Wednesday, September 08, 2010

DOW down by 70points but A123 continues its 'road to recovery'. Ever since it touched new low at 6.32 recently, it is rebounding and went above USD8 today. AT USD7.85 level now.

Stalk : Jaks, Kinstel and Kossan

Taman Sri Muda,Shah Alam

Tmr I will view this area. Why is it 'cheap'?? Anyone have any comment on the area or stayed there before? Can anyone please comment? Thanks

8.50 am : DOW down 107 points. WDC and STX down yesterday, so JCY will follow suits?

9.25 am : TWSCorp moving again ... and added KFC!

SigGas : Queueing to buy at 0.79 as it is in red again. Oh boy ...

JCY : Clearing more at 1.11 and 1.13 today

Rubber : TopGlove and Supermax losing another 10cents today. Phew ... I took a loss at 6.10 was a good decision? Otherwise, I would be stucked there. Rubber could be sticky under the heat!

2.55 pm : KLCI down 4 points. Just came back from KLCC, the bookfest. Tired.

SigGas done at 0.79, queueing at 0.78 and 0.77 now.

TWSCorp : I did not punt into it as I know I will be away and wont have the time to trade. So, no actions taken. It is at 0.80 now. Oh boy ... wasted a dinner.

JCY : Cleared another 2k units at 1.09 - weakness seen and going to to RM1, I think. So, holding only 4k units now, clearing another 1k at 1.08 now.

Rubberish stocks - time to BUY?

TopGlove : Down 25cents so far, at 5.59 now.

Kossan : At 3.07 now. I m waiting for RM3 and below.

Supermax : At 4.65, touched 4.60 today.

Hartalega : At 4.73

Latexx : Going below RM3, at 2.91 now.

EAH : At 0.49, nice ... time to sell some at 0.500. Queueing now. I m selling those I bought at 0.46-0.47 levels. At 0.50, target achieved. I still have those I bought at 0.50-0.53 levels.

4.50 pm : Cleared another 1k of JCY at 1.07. Ready to wait at lower prices again. SigGas done at 0.780.

Support : I bought at 1.50 when it was oversold. I was at Taman Negara(I cant remember when!) when I bought largely on it ... and cleared it due to TECHNICAL candle-stick?? I reconfirmed with my trainer and yes, it was a SELL. Sigh ... today it is at 1.80, ok? Excuse me ... I could easily follow what I believe rather than TECHNICAL what-so-ever. Those are for technical person. I m NOT ... I m buying GOOD stocks which will rebound at OVERSOLD level and WAIT. I could wait for a month to 3 months, I could reap 10% with quite a high chance!! WHAT is TA again? I dont know ... I m lost in TA and lost many trades using it.

So, whatever I m buying or selling now has NOTHING much to do with HIGH level of TA. I can easily use my stupid-sense and simple TA(plus FA, of coz). So, I decided NOT to follow any of the chart-nexus calls. I m my own 'guru'.

I dont care whatever terms they use - what is mushroom-of-death? Kiss of life? My goodness, why life or death? That is too extreme of words to be used, ok? It is just a trade, for goodness sake. It wont kill you nor will make u happy, ok?

There is one post by a person in CN's forum - I laughed but he speaks volume. I dont care if it is a black or white cat. The one that could catch the mouse is the one I want. So, who care if it is FA or TA ... , right?

These are words from frustrated traders like me. LOL

So, I m going to be contrarian again buying into rubber-stocks!! Wish me luck!

10.55 pm : DOW up 70 points. JASO up 8% in heavy trades. I remember I was stalking her but lost touch. Today it reached new 52-week high. A123 at 7.85.



Anonymous said...

jcy rm 1.00 again? u gotta be kidding brother. look again

CP said...

Yes, look again into WHAT? The charts?

Let me know if u know it will shoot up to RM1.20 soon and I will buyback whole lots.

BTW, what makes u so sure JCY wont see RM1 again? Anything could happen in market-la.


YJ said...

Actually, since JCY failed in its attempt to go above RM1.20 in its recent rally, I have a feeling it is going to go much much lower than its previous low of RM0.90 soon...