Saturday, September 25, 2010

12.20 am : DOW up 170 points, ready to be bullish on Monday. Yippeee ... if GenM rebounds on Monday, GenM-cl will jump another 20% next week? UEMLand-cc moves up today, I was queueing at 0.230 but too late, it was not done.

My US babe : A123

taken from LB-news

Despite the fact that A123 Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: AONE) – stock opened after a decline of 2.71 %, its current price is indicating an increase of 2.83 % from its previous close. Most appealing fact about the company is its one year target price, i.e. $ 14.04. Nevertheless, stock price volatility in last 52 weeks cannot be ignored as its low and high were $ 6.32 and $ 28.20 respectively. About 51 % of company ownership is in the hands of 156 different institutional investors and mutual fund owners, which is showing their interests in the company.

7.45 am : DOW up 200 points and A123 up 6% to close at USD9.36.

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