Thursday, September 23, 2010

9.10 am : KLCI up 1.5 points.

TAGB : Grabbed some at 0.41.

GenM-cl : Punting into this one.

GenS-c8 : Time to clear, for profit or loss.

9.15 am : GenM-cl done some at 0.210.

9.30 am : KFC : Moving up today, cleared at 3.21 for small losses. GenS-c8 cleared all at 0.395-0.400 done. I m moving into GenM-cl.

10.35 am : I went yam-char, while calculating the GenM-cl. Oh boy, it dives and my queue at 0.190 is done. At 0.185 now, so I will watch to top up or cut off. GenS-c8 cut at 0.40 level was a 'right; one as it dives to 0.34 now.

KLCI losing 9 points now. I m wearing a pink-coloured shirt, no wonder la. Hehe.

Someone mentioned that if market corrects, that will be the time we BUY our fav stock(s). Now, KLCI down 10points --- can buy?

SigGas : At at 0.85, touced 0.87(0.88 yesterday), still waiting at lower to collect again.

10.50 am : GenM-cl done at 0.180, queueing more at 0.170, 0.160 and final queue at 0.150

SigGas : Flying above 0.90 now, topped up. Yes, I do not wish to make the same mistake where I took small profits days ago. HOLD and averaging up.

3.10 pm : KLCI down by 12 points now on profit-taking.

EAH : Besides SigGas jumps, EAH moving up too. Yes, I still have large positions on EAH which I have sold, and grabbed back with average at 0.54 now. EAH at 0.555 now. Wait for 10% jump. Otherwise, ride on it. I do hold this one as it is not really meant for trading. It is for keeping, only to sell if it jumps up 10% in ONE single trading day or at overbought level. More upside seen

Rubber-stocks : Really rubbish!!! Down more today ... hmm, investors will be 'glad' that they are coming back down. Well, I m monitoring 6 rubber-stocks movements at the moment and will like to post the charts of these waterfall ... falling. Supermax and Harta going to RM4 level, TopGlove at RM5, Latexx at 2.50 level, Kossan at RM3. Adventa at RM2.35. For investors, be greedy when there is fear!! Extreme fear is need ... panic selling is the best point of buying. Dare to be contrarian? For those stucked and not cutting for losses(those still in profit, not taking? It will go back to your purchasing level), be ready to buy more at lower level, ok? I have taken some losses in TopGlove some time ago. Yes, losses. I do lose many trades but I make sure it is small and bearable.

JCY and KPJ : Showing downtrend ... so, wait. I still like these two babes. JCY at 1.02 now, going below RM0.98 will trigger my attention.

AnnJoo : Anyone punt into AnnJoo-ca when reading about my post on a good punt? Please treat me my dinner, ok? Thanks!! It is up 30% from the point I wrote about it uder 'steel-rally'. AnnJoo has moved ... so is LionInd. If you like, LionInd is down today .. that is the time you buy, ok? I grabbed Kinstel for the steel rally.

3.30 pm : EAH at 0.56 ... I m queueing to clear all for 10% profit(third time now) at 0.60. I m using the similar strategy for Efficient too with slight variation as EAH is more volatile comparing to the slow moving Efficient. These are my two Es at the moment.

Kinstel : Down today, so it is buying more for collection. 0.85 done, wait for 0.84. I cleared TatGiap for her. Today, I cleared KFC ... perhaps to top-up Kinstel more if it goes lower.

3.55 pm : TWScorp is done today. I have let it go too early ... now, a correction will give me opportunity to move in.

EAH : At 0.565, up 4.6% now. Wait.

4.05 pm : SigGas touched 0.935 now, grabbed as it moves up (0.89, 0.90, 0.91 and 0.92). My positions on this babe increases. Clearing soon ...

EAH : At 0.570. wait.

4.15 pm EAH at 0.575. wait? Going in to grab more.

EAH : Moving up fast ... 0.58 now. I m going to average up tho I hv huge positions in her. More upside seen and I hv 3-6 months time frame in mind!

4.25 pm : KLCI down by 12 points but Karambunai being used to goreng for two days now. HUGE % up but very risky. This is syndicates jobs. Next property stock they might GORENG is Talam.

UEMLand-cc : At 0.230, I sold at 0.245 yesterday. Mommy down a little. I m stucked with GenM-cl which I will hold a while but UEMLand-cc still in radar. Go down to 0.20 again, please?

4.35 pm : KLCI down by 17 points. Genting and GenM down today.

UEMLand-cc : At 0.22 now, lost 8.3%.



takeiteasy said...

Hi Teh,

Buying of gLOVE stocks like going to genting playing 'tai-sai', don't know going up or down... seriously speaking, as per your say their waterfall charts like Niagara Falls or the '3 Gorges dam' at yangtze. Today together with MEGB and Genting they are among the biggest loooosers, "tit thou luk foo" (drop until pants also come down). Shame on all the gLOVE fund managers holding the stocks, letting their children dropping like S H I T !!!

CP said...


take it easy la ... dropping is good so that they could buy it cheaper. No share buyback yet, so let it drop another 10-20% first then only buy, ya.