Sunday, September 05, 2010

Bandar Putera/Puteri Klang

I went to view the place again yesterday - I have colleagues staying at Puteri Phase 1 and 2. Prices was at 160-180k when they bought years ago but today it is fetching RM220-250k, which is OUT of my budget. It is double-storey terrace.

Nearby there is Taman Sentosa - some new launching of single storey terrace and about Rm150k only. Wow ... I thought that is just perfect!! Then, I was told by my klang-staying friends that taman Sentosa is NOT Sentosa at all ...gangsterism and low-mentality groups are styinng there. Safety is a main concern, so the property there is cheaper!

So, I went to Putera 2 - single storey 20 x 40 and it was launched in March 2010. They hiked the price by RM10k since. It is at RM175-185k, around my budget. So, I will put it in KIV.

Another alternative is to get a 'cheap' apartment, stay there for a few years till I accumulate enough to buy a house. By then, there will be OVERSUPPLY as developers continue to launch new high-end projects in Klang Valley. Property is peaking at the moment and might get higher next year or so ... but once those new housing area done, I believe there will be a glut and prices in Subang Jaya stagnate.

I cant afford anything above RM200k, but anything below RM100k is a good bargain. Apartments in U5 area(heard it is Malay area) still ranging around RM100k only. Perhaps I should be more patient ... wait and see if I could increase my current income by 20% next year.

No concrete final decisions yet, so the search is on. I think by next year, after searching over every weekends, I could be a property agent(part-time) then. Haha.

Subang 2 and Subang Bestari

It is TOO FAR and dangerous to travel by kap-cai to Subang Jaya daily!! No way. So, I strucked it off my options. Utarid or Uranus ... many blocks of affordable apartments available there. But, location location location!! Travelling takes my TIME. TIME = MONEY. Travelling use petrol. Petrol WILL go up higher(for sure). So, I m left with Subang Courts apartments here with price ranging from RM150-RM190k.

A reply about Hai-O

TL : I believe you have been asking around. To me Hai-O is a good stock and if you are an INVESTOR, that is good. Good investor buy good stock in BAD times. And time frame is 'long'. In my opinion, anyone could hold for 1-2 years from now will benefit from these good stock. I bet you have read about Hai-O being listed in Forbes for being a good stock. And I also believe you have read its reports(download from its site). So, ok ... are you asking is it a time to buy rather than what I think of Hai-O, right?

No one could give you the timing - It touched 3.30 that day - if you are short-term, then only you care so much about 'timing' but no one could time the market, ok?

If I have intention to BUY Hai-O, last wednesday it went below RM3(closed at 2.98) is my first buying - say 30% of my allocated funds for it. I will prepare another 30% and the last one 40% for it.

Now it has rebounded a little - do remember that market is overbought now. And if u ask ... will it come back to RM3 or below? No one could tell ... but based on my short experiences, I want to believe that market will correct soon. So, being an investor ... we should NOT be in market when market overbought. We should think of getting out, instead. So ... I will wait for another looong black candle for my first buying. That is ME. We are all different, right?

Being a trader as I m, IF I bought it at RM3 on Wednesday, you would see me CLEAR it at 3.25-3.30 on Friday for 8% profits!!


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