Thursday, September 30, 2010

It is 3.30am .... I will be busy again later. DOW down a litttle. GOLD breached 1300 level. GOLD is said to reach 1500 level soon. USD is certainly losing its appeal.

Hold On

EAH : Just hold on, Alex if you are not a trader and also new to market. Stocks up and down everyday or even every minute!! If you bought it for fundamental reasons, then there is nothing u need to worry. But if u punt it like many without a trade plan(dont know why one bought XYZ, when one bought into it and never think when to exit) ... then, too bad. For me, I will hold and already prepare to average down. If it goes below 0.60 later, I will be glad. We should be glad to be able to buy our babes at cheaper prices, right?No one could tell if today or tmr it will go up or down. As I m collecting lower, my position in it might be huge again. So, I will start to trim when it moves higher.

Say, you bought at 0.650 ...then buy more at 0.600. No buying till 0.550, 0.50 and so on. Averaging down should only be used for GOOD stocks and if u have funds planned/allocated for it. Otherwise, we might risking putting all apples in a basket. Patient is certainly needed. If you do not hv the funds to average down, then ...either u hold(if u believe it is a good stock) or cut(if u think it will go lower and want to buy at lower level).

7.50 am : My mind is with Supermax as I m into it through Supermax-cc. So far, 0.105, 0.11, 0.115 and 0.120 filled. But with Supermax not revocering anytime soon, this may go below its low at 0.100. I m watching closely as CW-play is very risky. I will watch and below 0.100 will trigger my exit.

UEMLand-cc on the other hand is doing well but I will watch to clear too. Short trades on CWs. CW is being treated different from warrants and also stocks. I categorised them differently so that I use different RA for different categories! That is designed by myself ... my own trading system that I m familiar about. I m still trying to increase my probabilities in my trades using CN's TA ... otherwise I wont be paying $$$ for it, right?

Seriously speaking, I m very much a novice and raw. I m giving myself another 2-3 years to get my systems correctly, back-testing them and to put it in words. I still need to re-defined and refine many part of a system. So, it is difficult to write out what's in mind ...

Bullish or Bearish ... what should we do with our stocks? That is my main concern as many will be anxious to know what should they do next .. IF ... WHAT IF ...

9.15 am : So many new CWs - I m going for CIMB-cj.

EAH : At 0.585, my queues at 0.590 done. Waiting at 0.58, 0.57 and 0.56 for today.

UEMLand-cc : Sold some at 0.285, market price for profits. Waiting to clear at 0.30-0.31. That is more than my 15% profits target. Good.

CIMB-cj : Done some at 0.20 and 0.205

9.20 am : EAH done at 0.580 moment ago.

AMMB : I m glad that my pick on AMMB over the weekend of my good stocks list is good. I did not buy it or look into its call-warrants.

Hai-O : Moving to RM3 ... have not checked why Hai-O dive down?

9.30 : UEMLand moving to 2.25, its cc moving back to 0.295. My queues to clear all might be done today!

UEMLand-cc : Cleared more at 0.30 done. I will clear all my positions on it before market closing today if my high queue at 0.32 not done.

10.30 am : Oh Boy ... whoever bought EAH yesterday would be trapped like me. 0.570 done, waiting at 0.56 for the last queue today. Then, I will look into its chart tonight to decide at which level I will start accumulating again?

Petra : At 0.85 now ... hmm ... what a fate!

11.30 am : UEMLand-cc came up again. ALL cleared and moving higher. Very surprising!! I better control my greed and NOT to move back in. I m moving away from it and move into CIMB-cj today, actually.

3.30 pm : MAS is flying off ... at 2.30 level today.

Supermax : Diving below 3.90 now ... failed to rebound for 4th time? so, I need to cut off my CW.
CW : Taken profits on UEMLand-cc but taking a loss in Supermax-cc. Not a good punt.

As I still like Supermax at the moment with its extremely oversold position, I will be back into its cc.

Supermax : Going below 3.80 ... queueing at 3.75 now.

9.40 pm : KLCI up 1.72 points. I have cut off GenS-c8 and GenM-cl for losses to move into UEMLand-cc and Supermax-cc. UEMLand-cc is doing well but I hv to take another loss in Supermax-cc, with a view of re-entering when Supermax rebound, and it will SOON.

Many new call-warrants to play with in bullish market. So, I picked CIMB-cj as CIMB is our coolest banking babe(not our old harimau or rakyat-bank) ...

DOW opens 100 points higher!! Yippee ... market will move up again tmr, leads by CIMB?!

TWSCorp : lost 6% today, closed aat 0.870. I m still watching ...

Masteel : down 6.5% ... I m observing that the steel-rally is over? AnnJoo is retracing again after a good run.

Hartalega : UP 5% today ... in rubberish sector. Phew ... that is cool.

What "A" are you using?

FA vs TA ... I think those FA-kaki who DO NOT understand TA or have no knowledge about the systems TA using should just be quiet. If those FA people do not like to read about chart interpretations in FREE blogs, they should not be so BLUNT and keh-poh to write comments about it. It is like asking me to write about Biology and all I know is the sexology topic, a little of it, I guess. So, by critising that Biology is a stupid subject and should not be learnt in college level is making me look stupid, to defend that ONLY Math is practical in REAL world. If Biology is relevant, then we should drop HISTORY/SEJARAH as a subject in SPM.

Sunrise today moving lower ... of coz, as it ran up too fast, OVERBUOGHT(a TA term, those FA who dont know about these, shut-up). Hey, FA people do not need to watch market daily la ... FA is mainly used for INVESTING. By the way, PE is NOT the only ratio we look in for FA, neither is RSI only being used for TA!!

These days, MANY mixed FA + TA. Successful traders or investors know the pro-cons of each of the analysis. AT LEAST YOU ANALYSE, and not merely punting. That is another huge portion in KLSE - PUNTING or GAMBLING - making those FA or TA look stupid. Just use LA = luck analysis, some cocky uncles claimed that their EA = experience analysis is the best in the whole market. I have heard before that TA is for those losers who dont have experiences!! Of coz, we have another school of thoughts ... only FA works, look at Warren Buffett.

I m neither ... I m RA = rojak analysis. It is a mixture of whatever A = analysis. So, be it as it is ... who cares whatever "A" you are using. IF EA works well for you, uncles .. please do not change that. Using PA = punt-analysis or LA = luck analysis, doesnt matter ... no wrong or right la.

BOTTOM LINE - If you are still losing money, even you are using the best of FA or best best software for TA, than whatever-A you are using is NOT compatible to you. Time to change. Do not expect different results with same-A, ok? PROFIT is what we are looking for.

STOP the nuisance, nonsense ... and being childish debating about "MY ANALYSIS" is the best and degrading others. C'mon ... you profitted, good for you. If you are KIND and HUMBLE enough, share with others ... and teach others. But DO NOT EXPECT free-lunch.

Ultimately, you are the person responsible. If you are buying EAH beacuse I bought into it and caught inside the trap, that is YOUR decision. Certainly what D.Sal written about EAH might boost your confidence in holding on to it. I dont know ...

And if you get caught into Sunrise simply because Alex Lu written about a 'breakout', than it is your fault to buy it at the high without understanding what a breakout is about. If you are blaming on someone else for your losses, get real ... grow up and stop be crying babies. Spitting out your frustrations WONT help you in anyway. Finding someone to blame is just showing you are a loser. Only advice for such loser, get out of the game if you cant take defeat. You might blame BURSA or even Zeti one day if you lose again in your next trade or investment.

