Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DOW up almost 100 points. Time to be bullish again?

A123 : Up almost 9%, closed at USD8 now.

NEP : Resumed trading, closed at 5.14 last night. I was queueing at 4.70 but it opens at 4.81 and never look back. You may want to check its chart. Huge upside seen, playing on high crude oil price. Still one of the best China oil-stock trading in US. PE single digit after dives from USD11. Please check also about its suspension from trading etc etc. It is one of the US stock that I will like to have. So, I will make another attempt tonight, seeing USD5.

TatGiap and IJMLand-wa : I m queueing for TatGiap at 0.55, 0.54, 0.53. Also IJMLand-wa at RM1.00.

Queues : Others are buying back KFC at much lower price, buying back SigGas at 0.82, 0.81 and 0.80. Buying more of Adventa to ride on rubber-rebound(not recovery YET) etc etc. I have so many queues to buy/sell as I do it in stages. So, it is still basically KFC, SigGas, Adventa, TWSCorp, EAH and Efficient. More than enough to handle. It is SELL SELL in my mind.

Evergreen : At 1.56-1.57 resistance level, and seeing 1.62 for next resistance. It is uptrending stock and might test the recent high at 1.71. What techincal could say is ... a good uptrending stock and have more upside seen. But, in my opinion the upside is limited in short term. I m not good in TA, but FA ... yes, this is one good stock(I will go for Hevea as it is lighter playing on similar sector). If we speak about profits of the business ... we need to understand that market full with many type of traders. Some buying Evergreen because of its nice name. So, for those who believe in FA, patience is needed.

Asking me opinions regarding a stock is like asking your newpaper delivery man or pizza-delivery boy's opinion about football team. " Hey Mr XXX, what u do think of this week's MU vs Liverpool game la?". MU sure menang la ... home ground and Liverpool not strong anymore la. Blah blah blah ... I predict 3-0 la.

Ok, thank you for your opinion - I beli MU menang 3-0 la. I kasi 2 bola.

Ok, I m running late ... off to Malacca now.

2.45 pm : Malacca - A'Famosa - MegaMall Starbuck

I could NOT get online with my DiGi broadband since morning. Malacca not broad enough. Sigh. I will be staying at Alor Gajah - A-Famosa Resort as it is attractive for kids. Slightly expensive but it is OK.

BULL day again .... wow. I missed the show. IJMLand-wa done at RM1.00. Adventa bought at 2.63 done too. SigGas done at 0.82 so far.

JCY : Cleared JCY yesterday, it jumped to touched 1.20 today. At 1.16, just grabbed back some. Hmm ...

10.40 pm : NEP at 5.59, up another 9%. A123 up again, 8.20 now. I m tired to chase, it could go to USD7 soon. Nothing much done except grabbed back SigGas and some JCY. Wont queue any as I will be away ...

Cowboy-town : Kids like it but to me it is a con-job. RM35 per entry per person is expensive for the stuff they shown. I dont know ... perhaps I m old?

Hope to be back before market closes tmr so that I could buy/sell some of my stocks.

Really tired. Night.


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