Thursday, September 09, 2010

This is my 999th POST on 09.09.2010

DOW up only about 50 points while A123 retraced to 7.38. I think I m fast becoing a sucker for this green-stock. I read a good article 'hope or hype' regarding A123. It is more of a hype than hope!

JCY : I m only left with 3k units which at high average of 1.20 level yet to be cleared as JCY failed to go beyond 1.17 level. It is at 1.07 at the moment and I m expecting that it will drift lower(base on charts and also senses), so I m preparing to collect below RM1. I will NOT be in hurry to buy as it is retracing and drifting down, not diving. So, I cleared most of my JCY to look into those diving much ... rubber, particularly like Kossan!

Kossan : Will be watching her today, with intention to grab some.

SigGas : Averaged down on it yesterday at 0.78 and 0.79. So, hope to clear it today for some profits or shall trim it, going for Raya holiday.

Today market opens only half day. Tmr Malaysian will celebrate Raya. I wish our Muslim friends "Selamat Hari Raya". Yes, maaf zahir dan batin if I have offended anyone with my words in any way, obviously un-intentionally.

9.20 am : KLCI up 3 points and the top 4 most actively traded stocks are PN17 stocks - Linear, Transmile, LCL and Ramunia. What's up? These stocks must be in the best of health. Some injections of some steroids before Raya, ya?

KFC : As I like to bring my kids to KFC, then I m grabbing some at 2.85 level now. It touched a low of 2.70 yesterday.

9.50 am : KFC flying up ... and I m averaging up, bought more at 2.90 and waiting at 2.92 now. By doing so, I m abandoning Kossan's plan.

KFC : I do not always buy into waterfalls, ok? I do buy those stocks moving up too. I chose KFC because I m going to KFC later. Haha.

Unisem : Managed to rebound from its support 1.87 again. At 1.92 now.

10.45 am : KFC at 2.97, so queues at 2.92 unlikely to be done. So, I average up at 2.95. I bought at 2.85, 2.90 and 2.95 today, a total of 2k units now. If I m to take a larger position in KFC, I do need to forget about Kossan, which is very nice at 3.20 level currently. I still have JCY and SigGas to handle.

11.15 am : Buying momentum is strong in KFC. Grabbed my last buying at RM3.00. I m going to have KFC at One-Utama now. hehe

4.25 pm : Just back from One-Utama and I went to KFC as planned. It was packed during lunch hour as it is school hooooliday. KFC closed at RM3.08, touched RM3.11

KFC : I m a trader, so I will clear it in stages. I will start to clear those I bought this morning at 2.85&2.90 level first ... taking RM2.90 as reference point, my target will be RM3.20(30 cents profits will give me 10% in days, ok? But if RM3.20 could not be done, I might take 8% profits). Those I bought at 2.95&3 will need to wait till it breaks RM3.20 level and will be let it ride the uptrend tide till it is extremely overbought or candle-stick showing reversal?

EAH : Hey, just days ago I wrote about my E and it is cleared at 0.52, partially. I have 0.55 queue to clear ALL. So, it is at 0.52(sold those 0.460-0.48) for 10% profits!! It is faster than expected(again?). I still have 0.51-0.53 level to clear. yes, I do buy in stages and sell in stages too. IF it goes back below 0.50, yes ... I will collect again, ok? I m not greedy ... 10% is good trade to me. But, if it goes UP another 10%, u will see me clearing ALL. If it didnt retrace back to my 0.53 level, I will forget about it a while.

11.30 pm : I re-checked my post on 3rd sept, last Friday(less than a week) when I used EAH as example on how I trade, gaining 10% today to clear half at 0.52.

Kossan : UP 17 cents, closed at 3.34. Nice?? I do not hv the funds tho I planned at 3.15 last night. BUT ... I saw KFC's queues and giving me signal that someone is accumulating it and it will jump soon. My guess was right(of coz I m just lucky, ok?) And Kossan up 5.36% must be my lucky call again. Wait ... it will go up further. Do you think I care if you call it dead-cat bound or technical rebound or you call rubber-stocks rubberish or it is mushroom-of-death or WTF terms? It rebound 5% and time to take profit next week. 8-10% target achieve, SELL without regrets!! What IF it didnt rebound today after buying at 3.15? It is OVERSOLD, ok?

10.15 pm : I agreed with Alex Lu regarding rubber-stocks. Yes, today is only technical rebound and I believe there will be only a short few days for it to rebound and will continue to drift lower. It is still a very good sector, but will under-performing in 2H. So, trade and not-buy and hold. Unless, we have bullets to average down. Now, no one could know if there will be another rubber-rally. No one could tell how low these stocks could go. IF its P/E go below 10(single digit), then investors could move in to buy in stages. Yes, I will like to acquire one of the stock.

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