Read the disclaimer ... my blog is for my viewing and for some who find my writings entertaining. Take it as an entertainment to colour otherwise a boring life. As I have mentioned many of time, I m a novice, I m not using the proper FA or TA or whatever-A. I called mine RA, ok? By the way, none of my trades are real. So, dont be a fool ... IT IS NOT REAL.

I hope to continue to entertain here ... having my cuppa and talking about stock-markets as every uncles/aunties will ... at kopi-tiam. Enjoy ...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DOW up. KLCI might move up too? All my CWs in red, so I need to see if they will rebound.

Lions : I still like LionInd and it is at 1.77 yesterday. LionCor has been trading from 0.26 to 0.30 level and testing 0.30 again. It needs to break 0.30. How about LionDiv which at 0.50 level now?

Kinsteel : Consolidating and still moving side-way. BB squeeze is forming. It might take some time before the breakout. Many steel counters have moved, so I prefer the laggard.

EAH : Taken 10% profits for third time but too early this time as the queue at 0.65 now. So, I missed my 4th time 10% profits. I hv a queue to buy back at 0.64-0.62 but my positions reduced.

10.05 am : KLCI still up, in green. UEMLand is up but Supermax refuses to rebound yet.

Unisem : Back to RM2 level. I miss this one as I m only watching JCY.

EAH : Grabbed some back at 0.645 market price now.

Petra : Poor Petra ... bad management, bad tussle ... bad businesses? At 0.90 level now. I m watching as I like waterfall!! Since the sale of Petra-Energy and the tussle, Petra has been diving. Do look at its chart ... even oversold, I wont touch!

10.30 am : UEMLand : Breaking 2.10 today. Wait ... dont take profits too quick again. UEMLand-cc might give me another 15% profits soon. But, I will see if I m strong enough to hold on to it. Normally, I take profits when my target acheived, especially in less than a week(my time frame I placed is much longer!)

EAH : Coming down ... 0.64, 0.635 and 0.630 done. So far I placed 1k units for each only. So, I m holding 4k units back.

RedTone : Observing it moves due to some news yesterday. At 0.225-0.230 level. I have wanted to change EAH with RedTone, actually. Just watchig ...

11 am : EAH done at 0.625. Hmm ... Hold on tight.

11.10 pm : UEMLand-cc at 0.270, up from 0.240.

11.20 am : SigGas moving.

MMC, Gamuda, WCT, UEMLand, MRCB moving together ... why is Tebrau following them?

12.05 pm : Having lunch - EAH done at 0.620.

EAH : D.Sal written more positive news about it. Good. My last queue for today at 0.60. So far, 0.62-0.65 queues are done. Waiting at 0.60-0.615.

7.05 pm : Just back after classes. My queues for EAH all done as it dived back to 0.60 level. I bought 0.60-0.645. It fact it touched 0.595. wow!!

Why EAH moving down? Technically it is OVERBOUGHT today. So, I did not chase and yes ... I will top up more below 0.60 level. The cheaper the better as I could collect more. So, why 1000k units bought at 0.665?? Interesting as many rushing into it TODAY but to me, it is a sell. I sold ONE DAY early as I know I will be busy today. So, I queued lower and waiting it it done. I do not expect it to go to my 0.60 level. But, yes ... either it shoot very high today and pull-back tmr or ... what happened today, SYNDICATES taking profits. Now ... let us understand WHY many moved in today and trapped. Accumulating was at 0.54-0.545 level(see chart and I was collecting at that level) and selling at 0.65 level is today. Never chase a stock, no matter how good the stock is. IT IS OVERBOUGHT, so sell .... when to buy? When everyone is selling ... and if possible, it is oversold. CHANCES will be higher to profit in such trades. You may want to speculate on more reasons to buy or sell. That is short term. I m more interested if it could give me my 10% profit target.

Compound that 10% : Say capital for EAH is RM10k. After my 3-times of 10% in 1 month, it is 10,000 x (1.10)^3 = 13,300. That is certainly a better than UT rate they are speaking about? But not all stocks we bought will give us such a good profit in such a short period of time, ok? For those money in UT, 10% per year is considered GOOD. So, it is good to have knowledge about investments and tradings.

What should one do if caught it at the 'tip"? Now, when you bought it(do u know I m selling because it is oversold? But as I m buying back, I m planning to buy more, right?), you should have your own plan, right? Execute your plan. If you do have a plan, then ... treat me my coffee-bean, I could show u NEXT TIME how to place a plan first before u buy a stock.

I sold GenM-cl and GenS-c8 yesterday for losses as I bought into UEMLand-cc at 0.24-0.255 yesterday. Today up 20% and I topped-up at 0.26-0.27. I m not chasing. UEMLand-cc overbought, so I will be thinking of clearing SOON. Selling once our target acheived is good. It is discipline that we needed to trade. CUTting off those losers as call-warrants move very fast - up or down. CWs are for punters, gambling on the movements of the parent-stock.

I m accumulating Supermax-ca as Supermax is oversold and today being dumped again!! Aghh ... hold on.

IJMLand-wa cleared at 1.05 for only small profits. My target is 1.11 but I have been holding it for some time. A month without movement is loooong for me for warrants play. I do not hold onto warrants(lessons for previous experiences of getting badly burnt!)

Kinstel and SigGas : Both up today but no significant porfit yet.

Efficient : Nice as more buying at 0.185 seen today. These could NOT be seen using chart or candlestick. Chart-wise does NOT work for a stock like Efficient. So, Efficient will not be discussed in CN's meeting.

MEGB : Flew off as expected but I did not able to catch it as I was busy today.

Unisem: Flew off too. Will she pull JCY up too?

EAH : I m not really bother by news etc etc . What I do know is I will collect it at lower prices and wait ... I dont know for how long. I dont mind 3-6 months, actually. I sold it yesterday because I want to discipline myself to follow my profit-target and not getting greedy. So, buying back today and wait for my next 10% profits. Excuse me, 10% profits per YEAR is a good return, ok? Why in hurry?


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stock Watch

A123 : Trading at USD9.60 tonight. It rebounds from the historical low of USD6.32. Overbought. It needs to take out USD9.75, register a green-histogram and MA20-MA50 crossover to confirm its reversal of trend - from downtrend to moving uptrend. Then, I will move in again ... as my time frame for this one is 3-6 months or longer, I m in no hurry. This is not for trading, but waiting for the average target price by analysts at USD14 level.

STP : A monthly chart since listed in DEC 2005 around USD20 level and shot up to USD90 at its peak. Today it is trading at USD9 (yes, minus one ZERO). Its historical low was at USD5 level during the market collapse.

DOW down a little.

Unisem rebounded strong yesterday but JCY slumped to RM1. JCY may go below RM1 today as WDC closed almost 2% lower.

JCY : I have placed a NEW poll on JCY ---> please click on YOUR choice of call. Will you BUY at RM1.00 and go long or will you SELL at RM1.00 and go short(theoritically as one is not allowed to short a stock in Bursa)? Thanks

I wanted to write more about INVESTING as I think many did not get the concepts or getting greedier as market goes higher. IF one invested in GOOD stocks, one should be in positive region now. Look at those stocks in blue-chips which the first phase of market bullishness.

UEMLand-cc : I will be looking into this one closely as UEMLand breaking RM2.00

GenS-c8 : Cleared at 0.300 for a loss. GenSP going below SGD2.00. wait

UEMLand-cc : Moving back into this one, anticipating UEMLand to continue to be bullish.

12.10 pm : I m wearing red, so my punts into CWs is in red too. I m clearing GenM-cl for a loss too.

