Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MEGB : Master without skills - one of the major loser today, lost 21 cents. At Rm3.19, touched RM3.18, what a sharp knife! This is newly listed and trading below its IPO value now. Could it go below RM3? These days, IPO no longer performing well.

DOW closed up a little, A123 down on correction(or reversal again?) after posed a strong rebound from 6.50 to 9.50 in two weeks!! GLD at 126 now as USD vs MYR at new low again, 1USD = RM3.07.

Someone asked me how do the calculations for call-warrants. I could only say ... DO NOT TOUCH. There are many punters and gamblers(like me) who are punting into these risky instruments to ride on some stocks movements. IF you dont even know how to calculate and also lazy to check on resources to learn, then please forget it. I m serious. I got burnt many times! Ouch! Ouch. Today, I will only punt, hit-n-run and dont even bother much about some calculations but I do monitor its mommy closely.

Say, GenM up yesterday ... you could see its CWs are most wanted and shot more than 50%. The most actively traded counter yesterday was GenM-cl, which up 160%. IF you profit 100% per day, will you sell or buy?

Call-warrants - should any investors buy into it?

Basically, we should buy only those UPTRENDing mother's stock. Also, make sure the expiry period as long as possible(at least 100 days). It must be a sexy babe where volumes seen. Put a few more criteria there ... and trade cautiously. When mommy reverses, remember to CUT LOSS. You may risk all your capital in it. For a beginning, try only VERY small amount. I m m encouraging anyone to look into CWa as personally I feel it is GAMBLING. I dislike gambling my money away. It is like win-or-lose ... with nothing much I could learn from those trades.

8.40 am : MAS ... "Alpha Chart" mentioned about her, so I took a peep. She is at 2.20 still, but AirAsia took off, reaching her destinations soon. Will MAS take off too? You may claim that they lost money ... but ... they ARE the Malaysia's system, u know. Too big to fail ... too shy to hide. Look at SIME, lost money but stock still moving up!! Time to nibble at MAS again ...

10.20 am : My queues to clear GenS-c8 failed and it dives ... so, I grabbed at 0.42 moments ago. Profit taking is only right, correction is good.

UEMLand-cc : Average at 0.205, today it performs well. Still looking at UEMLand at 2.15 level. Yes, I hv written that I m clearing GenS for huge profits and going into this one. We all read about what Dali mentioned about UEMLand(haha) and I done some work on UEMLand, looking into news and my uncommon-stupid sense, it says ... PUNT.

10.25 am : UEMLand trying to breach Rm2 again, while baby at 0.235, up 12%. Well, do not buy what I m buying as this is a risky punt, ok? Otherwise, hit-n-run. Fail, cut cut. Can?? If cut it off for 10% loss is too painful to take, then CWs is not your cuppa-tea. Look at its mommy, then. I dont know if RM2 is a good buy. I traded UEMLand before at RM1.40 levels.

UEMLand : Queueing to sell for 15% profits(in three days) at 0.245, at 0.240 now. Done or not, I m not sure.

Gamuda : Well, it is reaching RM4 now. Gamuda-wd going above 1.35

As MRCB, Gamuda, UEMLand moving ... Zelan is following? Speculation on these political-linked counters getting jobs. Transparency in Malaysia? Fair tendering? Forget it, this is Malaysia - we practice 'sayang saudara' concepts. Love your proxies and brothers.

SigGas : Yes, trading could get into your head and you will lose your emotion. I stupidly grabbed back at higher price, now it is at 0.845, I m down on this one now.

IJMLand-wa : At 1.05 now. I bought at RM1 last week, still waiting for my 10% for my RM500 profits. At 1.05 is RM250 profits. Hold on ... and look at mommy.

Kinstel : This is not for contra(unless it jump/dive) ... but more upside seen. I m queueing at 0.850

11.55 am : KLCI up 1 point plus - Gamuda takes over the stage from GenM(on profit taking too).

Kinstel : Starts to move ... grabbed at 0.860 and 0.87.

GenS-c8 : Grabbed at 0.42 and 0.41 done this morning was another good punt? It is at 0.45 now, and I m clearing more at 0.46 and 0.49(last lots). If done, third day profits, still large enough, and I m done with it for a time being. Need to get away from the greediness and look around into others.

IJMLand-wa touched 1.08 now, I m queuing to sell at 1.11, if done today for 10% profits. Good. When sentiment are bullish, it is easier to gain but always remember that anything up will move down?!

3.10 pm : I m too busy for the stock-quest as I m heavily in real trades. That is more important. The only counter gave me profits are LionDiv(sold KNM for her) and TWSCorp(breaching RM1). Tejari is the worst counter I bought two days ago!! terrible LUCK.

GenS-c8 : Dive back to 0.43 level. So, I m clearing at 0.44 and 0.46 at the moment. Just want to clear it for profits in third day.

3.55 pm : Many second liners are bullish today. WahSeong jumps.

UEMLand-cc : Done moments ago at 0.245. I bought 0.205. No regrets if it jumps again as it is up 17% today. It is at 0.25 now. Grabbing back in lower level, or else checking on others tonight.

GenS-c8 : Not cutting it off yet but the queue to clear at 0.44 wont be done, i think.

5.05 pm : KLCI down 1+ points. GenM down after shot so high yesterday. GenS-c8 down and closed at 0.410.

Tonight I have 'small' bowling competition. Hope I could play well. Wish me luck. haha.

Unit Trust vs Stock Market II

There are continuous debate about these in RHB's forum. And I DO NOT read them, many just voicing out their frustrations - as market shooting so high, yet they got 'conned' by UT agents.

sigh..sigh..sigh!! It seems many ppl got 'cheated' when they invested UT..whether becoz of 'smooth-talking agents' or Ignorance/greed..whatever..I'm truly sorry to hear all this..

My point was: an investor can make lotsa $$ when investing in UT and directly in shares.

Skill-set, risk tolerance, experience, expectations all completely different.

You have to know how to play to game and WIN. These are 2 totally different vehicles even though they invest into Bursa. (I assume we are just talking ABT local equities).

If you wanna win, learn..learn..learn..apply (and maybe even modify) and be the best!! Form your own opinion and test it before you go live.

No point 'shouting' in forums and saying dis and dat not good when you dun even understand the basics what an investment vehicle can do/cannot do for you.

Get a proper advisor who has YOUR INTEREST FIRST ..not just their comm.

fyi only~my portfolio of top-performing UT funds (not necessarily winning any awards)invested since 08/10/2008~to date total returns (net) 43.71%. Call me if anyone wants to know how. Otherwise, shall we let this UT matter rest in peace??

There's plenty $$$ more to be made..let's move on and be adults and professional traders shall we??

May you hv success in all your trades

Written by Audrey Boey
8.25 pm : I want to comment on her reply in RHBInvest but I think it is better to write in my own blog. I have the freedom to hai-chi ... excuse me, I need to go for my games.

11.05 pm : I went to the bowling alley but they do not have enough participants to start the game!! Many regulars there ... so, I prefer to come back to watch markets!!
LingBao : Up 8% today ... at HKD3.27 now. Gold at new high ... and all believe it could only go higher. These gold-mining stocks might benefit from the appreciation of the gold price. For those more conservative investor, do look into GLD, ok?


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