Saturday, September 11, 2010

DOW up 50 points. Crude oil slightly above USD75. It has been trading at USD70-USD80 level for some time.

CN : I have a meeting tmr - I have tuition on Sat, so I could not attend the previous meetings and not been there for a month or so now. Time to get back to lessons and listen to my trainer. I m more interested with the technical learning of the chart rather than the stock pick.

12.50 pm : A good news written about rubber in today's The Edge - glove-makers are still very profitable. So, are they going to rush for rubber stocks on Monday since they rebounded on Thu? If so, up another 10% is a SELL then. I still like rubber stocks and fundamentally, I will take TopGlove in these bad months and bad rubberish sector. Technically, I prefer Kossan or Supermax. It seems that Adventa found the base at the moment at 2.40 level.

Kossan-ca : Written positively by The Edge for this weekend issue, I wonder if I want to PUNT into it. No call warrants when stocks in down trend, my policy. One could lose a lot if fail to CUT LOSS while getting greedier when those call-warrants gaining 20%-30%.

TopGlove-cc : At its low of 0.110, the technical rebound in rubber-stocks will see a 10% upside in this call-warrant easily. If I m going to punt into call-warrants, I will choose this one.

Petra : At 1.15 level now, may never see RM5 again? Those invested at 1.30 last year when market crashed and HOLD till today are losing money. It went to about RM3 level, which I remember I exited with a loss. Today, it is proposing right issues - there goes the value again.


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