SC : As you are queue for Nicorp and such, I m ASSUMING that you are PURE punters and having a gambling mindset. You(and many retail punters) do not care about FA or TA. You have no knowledge of such. So, I will stop my opinions on your questions and punts. Sorry, we are in DIFFERENT mentality. I took 2-3 years of daily reading about global economics and such, I learnt how to read financial reports or Annual reports. I took courses in my TA and still learning. See how different we are in markets?

I will post L&G chart if I remember. It is not a buy today either. That is TECHNICALLY. Buying should be at 0.42 support level when RSI is low.Resistance at 0.490 level, no upside to speak about. So, the risk/reward ratio is not good. I know I m 'bugging' you with my opinions. Afterall, you should know better why you are queueing for Nicorp and L&G today, right? L&G slightly better than KheeSan but Nicorp is PURE gambling. Perhaps Naim is better than the Indah, if you could even understand what I mean.

Wish you all the best and I do not need to concern(i was so much concern when you mentioned you going to buy KheeSan yesterday!) anymore. You have your own ways of gaining from markets, I believe. Good Luck.

p/s : MAY I KNOW how do you GUESS Supermax will go back to RM7 but in your messages, there are many times you used the word "HOPE". So, u r using HA = hope analysis, which is equivalent to LA = Luck Analysis. Since when gamblers win in long run, can I ask?

Efficient : Someone just bought 50k units at 0.185. I m monitoring the buying at 0.180-0.185 now.

EAH : At 0.605, I think my queue to clear it at 0.63 wont be done today?

UEMLand-cc : Grabbed some at 0.250 as I exited GenS-c8.

2.40 pm : EAH cleared at 0.610. Bye-bye ... till I see you retrace again. Do come back, ok?

GenM-cl and GenS-c8 were wrong PUNTs. When it is a punt, it is chances - it is GAMBLING. So, make sure you cut-loss fast. I should be glad to cut early this morning as it is drifting lower now.

4.10 pm : KLCI down 5 points.

UEMLand-cc : Bought more at 0.245 done. Waiting at 0.240

Monday, September 27, 2010

KheeSan vs Supermax

This post is for you, SC(my old Kepong friend). It is also to share with many NOVICES and those who are still losing money in such a bullish market!!

KheeSan : WHAT?? BUYING this one tmr??! WHO TOLD YOU TO BUY KheeSan, let me know and I shall shoot him/her. I do not wish to write more about KheeSan as there is NOTHING to write about. BUT ... how about you give me 5 good reasons WHY YOU INTEND TO BUY TMR?? I m SHOCKED. Pardon me, sorry.

Wait, to protect myself ... you can buy ANY stock at all at any price. Who knows, KheeSan might goreng up 20%-40% again, right? But ... syndicate are NOT into consumer stock, do you know?? Wait wait ... you DO KNOW KheeSan trading in what sector and its business, right?? IT IS INSANE to me to even mention KheeSan.

Someone mentioned HwaTai to me ... I puked. I m a goreng-kaki, I am a punter but I m not THAT daring. So, take your risk ... I do not which to be blamed when you really bought KheeSan and gain 20%. I m NOT responsible for ANYONE's trades, ok?

Supermax : Closed at RM4 level, 1-green histogram seen. So, it might give us a short rebound soon. RSI at 20 level VERY nice. And if I speak a little more technical, I do not think so you or many novice could understand. I bought Supermax today for the technical rebound and I do protect my risk(down-side) in case the rebound fails. With my Supermax-ca at 0.115, it is easier for me to make 10% IF Supermax rebounds, as I m expecting it soon.

SC : Please do yourself a favour. LEARN FA(fundamental analysis) first ... at least the BASICs. KheeSan is peanut and looking to buy into it showing to me you are NOT using FA or even TA. Once you have advance a little, I can teach you BASIC TA. Then, you will know that BUYING KheeSan tmr ... I wish you A LOT OF LUCK. That is purely LA = LUCK ANALYSIS. Even using my RA, which consist of some LA, I will NOT and will NEVER mention Kheesan anymore. PUNT at your own risk. Please learn ... I think it is the best that you are OUT OF MARKET totally until you could learn a little about HOW market works. Otherwise, you are in dis-advantage. Sorry to 'pour cold water' on your intention to buy KheeSan while letting your Supermax which you bought at RM5(without a plan to top-up or cut-loss or whatever at all, I could see)

So, I will STRONGLY recommend that you use your funds to average down Supermax at RM4 now(IF you really need to BUY KheeSan tmr), then prepare to average down at RM3 and so on ... no need to trade. average down and HOLD till rubber-sector rebound. I m not a stock-god, I m not a sifu as many called me but I m quite sure rubber WILL rebuond. KheeSan? What is that peanut?

These writing is also for many novice readers. DO YOUR HOMEWORK on FA. Learn some TA. DO NOT rely only on LA. Stock market is NOT a gambling platform. Believe me, in long run ... you will lose out to MR MARKET.

Fact : 80%-90% of those in KLSE are losing money. If they say they r in positive region, congrats. But if they recommend you to look into KheeSan, IGNORE him.


Monday morning ... many anticipating today with excitement as DOW up 200 points. I find that KLCI is not really following DOW long time ago. Most important point should be the general sentiment. If they are bullish, we could ride on it. There are many retail punters(I dont call them retail investors as many written). Retail punters are those seeing market shooting higher for past one month, one week then only they will have stock-market chat in kopi-tiam to boast what they have bought and shoot up 100% in days. Example : Karambunai. Nicorp in play too. Dont forget Sinotop, one of our 'best' stock-pick ... in some kopi-tiam.

I have been writing like an uncle in kopi-tiam talking about share market. Hehe.

Supermax-ca : Close at 0.110, Supermax up a little. RSI at 20 level, oversold. Expecting a technical rebound in rubber-stocks but today many rubber-stocks in red after short-signal of rebound last Friday. I do like those stocks with RSI below 20 and RSI at historical low. Supermax is no longer the Superman? Among my three CWs at the moment, I hv largest positions in this one. Just hold and watch ...

GenM-cl : Closed at 0.190. GenM at 2.49, touched 2.56. This baby touched 0.210 today. RSI at 66, quite high - so I m not comfortable. Hence, I will try to clear it off soon. Mid-term, I m still positive in GenM.

GenS-c8 : Done at 0.315-0.34 today as it moves lower after high opening. It closed at 0.315. So, I m slightly down. Recent low is 0.290, that will be my cut-loss point. Do not expect all trades will go your way, especially I hv done well with this one, so ... by being cautious, I hv smaller positions in her(with cut-loss in mind!). I m still bullish in GenSP as profit-taking is going on. Wait.

EAH : Closed at 0.610, my last queue to clear at 0.625 and 0.63 not done. I have cleared at 0.60-0.62 level today. I have reduced significantly my positions on this babe for another 10% profits. Good trade. WHY SELL? It is overbought now with RSI at 72 today. With RSI above 70, I viewed that as higher risk. So, taking my 10% profits in a week is a good-enough trade using my un-commonly-stupid way of punting. When I mentioned RSI, that is a little of TA used. So, I shall wait for it to retrace, and riding the uptrend with my remaining holdings. I will buy back when it retraces lower but I dont know when or at what level.

SigGas : Closed at 0.870, will only buy more at below 0.850.

TAGB : Closed at 0.410, I m accumulating this one at 0.40 and below. Waiting for 8%-10% profit at 0.44-0.45.

