Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DOW down a little.

Unisem rebounded strong yesterday but JCY slumped to RM1. JCY may go below RM1 today as WDC closed almost 2% lower.

JCY : I have placed a NEW poll on JCY ---> please click on YOUR choice of call. Will you BUY at RM1.00 and go long or will you SELL at RM1.00 and go short(theoritically as one is not allowed to short a stock in Bursa)? Thanks

I wanted to write more about INVESTING as I think many did not get the concepts or getting greedier as market goes higher. IF one invested in GOOD stocks, one should be in positive region now. Look at those stocks in blue-chips which the first phase of market bullishness.

UEMLand-cc : I will be looking into this one closely as UEMLand breaking RM2.00

GenS-c8 : Cleared at 0.300 for a loss. GenSP going below SGD2.00. wait

UEMLand-cc : Moving back into this one, anticipating UEMLand to continue to be bullish.

12.10 pm : I m wearing red, so my punts into CWs is in red too. I m clearing GenM-cl for a loss too.

SC : As you are queue for Nicorp and such, I m ASSUMING that you are PURE punters and having a gambling mindset. You(and many retail punters) do not care about FA or TA. You have no knowledge of such. So, I will stop my opinions on your questions and punts. Sorry, we are in DIFFERENT mentality. I took 2-3 years of daily reading about global economics and such, I learnt how to read financial reports or Annual reports. I took courses in my TA and still learning. See how different we are in markets?

I will post L&G chart if I remember. It is not a buy today either. That is TECHNICALLY. Buying should be at 0.42 support level when RSI is low.Resistance at 0.490 level, no upside to speak about. So, the risk/reward ratio is not good. I know I m 'bugging' you with my opinions. Afterall, you should know better why you are queueing for Nicorp and L&G today, right? L&G slightly better than KheeSan but Nicorp is PURE gambling. Perhaps Naim is better than the Indah, if you could even understand what I mean.

Wish you all the best and I do not need to concern(i was so much concern when you mentioned you going to buy KheeSan yesterday!) anymore. You have your own ways of gaining from markets, I believe. Good Luck.

p/s : MAY I KNOW how do you GUESS Supermax will go back to RM7 but in your messages, there are many times you used the word "HOPE". So, u r using HA = hope analysis, which is equivalent to LA = Luck Analysis. Since when gamblers win in long run, can I ask?

Efficient : Someone just bought 50k units at 0.185. I m monitoring the buying at 0.180-0.185 now.

EAH : At 0.605, I think my queue to clear it at 0.63 wont be done today?

UEMLand-cc : Grabbed some at 0.250 as I exited GenS-c8.

2.40 pm : EAH cleared at 0.610. Bye-bye ... till I see you retrace again. Do come back, ok?

GenM-cl and GenS-c8 were wrong PUNTs. When it is a punt, it is chances - it is GAMBLING. So, make sure you cut-loss fast. I should be glad to cut early this morning as it is drifting lower now.

4.10 pm : KLCI down 5 points.

UEMLand-cc : Bought more at 0.245 done. Waiting at 0.240


Edwin Liew said...

RSI is only one of the many many indicators and has always been wrong in exceptional cases. I suggest you use Bollinger Bands as a this case, its a breakout on Bollinger...meaning you need to let it run until tired !

CP said...

Hi Edwin

Thanks for your constructive pointers on RSI and BB. I m learning.

Can I ask ... HOW do u track a stock BEFORE it has BB breakout? We learnt about BB-squeeze but it could go either way, technically, right?

Thanks again