Saturday, September 18, 2010

DOW up slightly. Gold at 1275. A123 closed at USD9.17, touched USD9.54. NEP retracing below USD5 again.

Snow by RHCP (very nice!!)

Warren Buffett said NO double-dip in US, so we are 'safe' to be in equity markets. DOW at 10,600 level now. Do you remember the last time I attended Dar Wong talk a few months ago, giving alarm that the sifu-DAR said markets globally will DIVE after DOW reaches certain level and might go to 8,500 level or below? There were many reports about double-dip and I m one of the bear? WHY the markets are bullish so far? I m still cautious, thinking that double-dip is imminent but ... Warren Buffett could not get it so wrong, right?

Astro showing U-17 girls football world cup!! South Korea beat Nigeria 6 - 5, North Korea beat Germany 1 - 0, Spain beat Brazil 2 - 1 and now the fourth quarter-finals live between Japan and Ireland(score 0-0 after 25 minutes). WOW!! Asian girls taken the world!! Bravo ...

7.35 am : Japan just scored thru a penalty, leading 1 - 0.

Genting Spore : Closed at 2.09, extremely overbought ... how high could investors chasing it? One of the target price I read is at SGD2.60 level. That is way to go ... technically it will pullback before resume its uptrend.

So, to 'play' on its bullishness, I was looking into its call-warrants which traded in KLSE. I planned for GenS-c5 but in the opening the volumes were low. So, I went for GenS-c8 instead. This is a new CW(strike 1.70 and ratio 6 :1) which actively traded. The volumes will decrease significantly after a while. Time decay is something I could not really grasp(the calculations and such) but I do know its value depreciates due to time.

GenS-c8 is NOT cheap. So, I want out soon, if there is some pull-back, GenS-c5 is a better choice?

I m not recommending anyone to buy call-warrants and for those never touch such RISKY instruments, it is good to stay away. These are for punters/gamblers. BUY its mommy, GenS if you are an investor. I dont know ... I dont like anything overbought(extreme now).

CN's forum : It is interesting to see traders and especially those new/novice traders discussing about the 'last minute' boost up of KLCI index, by some invisible hands'. Well, some counters are clearly manipulated in the LAST 5 minutes - the charts may NOT be what the candle-sticks seen!! Bear in mind that CHARTS alone to trade KLSE's stocks may not yield those efficiency and accuracy we want. It is NOT independent ... it is MANIPULATED. Ask BURSA ...

So, VOLUME is becoming extremely important for traders!! Those counters without liquidity, CHARTS FAIL, ok? Forget about your knowledge in those technical analysis(TA). I could give at least 50-100 counters EASILY the charts which could not be used!! Name one? I wont do that here ... you could randomly click on charts for those counters without much volumes. Even some mid-cap or large-cap counters may at times being chartly-manipulated. Haha.

Forget about transparency in BURSA too ... it is a theory, you see. We speak about 1-Malaysia but are we REALLY one? Excuse me, spending millions for the celebration and declare the day HOLIDAY doesnt make us ONE-Malaysia, ok? Same with BURSA ... ever wonder about those UMA cases? Apa jadi? So, lets face it ... no counters in KLSE out of reach of manipulators, syndicates or any agents/puppets used by some parties for their benefits. KLSE is just a platform for their games. We, the tiniest traders could only try to follow their movements without have a say. They want KLCI to reach 1500 next week ... so simple!! Move a few big-caps and that is ... we have KLCI up 40points next week!! Malaysia Boleh ...

How about our counters? Do you think Bursa cares? Do you think the company cares about their minority share-holders? Hmm ... time to ACCEPT is as part of the dirty platform/playground.

CIMB being seen as the best bank now - I m not saying that they used CIMB to move KLCI, right? But ... I heard someone said " U look at CIMB chart, that is KLCI chart!!". Haha ... it is strongly correlated. After all, CIMB is the best bank, ok? When funds hold majority of the shares, it is easier to manipulate(buy or sell) at any time, any hour. The last 10 minutes PUSH up for the index is a norm in KLSE. NOTHING to discuss, to debate or to even question their actions. It is a reality to accept!!

We have accepted that most(or ALL?) politicians, Datuks and many more are corrupted. Ask anti-corruption agency then. They will ask " we need proof or evidence". Of coz ... tho it is a known FACT, we have ACCEPTED that is it a norm. Whether we like it or not, we accept it, embrace it and move on ... we should not or could not question REALITY, right?


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