Within Temptation

9.10 am : Karambunai is karam-ing after the casino-rumours being disputed. Well ... it is pure punting. Buy morning, sell after profit or else cut cut cut. Today is cut as it will karam back below 10cents?

EAH : AT 0.60, I m still watching, target 10% acheived for third time. Huge positions, so I will take half-profits. Thanks.

LionDiv : Is up now, nice but I bought it using StockQuest funds ... and I m out of the contest due to the 'loss' in Tejari.

Supermax-ca : Bought at market price 0.120, and queueing more at 0.115 and 0.110.

GenS-c8 : Opened higher but not chasing. Waiting at 0.34 and below.

9.30 am : KLCI up 5 points. Done with my queues and wait to see later if any done. So far I grabbed some Supermax-ca and cleared some EAH at 0.60 for profits.

10.05 am : Top-up GenM-cl and GenS-c8 done at 0.340. UEMLand-cc flying off my 0.245 which I sold for 15% profits last week!! At 0.25 now. Too many to handle at the moment. Time to clear and trim ...

EAH : Trimmed some EAH at 0.605.

10.45 am : MEGB in my waterfall list is rebounding ... nice chart.

EAH : At 0.610 now, clearing all at 0.630. No regrets as I hv achieved more than my 10% target for the third time in a month for this fella. It is going into overbought region now. Wait for collect back at lower price. Will it give me 4th time of 10% at 0.65 or above? Stocks do not move vertically(except those like KARAMbunai la), so collect at lower prices or when it consolidates. THINK risk, then if the risk is lower than the reward, move in. A game of chance!!

Call-warrants : So, I bought more of GenM-cl below 0.20, GenS-c8 back at 0.34 and 0.335 and Supermax-ca at 0.115 and 0.120. My average never in the mid-point as the lower-priced volumes are more than the higher priced volumes. For example : Supermax-cc, I bought at market price at 0.12 for 5k units only, then queued 8k units at 0.115 which is done too and 12k units at 0.110(not done yet).

12.10 pm : I just had ROJAK for my lunch. Yes, my punting ways are RANDOM and using my RA = rojak analysis. I will define my rojak-analysis one day when I m in writing mood. At the moment, KLCI up 13 points, many SHOULD be gaining some profits(IF MARKET UP SO HIGH and you are still in losing positions, please let me know(e-mail me) ... I will give my opinions(for free?) on your portfolios!!0 ...

At times, it is NOT WHAT you bought(it is important, actually) but WHEN you bought into it. Also, to realise our profits/losses, we need to SELL. Holding on to a stock which keep moving higher will increase our RISK. Place a trailing stop-loss if you know how. ASK and you shall be ANSWERED. I m no GOD but asking GOD about your stock-prices movements may not help.

12.40 pm : KLCI up 13.73 points. Resorts(a more dearly name to me and I like Asiatic as a name but since they changed it, I dont hv the feel for her. So, girls ... DO NOT simply change your names, ok?!) at 3.52

GOLD : I will write what I shared with a young colleague of mine(PT) how we could invest in the appreciation price of GOLD.

PT : Please do the simple steps I shown you first. Come to my place and I shall give u an hour of simple 'investing for dummy' crash-course.

2.50 pm : I m running busy - EAH trimmed more at 0.62 done. Left some at 0.63 level.

8.25 pm : Busy with classes just now. KLCI up 13 points. GenS-c8 closed in red. Supermax-ca at 0.110 done too. GenM-cl closed at 0.190. These are my call-warrants but UEMLand-cc flew off today. I hv let go of UEMLand-cc last week.

9.15 pm : Sunway broken 1.90 today - anyone buying at 1.70?? Do treat me a dinner, ok? Haha


Sunday, September 26, 2010

GenS-c8 : Closed at 0.33, a doji seen. A change of direction? Will be watching this one too.

Supermax-ca : Closed at 0.110, touched a new low at 0.105. A good PUNT for a 10%-20% profits if the rubber-stocks rebound. Supermax is likely to rebound tmr. Should I punt into this one? Expiry Mac 2010. Premium at 80+%.

Question : Why the exercise prices(listed in The Edge) are not updated or adjusted since the mommy stock prices adjusted? That gives an incorrect calculation in their premiums??!


SEG-wa : A new warrant, expiring in 2015, trading at 4% discount. Oversold. SEG's RSI at 44 level. The recent correction may take some time as SEGi and HELP have rallied so high. Education is a resilient business? Anyway, warrants for for trading not investing.

Banking : This banking-rally is taking a rest, and since DOW up 200 points, the sentiments are still bullish. It is time to look into banking-stock. One of the most coolest babe in KLSE is CIMB, of coz.

It is almost 1 am ... too tired after out whole day. Continue tmr.

7.40 am : Drive of life

It is early Sunday morning ... I need to continue my 'homework'. From the list yesterday, after looking into their charts(and peers or sector), AMMB will be suitable for a more conservative investor. The RSI is the lowest among all, it is in banking sector which is still uptrending. Current correction will be a good time to move in(if u hv not) or top-up, riding on the bullishness of market and/or banking sector.

Warrants-play : For bullish market

Trading near 0% premium

1. BRDB-wa
2. IJMLand-wa
3. KPJ-wa
4. QSR-wb
5. Seg-wa
6. YTLPower-wb

TEH : I have bought into IJMLand-wa at RM1.00. RSI at 52, recently touched 1.09, so my queue at 1.11 not done. Retraced back to 1.02, I will queue to BUY more at 0.990. It will give me my 10% profit target, I believe. IJMLand-wa trading at discount of 1.25% at this level. With expiry date more than 1000 days to go, it is a good warrant to ride on the bullishness of market and property stock at the moment. Will IJMLand taken private? I dont know ... what I m more interested is the 'low risk' and high chances of giving me the 10% profits I projected.

Trading below 20% premium

1. AnnJoo-wb
2. Sunway-wc
3. SPSetia-wb - RSI 59, down 8% on Friday. Premium 12.4%. Mommy at RM4.50.
4. WCT-wb

TEH : Personally I like AnnJoo-wb but SPSetia-wb at 0.58 looks attractive for me.

Ao, my today's homework for tonight after family dinner will be looking into each chart - ten of them, create a stalk list for these warrants and see if I m trading any next week. More work on them so that I could write a list of pointers for each of them, in order to monitor.

Example : SPSetia's mommy chart is in my head. Property in focus. A leader. Bullish on her and market and the sector. So, look into its baby which moved from 0.40 to current 0.60 level. Hmm ... simple calculation here - gain of 50%. This is for short-term trading, riding on mommy's bullishness. The expiry date at 2013 is irrelevant. From my previous posts(homeworks done 2 years ago!), I have stated all these warrants expiry date. The ratio for company's warrant is 1 : 1, I observed.


There were discussion about many rubber-stocks(including IRCB) in yesterday's CN's traders club meeting. I was there for a short while(as I hv classes). Then, the most recent posts there are some clashes of opinions about rubber-stocks. Is it at bottom now or more downside see?

Recently I posted Supermax chart as it has FAILED to rebound for three times. Next week we might see rubber-stocks to rebound, but will it last? Is it yet another short-term rebound before it dives lower again?? What do u think?


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Supermax : An old friend of mine bought into it at RM5 level, stating that she knew some insider working with the big boss(Stanley) and said it is a good value buy at RM5. I did not comment but just wish her luck while telling her I m cutting of TopGlove for a loss. Today, Supermax at RM4 level now. I m not sure if it will show a failure to rebound for the fourth time?

