Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My two 'E's : EAH and Efficient

EAH : At 0.475. RSI 33. Waiting at 0.450. Clearing stage one at 0.50.

Efficient : At 0.175, time to collect more this oversold slow-coach. RSI at 32.

Damasutra - Sesat dalam rindu

Lady Gaga - Telephone

Damasutra vs Lady Gaga

You may not listen to songs, doesnt matter. When I was driving to give tuition this morning, my SURIA-FM was on and played these two songs. One by a local Malay VERY old song and another by a hot-pop controvesial Lady Gaga!

I sang along the two songs .... and trying to search inside myself. You see, I may like the new song by Lady Gaga very much ... and enjoy the rhythm. I dont know if I will like it THIS much 3 years later ... but Damasutra's song(one of my fav group ages ago!!) still 'embedded' strongly inside me. Even I have not heard of the song for some time, I could still know the lyric well!!

So, I m relating this one to my trading - I may be looking at JCY or SigGas at the moment, but old-timers like Jaks or LionInd are still my fav to trade!!

Also, seeing that I m listening to WIDE range of songs, one will not wonder how I could try most type of trades and whether in KLSE, HKSE, SGX or US. I never really look into Thailand or Vietnam yet. Imagine and go beyond our limited personal boundaries!! But, I m taking it slow ...

I do like Linkin Park's songs a lot. I do like Rene Liu's songs a lot too. I can mention Ella's or late Sudirman's songs ... I like them all. It doesnt matter. As long as it is pleasurable, I will like to listen. Same to markets ... venturing out of KLSE becoming a good alternative! Many STUCKED in KLSE as they are TOO AFRAID to go out of comfort zone(cant be comfort when 90% reported to be losing money??). If you have been listening to those sentimental songs ALL these while, how about trying Breaking Benjamin for a change? That is what I mean!! I m SURE many could NOT accept such a change. We are human ... we DISLIKE to change but we EXPECT better results, different results!! STUPID, right?

11.10 am : Hai-O flying. I grabbed SigGas instead and SigGas doing well today too. I m still looking at 0.84 to clear for some profits.

11.50 am : E&O and Kossan moving lower - time for a punt in E&O? Hmm ... Kossan is nice. wait.

12.15 pm : KLCI is flat. TopGlove at 5.85. I sold for a loss at 6.20(average was at 6.30, if I m not mistaken). Still looking at rubber, actually but do not know when I should make a move. Suicidal?

Sunrise : I was watching her moving up yesterday, and today it is profit taking. If going for short trade, this should be a good one. But, I m reluctant to grab anything moving higher(except a punt into SigGas at the moment).

E&O : At 1.11 now, I think I will like it below 1.10 again ... but do not know if 'they' will want to goreng her any soon. Yes, 'goreng' ... the 'good' news no longer hot? It came down from RM1.20+. So, I want to add her for my third E.

P&O : The hot-news still around. It went down yesterday as I thought of grabbing her but grabbed more of SigGas instead. So, it rebounds today ... can it goes beyond 1.20+ again?

DRB : At 1.12 level now too ... I placed it together with my E&O, P&O and Gamuda-wd. You wont believe it ... these are group together as their prices at at 1.10 level(plus munus 10 cents). Recently, JCY joined them! Haha. oh Yes, Pelikan, KFima and a few more too.

KurAsia : At 0.405 ... hmm ... wait for the next leg-down, and at 0.35 level will be nice!! Be greedy when there are fears!

Ivory : I have just added her in my long stalk list today - and will be reading reports on her. A newly listed property stock, shot up HUGELY in first few days before retracing back to 1.20 level now. Yes, I do believe property stocks will do well and property-rally will be here. Adding in my list means I need to know their business - from the land they are owning or acquiring to the projects they are involved(might be JV too). Bigger players going to Vietnam, Spore or even China ... these are few points in my mind when I will download its reports tonight. Normally, it will take me few days to finalise IF I will continue to stalk it and why. I will at this moment due to few main points I could think of now - 1. New IPO 2. Property stock 3. Penang.

KNM : Below 0.40 now ... I like it now as it dived and retracing, waiting for a rebound? Wait for accumulation seen, then someone will push it up again!! What?? Is the privitisation story still on? What's up, Mr Lee? 0.40 is certainly 'cheap' and time to privatise it, not when it was at 0.80, ok? 50% discount. What say you?

Jaks : At 0.695, below 0.70 ... a level I m waiting. 0.68, please?

Queues : Clearing SigGas at 0.825(it touched 0.835) and buying E&O at 1.09.

Sell the winners, hold on to the losers mentality

This is a mental trap for amateur or novices like me. I have commited this SIN numerous of ... So, I was wonder about my trades and what is playing in my mind. Sometimes, it 'sounds' familiar as I have REPEATED the mistakes again and again?

SigGas : Cleared ALL at 0.825 moments ago those I bought days ago and yesterday(at 0.77). Grabbed some back at 0.82, queueing more at 0.815, 0.81 and 0.800.

SigGas : Done at 0.82, 0.815 and 0.810. So, average at 0.815 now after the sales today.

Stalk : E&O and Jaks for short trading.

Stalk : Rubberish sector - Kossan is the best at the moment due to its 'oversold' status.

Top Loser(RM)

1. PetDag - 30cents

2. TopGlove - 16 cents

3. Latitud - 14 cents

4. Supermax - 14 cents

5. Proton - 12 cents

6. Harta - 12 cents

7. Kossan - 10cents

From the list above, one could see that rubber-stocks on the way for another leg-down. Kossan may go to RM3.00 (touched 3.18 today).

Gadang : Lost 7% today, at 0.685 now. The last time I traded her was at RM1.10 level, I think.

Weakness seen in small-caps over the board. Those lower liners are 30-50% from their peaks and I believe they could only go lower, waiting for the huge dive in the overbought KLCI(supported by few big-caps). Once the 'release' of those big-caps KLCI-linked counter being done in stages, we could only see the smaller friends will feel the selling pressure more. Many punters or traders buying into smaller caps or some penny stocks. We need to prepare to eject to survive.

TopGlove : I was LUCKY to eject from her(taking small losses) before the rubber-dive today. Yes, more downside at the moment - but before end of year, there should be some buyings as the whole sector is not doing well. Actually, I should say, the whole sector has rallied TOO strongly and market over-reacts. If you see most of the rubber stocks, you will be amazed how investors think about rubber. Those late-comers who have jumped into the moving wagon might get caught in the recent rubber-dive. Either you have to cut it(take profits or losses) NOW or ready to collect more, ok? Rubber stocks are NOT cheap(in valuations) after that whole year rally ... and it is NOT value-buy yet. IF I have funds, I will start collecting and as it moves lower.

Rubber : I looked into all the current rubber-stocks' charts ... and I like Kossan the most.


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