Friday, September 03, 2010

Rubber stocks : OVERSOLD

Supermax : AT 4.97, touched 4.94, the strong support. RSI at 28.

Adventa : At 2.37, touched 2.32. RSI at 17. I will look into it again at 2.30 level with RSI at 15. Rubber-stocks being rubberished. Technically, extremely oversold. And seriously, I like waterfalls.

DOW up 100+ points. A123 at 7.60 level now(low at 6.32) ... WDC and STX continue to rebound, bringing more good news to JCY. CIMB' s target price at 1.88. Wow ... I could hold on for 80% profits if that is true? Should I?

USD vs MYR : At new low currently - 3.10 level.

A123 quite bullish today, at 7.75, up 6% now. I dont buy until market collapse or everyone is throwing again or if it recovers above my buy signal, I will add in to ride on the uptrend. I dont see it reaching USD15, the target price given by analyst.


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