SC : If you are reading these lines(as you are following my blog now!!), I hope you are ready to buy more into it at RM4, continue to look at RM3 and such. It might take some more beatings before it could rebound and recover. No one could tell how low these rubber-stocks could go, but seriously, due to the rubber-rally, many have gained substantial amount from it and many late comers are stucked at higher prices. Remember to always CUT LOSS(if you have a stop-loss) or be prepare to average down in stages.

Currently, USD vs MYR is at 3.09(touched 3.06), and the coming earing reports will NOT be good. So, it might take another beating if investors do not like its figures. High latex prices and also the so-called oversupply issue is hanging still. If one is an investor with 3-5 years time frame, I do believe buying at current level and in stages as it goes lower(no neeed to time the bottom) will benefit hugely. Yes, I m a believer that it will rebound!

Stock watch

Hokkien Pop Song: Grandma's Words (阿嬤的話)

TanChong, Help, Genting, AMMB, KFC, MMC - these are good uptrending stock which correcting from overbought region and for those who wish to ride on its uptrend(and believe KLCI will rebound).


AMMB at 48 - banking
HELP at 57 - education
Genting at 59 - gaming
KFC at 60 - fingers licking good
TanChong at 61 - auto
MMCCorp at 68 - construction

My personal 'homework' - my routine on Sat morning

Early in the morning, it is a routine that when I wake up, I will check the US market and also some of the US stocks which I m looking into(for many certain reasons). Then, I will browse through KLSE ... starting with top loser today. As I do have many charts in my head(up or down trend), looking at their closing price, I will short-list out some(around 10) good stock which I might be interested to stalk.

The six listed above are uptrending stocks which breached into overbought region recently. So, it is only logical to check on those retracing after KLCI down for two days. Short-listing them, and look into their RSI will be my first step. I have listed above the six stocks with their respective RSI. Please understand that I have done a lot scanning through some news/blogs and such to check on any negative-ness in these counter before I will bother to do some chart-analysis on them.

The step one done above. Second step - I will quickly use chart-nexus charting software to do some simple quick TA ... and plant these charts in my head for the day, before I m going for my tuition classes!! Yes, I m digesting the chart while I m driving or while having my breakfast(with The Star biz-column in hand). What's going on in my head is complex which i myself could not explain and write it in words here. At these two initial stage, the observations are still raw.

For example : KFC - I traded this one recently - I sold it off for small loss at 3.20 level yesterday. I have sold it at 3.30 for profits recently. Volume decreases seen - but RSI still high.

So, KFC chart is in mind now, carrying it for the whole day, before I do my analysis tonight while reading The Edge. I will also look into its new baby.

This is only KFC ... my mind will be occupied by these six counters for the whole day!! That explain why I do not talk 'empty' with others as my mind is full. Well, I do not use much of brain when giving tuition or teaching Maths as it natural. At times, when I m teaching, I m actually have these charts in my head!! Luckily I do not need to use my brain for my teaching job!!

So, that is my two initial stage for this morning ... rubber-stocks in mind too. Hmm ... have a nice day. I have tuition till 5pm today!

Taken from : politemarket's blog

Karambunai - KLSE best stock this week.

Karambunai is located 30 kilometres north-east of Kota Kinabalu City. Area about 4,000 acre. There got white sandy beach, wetland, crystal blue cove, flatland, highland, rainforest and river.

Karambunai Corp Bhd is listing in Bursa Malaysia. I think they got the name because they are located in Karambunai. KBunai significant asset is the Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai, a luxury 5-star international-class resort hotel with a world-class 18-hole golf course. Got 6 Royal and
Presidential Villas, with their private gardens and most with private swimming pools.

Annual report of Karambunai, stated they build the Nexus ResidenceKarambunai project. Up-market beachfront resort villas about 2,000 units. The main buyers of NRK products are mainly foreigners who are participants under the "Malaysia My Second Home" programme, including
Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Dublin, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.

TEH : I stayed in Sabah for 10 years before returned back to KL recently. I stayed for holiday with my wife for two nights there. It is located near Tuaran and I almost bought a unit at their new housing project(cant remember the name!) as it is near my ex-college's new campus, located at Menggatal, off Jalan Tuaran. Their main competitors is Rasa Ria(Shang's group). What I think of Karambunai? To stay there for holiday is nice, tho it is costly. But to buy it stocks, no way ... there isnt any growth seen in many years to come. Speculation about casino to be built there or in Sabah is an old story. Ask any Sabahan. Majority of Sabahan are Christians and many are non-gamblers. So, if they are to open one there, it is to attract west-Malaysians(while holidaying there) or those from neighbouring countries. DO we need so many cosinos?? What are our values??

Anyway, I will NOT be distracted by the huge % up in recent Karambunai stock price. Karambunai did not even satisfy my simple minimum criteria to buy into it. BUT, I might think of placing a small amount to PUNT into it. That is called gambling, not investing.

Good luck

12.20 am : DOW up 170 points, ready to be bullish on Monday. Yippeee ... if GenM rebounds on Monday, GenM-cl will jump another 20% next week? UEMLand-cc moves up today, I was queueing at 0.230 but too late, it was not done.

My US babe : A123

taken from LB-news

Despite the fact that A123 Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: AONE) – stock opened after a decline of 2.71 %, its current price is indicating an increase of 2.83 % from its previous close. Most appealing fact about the company is its one year target price, i.e. $ 14.04. Nevertheless, stock price volatility in last 52 weeks cannot be ignored as its low and high were $ 6.32 and $ 28.20 respectively. About 51 % of company ownership is in the hands of 156 different institutional investors and mutual fund owners, which is showing their interests in the company.

7.45 am : DOW up 200 points and A123 up 6% to close at USD9.36.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kopi-tiam market talk : Genting

Genting(click on the chart to view it larger) : On Wednesday, it touched 10.60 level, but closed about 10.40 level, to form an inverted thumb-tack. It is a reversal candle-stick, stating that it MIGHT start to reverse. The second observation is price up, volume down. This divergence is bearish, showing buying-power reducing and drying up soon. RSI(at 83) and stochastic showing overbought, so chances of it corrects is higher.

Today, it touched RM9.53, which is at the support of 9.60 level(horizontal -blue dotted line- and also coincide with 20MA -red line) and closed at RM9.75. It formed a nail ... which I like it technically(at support level). Very high volume registered today too, heavily traded at RM9.80.

If I m to queue today, i will queue at 9.60 level as that is its strong support level(using 20MA means for shorter term trade).

So, what is next? I m expecting it to rebound on Monday, chances is higher. So, what should I do? Buy on Monday the mommy Genting to ride on its current up trend or punt into one of its baby for short trade!!

SGX : There are many call-warrants and few put-warrants of GenS traded in SGX. We could play on the bullishness of GenS in KLSE with call-warrants but what about when it goes the lower? Either you short the mommy-stock or buy into put-warrants. Shorting is not allowed in KLSE(heard they are bringing it back? When lah, Bursa?). Short is just the opposite of LONG and put-warrant is just the opposite of call-warrants. Do not touch these instruments if you dont have the 'skills', high risk appetite and no knowledge about them.

Currently Genting's sister in Singapore is having a party, so Genting has been upgraded according. Personally I will still look into GenS-cw in KLSE.


DOW down a little. I will be busy with classes today till 7pm. Hence, I dont think so I could write or trade.

Hanging man

Queues : To clear EAH, Efficient, Kinstel, SigGas and TAGB all at 10% higher than my cost prices. I do not think so it will be done today, but this is market ... you will never know. Also, queue to buy all my five babes at 5-10% lower. Yes, if they dive today, it is to collect more. KLCI is still bullish, buying during correction, ok?

