Sunday, September 26, 2010

SEG-wa : A new warrant, expiring in 2015, trading at 4% discount. Oversold. SEG's RSI at 44 level. The recent correction may take some time as SEGi and HELP have rallied so high. Education is a resilient business? Anyway, warrants for for trading not investing.

Banking : This banking-rally is taking a rest, and since DOW up 200 points, the sentiments are still bullish. It is time to look into banking-stock. One of the most coolest babe in KLSE is CIMB, of coz.

It is almost 1 am ... too tired after out whole day. Continue tmr.

7.40 am : Drive of life

It is early Sunday morning ... I need to continue my 'homework'. From the list yesterday, after looking into their charts(and peers or sector), AMMB will be suitable for a more conservative investor. The RSI is the lowest among all, it is in banking sector which is still uptrending. Current correction will be a good time to move in(if u hv not) or top-up, riding on the bullishness of market and/or banking sector.

Warrants-play : For bullish market

Trading near 0% premium

1. BRDB-wa
2. IJMLand-wa
3. KPJ-wa
4. QSR-wb
5. Seg-wa
6. YTLPower-wb

TEH : I have bought into IJMLand-wa at RM1.00. RSI at 52, recently touched 1.09, so my queue at 1.11 not done. Retraced back to 1.02, I will queue to BUY more at 0.990. It will give me my 10% profit target, I believe. IJMLand-wa trading at discount of 1.25% at this level. With expiry date more than 1000 days to go, it is a good warrant to ride on the bullishness of market and property stock at the moment. Will IJMLand taken private? I dont know ... what I m more interested is the 'low risk' and high chances of giving me the 10% profits I projected.

Trading below 20% premium

1. AnnJoo-wb
2. Sunway-wc
3. SPSetia-wb - RSI 59, down 8% on Friday. Premium 12.4%. Mommy at RM4.50.
4. WCT-wb

TEH : Personally I like AnnJoo-wb but SPSetia-wb at 0.58 looks attractive for me.

Ao, my today's homework for tonight after family dinner will be looking into each chart - ten of them, create a stalk list for these warrants and see if I m trading any next week. More work on them so that I could write a list of pointers for each of them, in order to monitor.

Example : SPSetia's mommy chart is in my head. Property in focus. A leader. Bullish on her and market and the sector. So, look into its baby which moved from 0.40 to current 0.60 level. Hmm ... simple calculation here - gain of 50%. This is for short-term trading, riding on mommy's bullishness. The expiry date at 2013 is irrelevant. From my previous posts(homeworks done 2 years ago!), I have stated all these warrants expiry date. The ratio for company's warrant is 1 : 1, I observed.


There were discussion about many rubber-stocks(including IRCB) in yesterday's CN's traders club meeting. I was there for a short while(as I hv classes). Then, the most recent posts there are some clashes of opinions about rubber-stocks. Is it at bottom now or more downside see?

Recently I posted Supermax chart as it has FAILED to rebound for three times. Next week we might see rubber-stocks to rebound, but will it last? Is it yet another short-term rebound before it dives lower again?? What do u think?


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