Thursday, September 30, 2010

It is 3.30am .... I will be busy again later. DOW down a litttle. GOLD breached 1300 level. GOLD is said to reach 1500 level soon. USD is certainly losing its appeal.

Hold On

EAH : Just hold on, Alex if you are not a trader and also new to market. Stocks up and down everyday or even every minute!! If you bought it for fundamental reasons, then there is nothing u need to worry. But if u punt it like many without a trade plan(dont know why one bought XYZ, when one bought into it and never think when to exit) ... then, too bad. For me, I will hold and already prepare to average down. If it goes below 0.60 later, I will be glad. We should be glad to be able to buy our babes at cheaper prices, right?No one could tell if today or tmr it will go up or down. As I m collecting lower, my position in it might be huge again. So, I will start to trim when it moves higher.

Say, you bought at 0.650 ...then buy more at 0.600. No buying till 0.550, 0.50 and so on. Averaging down should only be used for GOOD stocks and if u have funds planned/allocated for it. Otherwise, we might risking putting all apples in a basket. Patient is certainly needed. If you do not hv the funds to average down, then ...either u hold(if u believe it is a good stock) or cut(if u think it will go lower and want to buy at lower level).

7.50 am : My mind is with Supermax as I m into it through Supermax-cc. So far, 0.105, 0.11, 0.115 and 0.120 filled. But with Supermax not revocering anytime soon, this may go below its low at 0.100. I m watching closely as CW-play is very risky. I will watch and below 0.100 will trigger my exit.

UEMLand-cc on the other hand is doing well but I will watch to clear too. Short trades on CWs. CW is being treated different from warrants and also stocks. I categorised them differently so that I use different RA for different categories! That is designed by myself ... my own trading system that I m familiar about. I m still trying to increase my probabilities in my trades using CN's TA ... otherwise I wont be paying $$$ for it, right?

Seriously speaking, I m very much a novice and raw. I m giving myself another 2-3 years to get my systems correctly, back-testing them and to put it in words. I still need to re-defined and refine many part of a system. So, it is difficult to write out what's in mind ...

Bullish or Bearish ... what should we do with our stocks? That is my main concern as many will be anxious to know what should they do next .. IF ... WHAT IF ...

9.15 am : So many new CWs - I m going for CIMB-cj.

EAH : At 0.585, my queues at 0.590 done. Waiting at 0.58, 0.57 and 0.56 for today.

UEMLand-cc : Sold some at 0.285, market price for profits. Waiting to clear at 0.30-0.31. That is more than my 15% profits target. Good.

CIMB-cj : Done some at 0.20 and 0.205

9.20 am : EAH done at 0.580 moment ago.

AMMB : I m glad that my pick on AMMB over the weekend of my good stocks list is good. I did not buy it or look into its call-warrants.

Hai-O : Moving to RM3 ... have not checked why Hai-O dive down?

9.30 : UEMLand moving to 2.25, its cc moving back to 0.295. My queues to clear all might be done today!

UEMLand-cc : Cleared more at 0.30 done. I will clear all my positions on it before market closing today if my high queue at 0.32 not done.

10.30 am : Oh Boy ... whoever bought EAH yesterday would be trapped like me. 0.570 done, waiting at 0.56 for the last queue today. Then, I will look into its chart tonight to decide at which level I will start accumulating again?

Petra : At 0.85 now ... hmm ... what a fate!

11.30 am : UEMLand-cc came up again. ALL cleared and moving higher. Very surprising!! I better control my greed and NOT to move back in. I m moving away from it and move into CIMB-cj today, actually.

3.30 pm : MAS is flying off ... at 2.30 level today.

Supermax : Diving below 3.90 now ... failed to rebound for 4th time? so, I need to cut off my CW.
CW : Taken profits on UEMLand-cc but taking a loss in Supermax-cc. Not a good punt.

As I still like Supermax at the moment with its extremely oversold position, I will be back into its cc.

Supermax : Going below 3.80 ... queueing at 3.75 now.

9.40 pm : KLCI up 1.72 points. I have cut off GenS-c8 and GenM-cl for losses to move into UEMLand-cc and Supermax-cc. UEMLand-cc is doing well but I hv to take another loss in Supermax-cc, with a view of re-entering when Supermax rebound, and it will SOON.

Many new call-warrants to play with in bullish market. So, I picked CIMB-cj as CIMB is our coolest banking babe(not our old harimau or rakyat-bank) ...

DOW opens 100 points higher!! Yippee ... market will move up again tmr, leads by CIMB?!

TWSCorp : lost 6% today, closed aat 0.870. I m still watching ...

Masteel : down 6.5% ... I m observing that the steel-rally is over? AnnJoo is retracing again after a good run.