Warrants : IJMLand-wa down yesterday and I will continue to queue to clear at 1.11 for 10% profits. GenM-cl is to hold for a while, watching the mommy GenM to rebound. GenM is still bullish and uptrend. The two days correction is good to maintain its uptrend.

Waterfalls : This is the term I started to use about 2 years ago ... hmm ... it is interesting that some of bloggers, forum-mers and my readers are using that term too. Someone mentioned a XXX lousy stock forming a waterfall! When I read that, I was ... thinking! Hey, if he is using my term of waterfall, that is NOT what I meant. Perhaps I never DEFINE the waterfalls I meant. So, I will write it here if those could not see the meaning behind it. My brain AT TIMES is 'complex' and 'abstract'(thanks to my Mathematical brain!).

Waterfall - How I define it

To be called a 'Waterfall', first of all the chart MUST shown DOWNtrend and it must be at least down for 2 weeks. If possible, down for two months. So, the longer(time frame) it has been falling, the nicer the waterfall be.

Second : The percentage of falling must be more than 10% down from the point when it starts falling, and the sharper(faster rate of falling) the better.

Combining the 1st and 2nd, I will calculate its GRADIENT(changes in price over time = rate of the price falling). IF the current gradient is larger than the previous gradient, then it is worth stalking while it is called forming a nice waterfall!

Third : Not all counters could be called water-fall. From the word WATER, being a Chinese ... WATER = MONEY. So when you said waterfall, it means money is falling!! In Malay, they used 'durian runtuh'(durian is falling). So, could u see how I termed waterfall now? Yes, money is falling, literally. haha ... it means, opportunities-la. So, those counters I termed nice waterfall must be a GOOD stocks which I think will rebound.

Example : Saag and LCL is NOT waterfall to me. I never bother to stalk them. BUT they satisfied my 1st condition. Saag is drifting lower in very slow pace, actually. So, it does not satisfied my 2nd point and definitely wont satisfy my 3rd water-falling point.

4th : A nice waterfall should also show some technical properties such as trading near the strong support. That will be nice. As selling pressure could press it lower to break the strong support, I will check its gradient at the support point. Then, look into its volume. If the selling volume decreases, it shows the selling pressure is drying ... and reversal might in line. Then, I should EXPECT its RSI to go below 30(the lower the better - I will also do some RSI analysis on it IF I have real intention to buy) and stochastic to show overSOLD region.

5th : wait till i could remember!!

Another term I do use(coined) is RA = rojak analysis. Haha. If anyone is using it, please ask me for the definition so that we all have the same understanding when we use it in our writings. Afterall, it started or originated from ... ME.

10.10 am : Oh boy!! Karambunai up another 30% with KLCI down 9 points. I m still wearing red today!! Cleared half of my GenM-cl for small losses. StockQuest ... what is that? PUNTERS and the winner is up almost 50% now. If I were him, I will STOP trading for whole month or play it conservatively, thanks to the LUCK of buying Karambunai using RM100k. If it is a REAL money, will you bet the syndicate will goreng this one? Look at KLSE top 10 stocks today, then you will know why some term markets as a gambling haven. IT IS ... and that shows many uncles/aunties are coming into KLSE to play too. I mentioned Talam to be goreng yesterday and it is ... but in a milder manner. It will be a good punt but the risk high IF you are using your real money. If not, PUNT PUNT ... gamble la(stock borkers will like many to go into markets to earn money/fees from them).

TWSCorp : I grabbed it back at 0.94 yesterday, expecting another day of profit-taking but it is not moving lower for me to collect more or it.

EAH : At 0.58 now, reaching my target at 0.60. I will clear half at 0.60 and all at 0.63 if it shoots in a few trading days. Otherwise, I will hold. RSI at 60s now. Watch to clear for another 10% profits. Traing this one is VERY different from trading call-warrants, ok? This is in ACE market. Sorry, I wont explain what is ACE market ... do your homework or treat me my dinner, I can use half hour to explain ACE market and counters in them.

Kinstel : Queueing to buy at 0.84. I hv already moved in, so it is only logical to grab more at lower price, positioning for the bull-day. Today is another bearish day. BUY during correction?

GenM : Someone asked if GenM can buy when it shot up to 3.60 that day. As normal, I do not answer such questions. It is simply NOT possible to answer as you do not know the personalities and risk appetite of the person. But, those looking into GenM, I can say are investors or those not so high risk players. BUT why buy when it shot up 10% per day? How often GenM shot up 10% per day?? Tell me,please. NOW I m going to answer his question - if you are looking into it for dividend, I think many more give a better dividend, historically(do your homework). But, u r positive about its prospect and buy into its recent positiveness news, then CORRECTION like yesterday and today would be a good day to buy. At 3.60, nope. At 3.40 now, 20 cents discount, right? No one could tell you if it goes up or not ... but be prepare for it to move down. Protect your risk, calculate that ... and execute, ok? Good luck.

12.15 pm : Really busy ... arrghhh ... I hv to run again as I hv another 4 hours of tuition today!! yeah, shouldnt complain as I dont think so my trades could give me that RM400 net profits in a day trade, right? teaching is still my job, my passion. Off I go ...

MEGB : Managed to push above RM3 today ... a good sign to watch and to grab some for rebound play.

EAH : At 0.585 today, my queue at 0.605(was 0.600 yesterday) might be done later? We shall watch ... that will be able to pay the dinner I m going to treat my whole family this weekend. Yes, I profitted a lot(thanks to GenS-c8 and UEMLand-cc, also SigGas) this week .. so, closing EAH today will be a great week for me. I have not be able to sell IJMLand-wa at 1.11 for my another 10% but that is not as much. I hv heavy positions in EAH and SigGas now.

4.35 pm : Cut off TWSCorp for small loss as it is still moving lower. Kinstel and SigGas maintaining ... good. It is bearish again today with Genting pulling KLCI down. Well, Genting shot up above RM10, too fast for its own good. Time to consider Genting? I will look into its babies.

Hubline : At 0.180, recovering ... I guess.

EAH : Will close at 0.585, forming a white bullish candlestick today. So, I shall see if I still want to clear all at 0.600.

Property-rally : Today, in a sea of reds ... property-stocks are doing well. Sunrise continues to rise.

10.20 pm : Tired ... DOW up 170 points! wow!! DOW above 10, 800 level now. I cant remember when I attended a 'free market talk' by sifu-DAR WANG ... which initially I wrote in my blog about his BEARISH view ... he said market will move to 10,400 at most and start to DIVE. A wrong prediction!! Market continues to move higher ... well, he speaks about WAVE - the next leg down, a variation of the famous Elliott wave. I m a non-follower of EW as it is kinda 'longer' term formation of a wave. To predict how HIGH market could move up now and predict the downturn and how lOW it could correct/dive ... is like staring at the stars and say, hey ... I THINK that twinkle in the stars above telling me market could dive next week!! Better sell tmr ... or a comet seen, time to buy tech-stock as it will rally next month!!

Predictions could go VERY wrong ... that is why no one wish to stick their heads out to be chopped. If you still listening to CNBC or Bloomberg(I no longer subcribe to the channel to save some money!!), then you will hear the BULL vs BEAR call every week and for their own reasonings!!

