Friday, September 17, 2010

12.50 am : DOW flat ... HSI down a little today. GenS still bullish. A123 up another 9%, crossing 50-MA now. Overbought and wait for correction to top-up to ride on its rebound. I dont know if its uptrending yet, waiting for 100-MA then.

12.55 am : The counter shows #219,940. I might not be able to view 220k nice number. Night.

8.05 am : Raining ... DOW up a little and A123 closed at 8.79, touched a nice 8.88 as intraday high. NEP corrects for the second day. Good.

GenS-c8 : New and active, punting into this. It is chasing higher.

9.20 am : GenS-c8 done at 0.250. waiting for retracements now. It touched 0.270

12.25 pm : Busy with tuition just now. Grabbed more of Gen-c8 at 0.260. Queueing at 0.270 now as it shoots to 0.280.

TWSCorp : Cleared for small profits at 0.905 done. WHY 0.905? Because its recent high was at 0.900. But, it shot beyond that, touched 0.915 now. It is OVERBOUGHT and I top-up at 0.85 that day ... want to reduce no of stocks I m holding to FOCUS. Too diversified. I cleared JCY and Adventa the other day for the similar reasons - reduce the no of my counters I m trading!

KNM : I hv theoritically bought at 0.390(50k units) and today is my selling point reaching my 10% target. It took 2 weeks to prove my trades on it to be right. I DO NOT buy this with REAL money - but theoritically. I did not write in my blog but when YJ(a reader) asked me in comment the other day, I explained a little of what I m doing, virtually.

My theory : At 0.390, it was oversold, below 40cents. Too cheap for Mr Lee's liking. Might announce some news to push it up(privatisations?). MANY KLSE kakis TRAPPED inside at high price, so they will want to get even - say average down when it rebounds. A syndicate babe, excellent breeding ground for punters and greedy un-informed punters. Can find its news everywhere ... ask any uncles/aunties they seem to know KNM. Oil prices moving up last week too. Hence, at 0.390, getting back the interest to PUSH it up 10%(0.435) is not really a big task. Downside limited. Last week queues were interesting, showing signs of pushing up by syndicates. TODAY is a SELL for more than 10% profits!!

Why I didnt buy it in real? I m practising to see volumes-price actions, queues and such. I dislike her but I know punters like her(many have NO choice as they are STUCKED inside for very long now). KNM will NOT recover to RM1. NO fundamentals to support that but ... it is syndicates fav - who knows?

IJMLand-wa : Under-performing after bought a week ago. I bought at RM1, not losing but not gaining much either. So, I might clear it for Gamuda-wd.

Two Es : EAH and Efficient have rooms to run up if the market sentiments remain good. I m keeping an eye to SELL.

S & T : SigGas still at 0.825 and TatGiap at 0.585. More rooms to go ... so, keep to clear.

KFC : Doing ok today ... KFC is for buy-n-hold. I only hv little of it, so I will only top-up when the correction is here and it is NOT in overbought region. It corrected only 2 days so far. So, wait ...

2.40 pm : GenS-c8 up 38%, at 0.290, which grabbed a bit at this level.

3.50 pm : GenS-c8 done at 0.280 as it moves down.

4.50 pm : GenS-c8 at 0.315. My last BUY was at 0.300. Need to wait tmr to clear half for huge profits. This is a risky PUNT. G13 closing at 2.06 vs 2.07. For your info, this call-warrant UP 50% today! But ... err ... do u see I m jumping up? Because it is just paper-profits, unrealised. Wait for tonight ... wait for Monday to CLEAR half.

8.35 pm : Done with my bowling practice for this week - tired and played badly today, actually. The focus not there and only managed an average of 175 for 8 games. Yesterday's was Malaysia Day and the weekly 'small' competition in IOI-Mall was cancelld. So, I will need to wait till next Thu night to test my bowling skills. Prize money is RM1k, Rm500 and RM300. Well, I do stand a chance to be in top 10, at least. Another 'small' competition I will participate is in Summit. I dont like synthetic lanes but will try to adapt to its conditions.

KLCI closed 6 points lower with Tenaga, IOICorp, KLK, SIME and Maxis in profit-taking mode. We might see 1490 level soon. This September really different? I m supposed to hibernate till end of Sept!!

ECM's stockquest : With a carrot of RM10k, I will plan my trades during this weekend. It definitely wont be easy for a novice like me to compete with so many sifus and veterans around. SO, I m competing for the experience(and fun) of it. Anything extra will be a bonus!!

A123 : Moving above USD9 now. Still far away from my purchase price at USD10.50. Mind you, it went all the way down to USD6.32 to register its new low before current rebound. I will only average up/down once it is above MA-200. I have held it for long enough(for my standard, anything I bought to hold more than 1 month is considered long!). I m the 'sucker' of the green-sector.

10.50 pm : A123 at 9.20, I did not average down. Too bad ... it is shooting for the sky, so I do not wish to jump but need to wait for it to conrim uptrending and that might take another month or two. This is a 'mid to long' term view to me.

11.10 pm : DOW up 20 points. A123 at 9.50, what a surge from 6.30 level in 2 weeks?? wow.

Never too late


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