Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Supermax : Dropped 16cents to close at Rm4.19, touched RM4.17. It broken RM4.25 strong horizontal support with HIGH volume. Indicators showing oversold but any rebound(technical) might be short and we might see RM4 soon Next strong support at RM3.70 level. Supermax-ca at new low 0.120, lost 14% today. Supermax-cb closed at 0.075, a new low. HOW LOW could rubber stocks go? Much lower ...? WHY?

DOW up 145 points. BULLISH.

RHBInvest's forum : There is a long discussion between Unit Trust and Stock Market. Well, those in UT, especially those selling UT are protecting their rice-bowl and those in stock markets(with knowledge and gaining) will know that it is better to TRUST yourself. For the UT sale-persons, it is obviously they are more interested with their commission. Many UT sale-persons do not even have knowledge about market as they are trained to SELL their UT, just like selling any products. IF they have the knowledge, they might as well invest in stock-market themselves rather than relying on commission of their sales? Anyway, I guess u could earn big-money by selling UT?

GenS-c8 : Still many chasing up. I m not queueing to sell this time. Buying now will pose great risk, so I m not buying either. I m going for UEMLand-cc while watching other bullish stocks(and its babies).

GenS-c8 : Cleared some at 0.53 done. Fingers itchy!

9.20 am : GenS-c8 : Bought some back at 0.50 done moments ago. My buyings are smaller in portion as it moves higher and sellings increase.

StockQuest : Took a RM2k cut loss on Tejari as it broken its strong support. ouch. I m far behind in the ranking, then. No time to monitor ... wrong punts.

12.30 pm : KLCI still up 2 points. UEMLand not moving much. Hold. GenS only left with 5k units with my selling mood. GenSP down today after days of up, profit-taking might take a day or two before continue its strong rally, under positive market sentiments.

SCORE : Sarawak stocks being written in The Edge, and upside seen. Many speculating on the election-rally and added with 'good' fundamentals, we could BUY into them? KKB, Dayang, CMSB, HSL? Which one?

3.50 pm : SigGas jumped and my queue to sell at 0.85 done!! It is at o.87 now. It reminds me of my TWSCorp which I sold for small profits only to see it jumps up another 10%. OUCH.

TatGiap : I cleared this one too just now for small losses and it is back to my cost price. This is OK as it is small portion. Who knows ... it might jump another 10% up tmr!!

SigGas : I m so busy with my work and I could not monitor or trade. I m grabbing back SigGas, done at 0.88 now. Sigh. I hv to let go of the pain of taking-profits too early again!

Resorts : This slow-moving babe shooting higher in very rapidly. How could anyone miss this? Those holding the faith on her will benefit.

Riding on GenM are many call-warrants. Time to punt again?

10.35 pm : Tired. DOW flat. KLCI bullish, up 6 points ... thanks to GenM. breaking RM3 was a big boost to this babe.

A123 : UP again ... at 9.60 level, touched 9.80 just now. Will it breach USD10? It is overbought!! I wont like to buy into overbought stocks!!

GenS-c8 : A doji formed today. I still have unfinished business, tho much smaller now. At one point I was holding 20k units of it, riding upwards and anxiously selling. Yesterday I sold half, only to grab back(decrease the no of units). Then, today I cleared more at 0.53 but grabbed back at 0.50-0.51(lowering the no of units again), before seeing GenSP in RED, going below SGD2.10. Hence, I cleared more at 0.505 and 0.495. I queued to grab back at 0.48 and 0.47(but 0.46 and 0.45 not done). I was very busy ... so, I do not have the time to monitor. I grabbed some before closing. Currently, I m only left with 8k units.

Tmr is another SELL to me, profit or loss. It wont be large anymore but I have taken good profits for the two days trade. Thanks, Genting Singapore. I will visit u end of the year, ok?

SigGas : I need to write this one down as I hesitated and decided to SELL it. I did not expect it to jump so soon(but I do know it will jump!). So, I grabbed back at 0.86, 0.87 and 0.88. I DID NOT follow my initial plan to hold on this one. What is the point putting all the points as reference but FAILED to follow the plans, right? This is another mistake I commonly done - PLEASE FOLLOW YOUR TRADE PLANS.

Stockquest : I m doing badly in with my portfolios as I m too busy with my classes and work in office. I m also busy with my trades(that is why I cut off TatGiap too). I want to focus in few counters as I could not monitor and make swift decisions that sometimes needed. For example, taking losses for Tejari. The moment I saw it diving, it is too late. I lost RM4k alone on it.

GenM : RSI too high. No buying into its call-warrant. Still bullish on UEMLand-cc, so I will trade this one, instead.

Rubber and tech stocks are in rubbish-sector. Someone said it is for rubbish-collectors! Haha, I cynically laughed. On the second thought, did he meant only for those non-educated people, who have to turn to be a rubbish-collector? Only non-educated people in market will buy into these sector now? That I wont agree ... in fact I m seeing that those BUYING into these unwanted sectors are contrarians(or rubbish-collector, whichever way u want to put it) and should continue to average down on GOOD stocks. These are for looong term investors who still believe these sectors will recover(I do believe that too ... by end of the year?). I do still monitor these sectors closely. I still like Topglove and JCY.

11.45 pm : A123 suddenly dives down .. at 9.20 now. I promised myself not to buy into it(or US) untill markets in US collapse, or it reverses to an uptrend. Trading fees are very expensive for non-klse stocks. It is basically BUY and HOLD, positioning for the recovery next year or so ... playing on the 'hype' news.


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No doubt abt when it comes to UT seller, keep on mentioning buying for long term, but how many percent of mutual funds can really perform in the long do the search..better trust ourselves, plus i just dont like the commission.