It is safe to say that we should be OUR own sifu. IF we do listen to someone we considered as 'sifu', then be prepare to be disappointed and accept your losses as YOUR own responsibilities. I m still sore(and slapped myself for the blunder) about my trade with SUPPORT - I was observing it for 3 weeks as it was forming a waterfall and manage to buy at strong support at RM1.50. I sold it off as the BEARISH candlestick seen, confirming the SELL signal. It went above RM2 easily ... do u hv pain losing or pain selling off your stock only to see it moving higher and higher? How about the pain of NOT buying into a stock which you like but hesitated to move in - the feel the pain? HAI-YAH ... ##%$@&

Since that 'lesson', I decided NOT to look into TA or CN for a while. I lost many trades and I think the number of losing trades in that one month or so is more than my previous losses in ONE YEAR. I was confused and dis-oriented. It mixed so much with my OWN system that I m so used to. I like something oversold, buying at support and then wait for the rebound to sell for 10% profits. It might take weeks. But those buying high and selling high, I m still learning the TA. It is simply too complicated for my brain. I admit I m NOT good at all in my TA. My learning paused as I m more comfortable with my own way, tho it is NOT

So, even those sifus and trainers could not predict the direction of the markets, who are we to time the market or a particular stock, right?

Conclusion : Too many sifus around - all have their strength and weakness. The best sifu lies within us - ourselves. Like it or not, we have to make a decision whether we believe market will continue to move higher, KLCI breaching 1500 or to be bearish ... DOW to dive below 10k level and KLCI going to 1, 200 level or lower again. Hmm ... you think not possible? Are you bullish or bearish? If bullish, the current correction would be an exciting time to BUY but if you are bearish, guess u hv cleared all and waiting for the huge double-dip ... and preparing to buy!!

Now, as DOW moving at 10,800 level ... do you think DOW will go to 11k level or 10k level first?? Decide on that and act accordingly.

At the moment, market sentiments are still good ... and positive. So, I m moving heavier into markets and even punted in CWs which I have 'left' it since the last time I cut off BJToto-cg for a huge loss. I m wiser than I was 6 months ago, frankly. And yes, I m so much wiser and knowledgable than I was 2 years ago. I m glad I never give up tho I was losing a lot of trades in my first year(2008) ... Next year, 2011 ... whether market moving up or down, I will be much more prepare to capitalise when the opportunities knocks. I know I will continue to learn and continue to listen to many other 'sifus'.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

StockQuest : Is it for punters?

Well-written by one of the CN's forum-regular.

Taken from : CN's forum

Talk about this stockquest contest, I just have a look on latest ranking, many newcomers "made a fortune" on KBUNAI this afternoon:

1 ensonchoong Choong Siew Kee Perak 27.0%
2 chiancheng Ccheng Melaka 21.0%
3 maimyann2054 ANN SEE PENG Selangor 10.8%

If anyone out here is 1 of the Top 3 currently, trust me you can just leave it there and no more trade. End of the contest month I believe still got nobody can beat your score. hehehe......

I don't really understand why KBUNAI could suddenly be included to play in this contest since the afternoon session just now, because the first day when I tried to place orders on MSPORTS, XDL, and not to forget those LCL, RAMUNIA & all warrants, they are all disallowed to buy.

And yesterday I did try to place an order on KBUNAI @ 7.5 cent 1000 lot, this message appeared:

"This counter(3115) is excluded from being traded.Please check our User Guide for the list of counters not available for trading in the Stock Quest"

Personally I myself don't think should continue further on this contest.....
I used proper TA, risk & money management, position sizing & 7/10 winning rate also could only achieve 2.5% net gain for the past 4 days. That percentage already deducting some paper loss incurred on the stock I buy & hold for awhile.

In real world, a weekly 10% gain on top of all the allocated fund is almost impossible to achieve as there's no one will allocate 100% of the $$$ to enter 1 penny stock counter with no risk management.

This contest is for gambler & punters. Just allocate all 100k virtual fund on 1 particular penny stock with huge volume & cheap cheap price, easily 50% gain per day. Just my 2 cents.

My reply in CN's forum


This is well-written about the StockQuest. Allow me to copy it to my blog and I want to comment more about this contest.

Yes, it is for PUNTERS and GAMBLERS. It is 80% luck using LA. Throw away TA and please dont mention FA. It is only ONE MONTH time. Gaining 30% a month in REAL trading sense is a great feat. So, the contest giving WRONG impression about stock-market(already many will think stock markets are for losers and gamblers!!). It encourages GAMBLING mentality which we suppose to educate the investor circle the RIGHT way of trading or investing, not merely PUNTING and GAMBLING.

Anyway, if one want to win, it is PUNTING. I took my gamble on Tejari, KNM, TWSCORP and such. Tejari losing me RM5k, so I do not have LUCK. Haha. I m out of the contest, I m more concern about my own real trades.

Anyone using TA + FA wont win this contest. That is my opinion.

Good luck, as we do need a lots of LUCK in such a contest!!





9.10 am : KLCI up 1.5 points.

TAGB : Grabbed some at 0.41.

GenM-cl : Punting into this one.

GenS-c8 : Time to clear, for profit or loss.

9.15 am : GenM-cl done some at 0.210.

9.30 am : KFC : Moving up today, cleared at 3.21 for small losses. GenS-c8 cleared all at 0.395-0.400 done. I m moving into GenM-cl.

10.35 am : I went yam-char, while calculating the GenM-cl. Oh boy, it dives and my queue at 0.190 is done. At 0.185 now, so I will watch to top up or cut off. GenS-c8 cut at 0.40 level was a 'right; one as it dives to 0.34 now.

KLCI losing 9 points now. I m wearing a pink-coloured shirt, no wonder la. Hehe.

Someone mentioned that if market corrects, that will be the time we BUY our fav stock(s). Now, KLCI down 10points --- can buy?

SigGas : At at 0.85, touced 0.87(0.88 yesterday), still waiting at lower to collect again.

10.50 am : GenM-cl done at 0.180, queueing more at 0.170, 0.160 and final queue at 0.150

SigGas : Flying above 0.90 now, topped up. Yes, I do not wish to make the same mistake where I took small profits days ago. HOLD and averaging up.

3.10 pm : KLCI down by 12 points now on profit-taking.

EAH : Besides SigGas jumps, EAH moving up too. Yes, I still have large positions on EAH which I have sold, and grabbed back with average at 0.54 now. EAH at 0.555 now. Wait for 10% jump. Otherwise, ride on it. I do hold this one as it is not really meant for trading. It is for keeping, only to sell if it jumps up 10% in ONE single trading day or at overbought level. More upside seen

Rubber-stocks : Really rubbish!!! Down more today ... hmm, investors will be 'glad' that they are coming back down. Well, I m monitoring 6 rubber-stocks movements at the moment and will like to post the charts of these waterfall ... falling. Supermax and Harta going to RM4 level, TopGlove at RM5, Latexx at 2.50 level, Kossan at RM3. Adventa at RM2.35. For investors, be greedy when there is fear!! Extreme fear is need ... panic selling is the best point of buying. Dare to be contrarian? For those stucked and not cutting for losses(those still in profit, not taking? It will go back to your purchasing level), be ready to buy more at lower level, ok? I have taken some losses in TopGlove some time ago. Yes, losses. I do lose many trades but I make sure it is small and bearable.

JCY and KPJ : Showing downtrend ... so, wait. I still like these two babes. JCY at 1.02 now, going below RM0.98 will trigger my attention.

AnnJoo : Anyone punt into AnnJoo-ca when reading about my post on a good punt? Please treat me my dinner, ok? Thanks!! It is up 30% from the point I wrote about it uder 'steel-rally'. AnnJoo has moved ... so is LionInd. If you like, LionInd is down today .. that is the time you buy, ok? I grabbed Kinstel for the steel rally.

