Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DOW up. KLCI might move up too? All my CWs in red, so I need to see if they will rebound.

Lions : I still like LionInd and it is at 1.77 yesterday. LionCor has been trading from 0.26 to 0.30 level and testing 0.30 again. It needs to break 0.30. How about LionDiv which at 0.50 level now?

Kinsteel : Consolidating and still moving side-way. BB squeeze is forming. It might take some time before the breakout. Many steel counters have moved, so I prefer the laggard.

EAH : Taken 10% profits for third time but too early this time as the queue at 0.65 now. So, I missed my 4th time 10% profits. I hv a queue to buy back at 0.64-0.62 but my positions reduced.

10.05 am : KLCI still up, in green. UEMLand is up but Supermax refuses to rebound yet.

Unisem : Back to RM2 level. I miss this one as I m only watching JCY.

EAH : Grabbed some back at 0.645 market price now.

Petra : Poor Petra ... bad management, bad tussle ... bad businesses? At 0.90 level now. I m watching as I like waterfall!! Since the sale of Petra-Energy and the tussle, Petra has been diving. Do look at its chart ... even oversold, I wont touch!

10.30 am : UEMLand : Breaking 2.10 today. Wait ... dont take profits too quick again. UEMLand-cc might give me another 15% profits soon. But, I will see if I m strong enough to hold on to it. Normally, I take profits when my target acheived, especially in less than a week(my time frame I placed is much longer!)

EAH : Coming down ... 0.64, 0.635 and 0.630 done. So far I placed 1k units for each only. So, I m holding 4k units back.

RedTone : Observing it moves due to some news yesterday. At 0.225-0.230 level. I have wanted to change EAH with RedTone, actually. Just watchig ...

11 am : EAH done at 0.625. Hmm ... Hold on tight.

11.10 pm : UEMLand-cc at 0.270, up from 0.240.

11.20 am : SigGas moving.

MMC, Gamuda, WCT, UEMLand, MRCB moving together ... why is Tebrau following them?

12.05 pm : Having lunch - EAH done at 0.620.

EAH : D.Sal written more positive news about it. Good. My last queue for today at 0.60. So far, 0.62-0.65 queues are done. Waiting at 0.60-0.615.

7.05 pm : Just back after classes. My queues for EAH all done as it dived back to 0.60 level. I bought 0.60-0.645. It fact it touched 0.595. wow!!

Why EAH moving down? Technically it is OVERBOUGHT today. So, I did not chase and yes ... I will top up more below 0.60 level. The cheaper the better as I could collect more. So, why 1000k units bought at 0.665?? Interesting as many rushing into it TODAY but to me, it is a sell. I sold ONE DAY early as I know I will be busy today. So, I queued lower and waiting it it done. I do not expect it to go to my 0.60 level. But, yes ... either it shoot very high today and pull-back tmr or ... what happened today, SYNDICATES taking profits. Now ... let us understand WHY many moved in today and trapped. Accumulating was at 0.54-0.545 level(see chart and I was collecting at that level) and selling at 0.65 level is today. Never chase a stock, no matter how good the stock is. IT IS OVERBOUGHT, so sell .... when to buy? When everyone is selling ... and if possible, it is oversold. CHANCES will be higher to profit in such trades. You may want to speculate on more reasons to buy or sell. That is short term. I m more interested if it could give me my 10% profit target.

Compound that 10% : Say capital for EAH is RM10k. After my 3-times of 10% in 1 month, it is 10,000 x (1.10)^3 = 13,300. That is certainly a better than UT rate they are speaking about? But not all stocks we bought will give us such a good profit in such a short period of time, ok? For those money in UT, 10% per year is considered GOOD. So, it is good to have knowledge about investments and tradings.

What should one do if caught it at the 'tip"? Now, when you bought it(do u know I m selling because it is oversold? But as I m buying back, I m planning to buy more, right?), you should have your own plan, right? Execute your plan. If you do have a plan, then ... treat me my coffee-bean, I could show u NEXT TIME how to place a plan first before u buy a stock.

I sold GenM-cl and GenS-c8 yesterday for losses as I bought into UEMLand-cc at 0.24-0.255 yesterday. Today up 20% and I topped-up at 0.26-0.27. I m not chasing. UEMLand-cc overbought, so I will be thinking of clearing SOON. Selling once our target acheived is good. It is discipline that we needed to trade. CUTting off those losers as call-warrants move very fast - up or down. CWs are for punters, gambling on the movements of the parent-stock.

I m accumulating Supermax-ca as Supermax is oversold and today being dumped again!! Aghh ... hold on.

IJMLand-wa cleared at 1.05 for only small profits. My target is 1.11 but I have been holding it for some time. A month without movement is loooong for me for warrants play. I do not hold onto warrants(lessons for previous experiences of getting badly burnt!)

Kinstel and SigGas : Both up today but no significant porfit yet.

Efficient : Nice as more buying at 0.185 seen today. These could NOT be seen using chart or candlestick. Chart-wise does NOT work for a stock like Efficient. So, Efficient will not be discussed in CN's meeting.

MEGB : Flew off as expected but I did not able to catch it as I was busy today.

Unisem: Flew off too. Will she pull JCY up too?

EAH : I m not really bother by news etc etc . What I do know is I will collect it at lower prices and wait ... I dont know for how long. I dont mind 3-6 months, actually. I sold it yesterday because I want to discipline myself to follow my profit-target and not getting greedy. So, buying back today and wait for my next 10% profits. Excuse me, 10% profits per YEAR is a good return, ok? Why in hurry?



alex said...

hi Teh why did EAH share price come down ? Shouldn't free warrants anouncement a bullish news that would push the price higher? i unfortunately chased and bought at 0.65-0.67 range today. what should i do?

Imoogi said...

Basically it is SON i.e Sell On News....take profit with good news and then wait and see how first.

takeiteasy said...

Hi Imoogi,

easy said then done, you know how many bloody stocks still purchase on news (PON), i.e AIM (from 0.13 to 0.19), PLENITUDE (from 4.22 to 4.80 plus).. sometimes just bad luck, like Teh said, just pun if successful then good if not too bad lah... now either we do like Teh say (pump in more at lower level) or cut loss (ough !!) or just hang on (....). It is very difficult for Alex or anybody else who haven't bought the stocks to SON,.. maybe should have taken cue from Alex when he started selling the day before..

takeiteasy said...

Hi Alex,

by the way EAH is a good company with good future prospects, if you have punted only 10 lots just average up at lower levels when it relatively stable price fluctuation, maybe at 5 lots each go.. observed if price start to move up again from that lower level, pun like hell at higher volume lots to further average down your pun today.. welcome to Bursa klse !!!!!!