 1.09. I saw KurAsia at 0.42, at 0.425 now. Kossan at 3.30 is nice, touching 3.29 a few times now.

SigGas : Oh boy ... instead of taking profit, it is back to my cost-price la. Or lowering now ... hmm ... I m suddenly becoming long term investor for this one!

EAH and Efficient : Not good, either. Will only consider buying as planned.

JCY : Clsed at 1.10. I think it will go lower to 1.05 level. So, I shall wait at lower level before considering it again. Two sharp days of rebound, we can expect profit taking.


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