Saturday, September 11, 2010

Maths Tuition

I was teaching a group of very bright students(5 of them) Further Maths this morning - I was teaching Differentiation(implicit) and Differential Equation(order 2) - then, I noticed that I m too easily satisfied with my current tuition classes!!

I know I m good - but other Maths tutors(my colleagues) are having more tuition classes than I do. I m NOT lazy, ok? It is just that I m not-known here YET.

So ....

This is my business - I need to get serious and use all the media to advertise myself!! Haha. Ok, ok ... I said I m serious and I am.

At the moment, as I m 'new' to the tuition market here(in Klang Valley), I need to be my own marketing agent!! What should I do? How could I 'promote' myself? How do I place an advertisement? Where?

The A level exams is nearing but I do not have as many tuition classes as I have wanted it to be. Err ... I need to repeat and blow my own horns - I AM A VERY GOOD MATHS tutor!!

So, I m going to mention about my Maths Tuition untill ALL my time slot occupied with tuition classes(and no more extra time to blog after working hours!)

Advertising modes

1. Internet - like my blog here. facebook.
2. Newspapers - The Star or NST etc etc
3. Name card - will print that to distribute to my students and parents!! Yes, distribute to those in chart-nexus too! Hehe
4. Mouth to mouth - the best advertisement thus far. Students recommending their friends

Any other suggestions?

I even think of T-shirt printing with words like "Need a Math Tutor? - approach me or call my number at 012-8210129)". Serious!! Haha

A level and SAM exams are around the corner but I m still NOT as 'busy' as I should. I want to teach from 8 - 4pm(full time in college) then 4pm to 6pm. Break for dinner ... then, 7pm to 9pm. That is for weekdays Mon to Fri. Currently my 4 pm to 6 pm slots all taken. So, I still have 7 pm to 9pm slots to fill. I m quite disappointed that it is not filled yet, and kinda desperate now! Haha.

As for Saturdays, I do have classes from 8am to 10am then 10.30am to 12.30 pm. Saturday noon is booked but yet to be confirmed. Saturday night is for EPL(football) unless urgent. Sunday still free ...

Yes, I m a reliable tutor, responsible and know in-n-out of the syllabus which I m teaching for 20+ years now. And seriously, I do believe I m one of the best around, if not the best in teaching A level Maths and Further Maths.

Any other suggestion to promote myself?

Will you HELP me to promote me - a Math tutor?

I do not mind teaching SPM or O-level Add Maths or Maths. But I do not go lower than SPM level.

Spread the news for me, will ya? Help me and I will appreciate that a lot.

I can be contacted through this blog or email me at The best would be call/sms me at 012-8210129.



p/s : Should I get an easier phone number to remember like ... 7552525? Pizza delivery, I mean ... Maths tuition home-delivery. Right at your door step!

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