Hartalega : UP 5% today ... in rubberish sector. Phew ... that is cool.

What "A" are you using?

FA vs TA ... I think those FA-kaki who DO NOT understand TA or have no knowledge about the systems TA using should just be quiet. If those FA people do not like to read about chart interpretations in FREE blogs, they should not be so BLUNT and keh-poh to write comments about it. It is like asking me to write about Biology and all I know is the sexology topic, a little of it, I guess. So, by critising that Biology is a stupid subject and should not be learnt in college level is making me look stupid, to defend that ONLY Math is practical in REAL world. If Biology is relevant, then we should drop HISTORY/SEJARAH as a subject in SPM.

Sunrise today moving lower ... of coz, as it ran up too fast, OVERBUOGHT(a TA term, those FA who dont know about these, shut-up). Hey, FA people do not need to watch market daily la ... FA is mainly used for INVESTING. By the way, PE is NOT the only ratio we look in for FA, neither is RSI only being used for TA!!

These days, MANY mixed FA + TA. Successful traders or investors know the pro-cons of each of the analysis. AT LEAST YOU ANALYSE, and not merely punting. That is another huge portion in KLSE - PUNTING or GAMBLING - making those FA or TA look stupid. Just use LA = luck analysis, some cocky uncles claimed that their EA = experience analysis is the best in the whole market. I have heard before that TA is for those losers who dont have experiences!! Of coz, we have another school of thoughts ... only FA works, look at Warren Buffett.

I m neither ... I m RA = rojak analysis. It is a mixture of whatever A = analysis. So, be it as it is ... who cares whatever "A" you are using. IF EA works well for you, uncles .. please do not change that. Using PA = punt-analysis or LA = luck analysis, doesnt matter ... no wrong or right la.

BOTTOM LINE - If you are still losing money, even you are using the best of FA or best best software for TA, than whatever-A you are using is NOT compatible to you. Time to change. Do not expect different results with same-A, ok? PROFIT is what we are looking for.

STOP the nuisance, nonsense ... and being childish debating about "MY ANALYSIS" is the best and degrading others. C'mon ... you profitted, good for you. If you are KIND and HUMBLE enough, share with others ... and teach others. But DO NOT EXPECT free-lunch.

Ultimately, you are the person responsible. If you are buying EAH beacuse I bought into it and caught inside the trap, that is YOUR decision. Certainly what D.Sal written about EAH might boost your confidence in holding on to it. I dont know ...

And if you get caught into Sunrise simply because Alex Lu written about a 'breakout', than it is your fault to buy it at the high without understanding what a breakout is about. If you are blaming on someone else for your losses, get real ... grow up and stop be crying babies. Spitting out your frustrations WONT help you in anyway. Finding someone to blame is just showing you are a loser. Only advice for such loser, get out of the game if you cant take defeat. You might blame BURSA or even Zeti one day if you lose again in your next trade or investment.

Read the disclaimer ... my blog is for my viewing and for some who find my writings entertaining. Take it as an entertainment to colour otherwise a boring life. As I have mentioned many of time, I m a novice, I m not using the proper FA or TA or whatever-A. I called mine RA, ok? By the way, none of my trades are real. So, dont be a fool ... IT IS NOT REAL.

I hope to continue to entertain here ... having my cuppa and talking about stock-markets as every uncles/aunties will ... at kopi-tiam. Enjoy ...


alex said...

thanks teh for sharing your thoughts.i see EAH is still weak.i would like to average down as I am not a punter. what price do you reckon I should park at to buy ? thanks in advance.

takeiteasy said...

Hi Teh,

I think in the next few days Hai-O would look very attractive, getting very "lien" at each moment, the stock is being hammered for bad quarterly results... qualify for "waterfall" or not .... in your opinion

Anonymous said...

im still holding on petra, will there send me form to purchase the rights??

takeiteasy said...

Hi Teh,

waleew,... Supermax kena hentam let mad. Don't know when should enter... According to Stanley Thai, Supermax actually meant for his company as "Superior Product; Maximum Profit". I think it is his company's mission or vision statement.

Hi Mr. No Name, check with your remisier, he or she should know about P E T R A. Actually Mr. Shamsul wanted to change the name to Perdana Petroleum Berhad. I think it sound better, right Teh...

takeiteasy said...


Really funny leh, 3 days ago it was SUNRISE rising until RM 2.42, today it was SUNSET setting until RM 2.10...... Like you said "yau yan chou sau keok"....

Polite Market said...

By the way, you know where to find which are the stock that can trade in the ECM contest? I bought saag but they don't allow me to sell.

OSK Haio target price is just about RM1.60