Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9.20 am : KLCI down a little after days of UP trust. KLCI in new high.

TatGiap : I was chasing her up and grabbed her at average 0.585 now. A little too late but more upside expected.

SigGas : Added at 0.825 now.

SEB : Flying ... these are the new kids on the block that I mentioned 2 days ago, expecting some activities. SEB was at its low, jumps 10% up now.

I chosen to chase TatGiap. Hmm ....

KFC : Down again today as expected as profit taking surely will be in after shot up so high. At 3.24 now. Will watch to grab once below 3.10(might change my mind anytime depending on the queues and selling volumes - we need to be flexible, surprisingly many so KAYU)

Wont be free today ... as I will be moving off later.

12.10 pm : Seremban Parade's Pizza Hut.

I should consider SEB and QSR since I m here!! KLCI down 4 points.

Diversifying again : I m not not focus again ... With a little of JCY, KFC, Adventa, TWSCorp. Oh boy, cut off now as I do not like too many. I will keep KFC.

Yes, at times ... we get greedy and lost our focus. But we need to rectify that soon and do what is needed. At times we could be confident(overly) and we might be off-guard. That needs to be check too.

2.45 pm : Back home - 5.30 pm is my bowling training. Need to rest. Going for IOI-bowling competition tmr night - a small competition to warm up my games.

JCY and Adventa cleared at small losses. TWSCorp still keeping. SigGas and TatGiap for keeping.

3.45 pm

EAH : Touching 0.545 again ... my 0.55 queue to clear might done today?

TWSCorp : Moving again, at 0.88. Glad that I top-up?

4.00 pm : EAH cleared at 0.550. Wow ... time to collect back IF it retraces.

4.20 pm : EAH grabbed back at 0.540 done. Queueing at 0.535, 0.530, 0.525 and 0.520. Wait.

Am I TA-idiot?

11.35 pm : IF you read those CN's forum(for those reading my blog too, I hv not offence), at times you wondered why would they bother to post those charts or analyses - to me, if it is for LEARNING (and entertainment) purposes, then it is fine. But, some giving VAGUE calls and you need to read between the lines or trying to read their mind whether is it a BUY, HOLD or SELL? No commitment or what-so-ever. That is the problem with TA(which I agreed with Samgoss but I dont shoot TA, I m learning them, instead) ... they blah blah blah about the so-called technical knowledge WITHOUT giving a conclusion. No commitment!!

Why? Because, if base of charts, we are talking about probabilities. Chances that this or that will go higher or lower. Sigh ... it is like looking at the cloud and predict if it is going to rain!! The weather forecasters could be good technical analysts too. But at least they made a commitment - Esok pagi, hujan renyai-renyai di beberapa tempat pendalaman in Sabah, tepi pantai timur. Lain lain tempat, cerah. Something like that ... base on?? ASK them, then.

At times I find it hilarious as I could SOUND like a good technical analyst but actually I admit I know NOTHING much(not even 25% of the needed knowledge to trade using TA). Those using about 10 indicators(haha ... they need to read those good books saying SIMPLIFY your trades!!) or so making me laugh the most. With more than 10 indicators on a particular stock, IT IS ALMOST certain we could at least make a conclusion, right? AT least ... say, EAH is a buy today at 0.54(I done that) blah blah blah ... and I only look into volume-price actions, I look into the queues(buy-sell), I look into RSI and a little about support-resistance. IF I want to get fancier, I might mention MACD or Stochastic. At times, I do look into ADX. Hmm ... sound good but is it REALLY good?

Can anyone WRITE a LIVE trade a BUY call of a stock with commitment? I wonder ... I dont think so as we all trade differently. I m very careful of what I write at times as someone might be reading my pages(refreshing every 10 minutes??!!) and buying into what I m buying(assume my trades are NOT real, ok? I m only an entertainer!).

What is my point bringing this up? Because someone from CN(a member and someone I knew personally now) asked me about CN's forum. Is is REALLY an effective platform of sharing first hand information? I have to admit that ever since I lost many of my trades following the forum, I m reluctant to trust any of the postings there. BTW, NO ONE make any commitment saying it is a buy, ok? So, I do not follow its forum to trade. I m not sure if any there(regulars) reading my blog here(why should they waste their time? They are 'sifus' and I m just a lousy TA novice) ...

At least I wrote it clearly I bought TatGiap today, top-up SigGas and TWSCorp today. I sold Adventa and JCY for small losses. I sold EAH for another 10% profit at 0.55(written clearly everyday, in fact) and bought it back at 0.54-0.545. At least I written how I m going to trade Efficient as I bought it at 0.175 and 0.180 at the moment. No fancy indicators needed. Just common-stupid sense of punting ---- then, use luck-analysis(LA). Some experience-analysis(EA) needed too while a bit of FA to 'feel' safe. TA ... I dont know if I m using it much. All I do know when I check on TatGiap the other day, it looks beautiful. And I do know I like oversold stocks such as Ivory or MEGB at the moment. These are my common-stupid sense, not TA.

Ever since I used back my way of punting, I m doing quite well again. I gained back my confidence(need to check not to be overly-confident - that caused me my loss in JCY and Adventa).

My holdings : EAH, Efficient, IJMLand-wa, KFC, SigGas, TatGiap and TWScorp. Some will clear for 8-10% profits, some I might cut when it reaches my cut-loss point while stock like KFC is finger licking good.
Phew ... sorry if I offend any TA worshippers. Dont be ... this is my personal blog, my current personal opinion about TA. I m not anti-TA, of coz. In fact, I have been learning it by myself and joined CNX to learn the finer points. Since I m so lousy with my TA, I will stull trade MY WAY as it gives me profits(luckily, of coz). I dont mean to offend anyone ... just feel frustrate that may giving all those fancy and bombastic technical terms to CONFUSE novices(like me) further so that they do not need to take a conclusion or commitment in their words. After all, have u ever wonder if they actually BUYING into those stocks they analysed?? At least I did.



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