Monday, September 20, 2010

GenS-c8 : Closed at 0.445, up 41% today. It already went up 50% last Friday. I went in on Friday, sold at 0.41 and 0.43 today. Bought back at 0.40 - 0.44, with average at 0.41 now. Another 30% up tmr I will clear more and buy back(with smaller portion). As it moves higher and higher, GREED is there, so as a contrarian - I will be in FEAR. Of coz IF ONLY I KNOW, I wont even sell it today and keep buying!! IF ... and only IF ...

This is for a trade, short-punt. GenS closed at 2.14, touched 2.18 today. It is extremely overbought. So, do not be the last person standing buying into GenS-c8 tmr at 0.50?? I will watch 0.50 to clear. I dont know how high will it go but since I hv taken huge profits on it, and holding small portion, I wont mind let it runs .... and will clear once it retraces!!

I have missed GenS when it broken 1.20 level ... at 2.40 it will registered an incredible 50% in such a short month. But, the RISKY GenS-c8 went from 0.15 to 0.45 ... that is 200% since 3 days!!

Monday blues ... as I hv to start working after 2 weeks break. Added to that, Liverpool lost to MU last night. I could not login to ECM stockquest as there is no login page at the moment!!

9.20 am : MY blog-site got some problem. Sigh. really Monday blue.

GenS-c8 : Cleared half for huge profits at 0.410.

11.55 am : Trading Gen-S ... buy/sell. Highest bid bought at 0.44, but cleared more at 0.43. Wait.


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12.45 pm : my 'old' trading blog is corrupted ... so, I wont mind creating a new one and many of my readers might not be able to find me!! I dont know ... my blog is for my OWN pleasure reading. So, if they could get to read these lines or not, should I care too much? Hmm ...

Peter Pan - Kota Mati

StockQuest : I have bought into KNM, Tejari, Dataprep and Jadi. We are not allowed to buy warrants. Too bad.

GenS-c8 : I have sold half at 0.410, only to buy back more at 0.40-0.44 ... then, cleared some at 0.430. I m not sure how many units left or my average now(sold those I bought below 0.32). Huge profits and will buy my wife her mooncake!! Hehe.

SigGas and TatGiap : Not doing well and might consider to CUT it off and to focus on my other trades.

Sunrise : Rised today, up 9%. Wow.

KFC : Touched 3.38 in the morning surged but retraced since then. Wont do anything much as I only have 'little' of it.

My two Es : Flat ... nothing interesting about them. Wait.

I m back HERE!!

9.50 pm : Went to Taipan USJ to grab some mooncake for my wife and kids. They like it and nowadays mooncakes cost RM12-14 each. Wow ... anyway, I m really a cheap skate - the mooncake is just a small fraction of my huge profits from one day trade of GenS-c8. Yes, it was a good PUNT.

A123 : AT 9.50 level now, DOW up slightly. There is a strong rally in H-auto-stocks.

NEP : Down again ... at USD4.50, I m watching and waiting.

Rubber : Oh boy, rubber being rubberished again ... while tech-stock being unfavoured again. What is the stock that rallying? MRCB and UEMLand ... AirAsia continues it good run.

UEMLand : Bullish but today going 3% lower. Closed at 1.93 after surging to 2.05 in the morning. I grabbed UEMLand-cc which done 7%. Closed at 0.195, I think I have average at 0.205(as I bought into it in the morning but my lower queues done - surprisingly!)

Gamuda : Welcoming Gamuda to be in our big-boys list. Gamuda-wd worth looking but it moves to high for me to catch now(as I failed to clear IJMLand-wa for her).

TAGB : Welcoming her too ... these are latest development as TanJong taken out. I read these last week. Tanjong is such a good stock many investors would love her.

IJMLand : Privitisation news? What will happen to my IJMLand-wa if that is true?

TWSCorp : Touched 0.96 today, I cleared it on Friday at 0.905, I think. Hmm ... too many to focus?

SigGas and TatGiap : Done badly today, will see if I need to clear them as I want to focus in a few good trades.

Jerneh(wa) : No longer clear ... THIRD black long candle-stick. Cant remember about its news as I wont be buying her. But, written here as I m going to punt into it hypothetically.


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