3.30 pm : EAH at 0.56 ... I m queueing to clear all for 10% profit(third time now) at 0.60. I m using the similar strategy for Efficient too with slight variation as EAH is more volatile comparing to the slow moving Efficient. These are my two Es at the moment.

Kinstel : Down today, so it is buying more for collection. 0.85 done, wait for 0.84. I cleared TatGiap for her. Today, I cleared KFC ... perhaps to top-up Kinstel more if it goes lower.

3.55 pm : TWScorp is done today. I have let it go too early ... now, a correction will give me opportunity to move in.

EAH : At 0.565, up 4.6% now. Wait.

4.05 pm : SigGas touched 0.935 now, grabbed as it moves up (0.89, 0.90, 0.91 and 0.92). My positions on this babe increases. Clearing soon ...

EAH : At 0.570. wait.

4.15 pm EAH at 0.575. wait? Going in to grab more.

EAH : Moving up fast ... 0.58 now. I m going to average up tho I hv huge positions in her. More upside seen and I hv 3-6 months time frame in mind!

4.25 pm : KLCI down by 12 points but Karambunai being used to goreng for two days now. HUGE % up but very risky. This is syndicates jobs. Next property stock they might GORENG is Talam.

UEMLand-cc : At 0.230, I sold at 0.245 yesterday. Mommy down a little. I m stucked with GenM-cl which I will hold a while but UEMLand-cc still in radar. Go down to 0.20 again, please?

4.35 pm : KLCI down by 17 points. Genting and GenM down today.

UEMLand-cc : At 0.22 now, lost 8.3%.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MEGB : Master without skills - one of the major loser today, lost 21 cents. At Rm3.19, touched RM3.18, what a sharp knife! This is newly listed and trading below its IPO value now. Could it go below RM3? These days, IPO no longer performing well.

DOW closed up a little, A123 down on correction(or reversal again?) after posed a strong rebound from 6.50 to 9.50 in two weeks!! GLD at 126 now as USD vs MYR at new low again, 1USD = RM3.07.

Someone asked me how do the calculations for call-warrants. I could only say ... DO NOT TOUCH. There are many punters and gamblers(like me) who are punting into these risky instruments to ride on some stocks movements. IF you dont even know how to calculate and also lazy to check on resources to learn, then please forget it. I m serious. I got burnt many times! Ouch! Ouch. Today, I will only punt, hit-n-run and dont even bother much about some calculations but I do monitor its mommy closely.

Say, GenM up yesterday ... you could see its CWs are most wanted and shot more than 50%. The most actively traded counter yesterday was GenM-cl, which up 160%. IF you profit 100% per day, will you sell or buy?

Call-warrants - should any investors buy into it?

Basically, we should buy only those UPTRENDing mother's stock. Also, make sure the expiry period as long as possible(at least 100 days). It must be a sexy babe where volumes seen. Put a few more criteria there ... and trade cautiously. When mommy reverses, remember to CUT LOSS. You may risk all your capital in it. For a beginning, try only VERY small amount. I m m encouraging anyone to look into CWa as personally I feel it is GAMBLING. I dislike gambling my money away. It is like win-or-lose ... with nothing much I could learn from those trades.

8.40 am : MAS ... "Alpha Chart" mentioned about her, so I took a peep. She is at 2.20 still, but AirAsia took off, reaching her destinations soon. Will MAS take off too? You may claim that they lost money ... but ... they ARE the Malaysia's system, u know. Too big to fail ... too shy to hide. Look at SIME, lost money but stock still moving up!! Time to nibble at MAS again ...

10.20 am : My queues to clear GenS-c8 failed and it dives ... so, I grabbed at 0.42 moments ago. Profit taking is only right, correction is good.

UEMLand-cc : Average at 0.205, today it performs well. Still looking at UEMLand at 2.15 level. Yes, I hv written that I m clearing GenS for huge profits and going into this one. We all read about what Dali mentioned about UEMLand(haha) and I done some work on UEMLand, looking into news and my uncommon-stupid sense, it says ... PUNT.

10.25 am : UEMLand trying to breach Rm2 again, while baby at 0.235, up 12%. Well, do not buy what I m buying as this is a risky punt, ok? Otherwise, hit-n-run. Fail, cut cut. Can?? If cut it off for 10% loss is too painful to take, then CWs is not your cuppa-tea. Look at its mommy, then. I dont know if RM2 is a good buy. I traded UEMLand before at RM1.40 levels.

UEMLand : Queueing to sell for 15% profits(in three days) at 0.245, at 0.240 now. Done or not, I m not sure.

Gamuda : Well, it is reaching RM4 now. Gamuda-wd going above 1.35

As MRCB, Gamuda, UEMLand moving ... Zelan is following? Speculation on these political-linked counters getting jobs. Transparency in Malaysia? Fair tendering? Forget it, this is Malaysia - we practice 'sayang saudara' concepts. Love your proxies and brothers.

SigGas : Yes, trading could get into your head and you will lose your emotion. I stupidly grabbed back at higher price, now it is at 0.845, I m down on this one now.

IJMLand-wa : At 1.05 now. I bought at RM1 last week, still waiting for my 10% for my RM500 profits. At 1.05 is RM250 profits. Hold on ... and look at mommy.

Kinstel : This is not for contra(unless it jump/dive) ... but more upside seen. I m queueing at 0.850

11.55 am : KLCI up 1 point plus - Gamuda takes over the stage from GenM(on profit taking too).

Kinstel : Starts to move ... grabbed at 0.860 and 0.87.

GenS-c8 : Grabbed at 0.42 and 0.41 done this morning was another good punt? It is at 0.45 now, and I m clearing more at 0.46 and 0.49(last lots). If done, third day profits, still large enough, and I m done with it for a time being. Need to get away from the greediness and look around into others.

IJMLand-wa touched 1.08 now, I m queuing to sell at 1.11, if done today for 10% profits. Good. When sentiment are bullish, it is easier to gain but always remember that anything up will move down?!

3.10 pm : I m too busy for the stock-quest as I m heavily in real trades. That is more important. The only counter gave me profits are LionDiv(sold KNM for her) and TWSCorp(breaching RM1). Tejari is the worst counter I bought two days ago!! terrible LUCK.

GenS-c8 : Dive back to 0.43 level. So, I m clearing at 0.44 and 0.46 at the moment. Just want to clear it for profits in third day.

3.55 pm : Many second liners are bullish today. WahSeong jumps.

UEMLand-cc : Done moments ago at 0.245. I bought 0.205. No regrets if it jumps again as it is up 17% today. It is at 0.25 now. Grabbing back in lower level, or else checking on others tonight.

GenS-c8 : Not cutting it off yet but the queue to clear at 0.44 wont be done, i think.

5.05 pm : KLCI down 1+ points. GenM down after shot so high yesterday. GenS-c8 down and closed at 0.410.

Tonight I have 'small' bowling competition. Hope I could play well. Wish me luck. haha.

Unit Trust vs Stock Market II

There are continuous debate about these in RHB's forum. And I DO NOT read them, many just voicing out their frustrations - as market shooting so high, yet they got 'conned' by UT agents.

sigh..sigh..sigh!! It seems many ppl got 'cheated' when they invested UT..whether becoz of 'smooth-talking agents' or Ignorance/greed..whatever..I'm truly sorry to hear all this..

My point was: an investor can make lotsa $$ when investing in UT and directly in shares.

Skill-set, risk tolerance, experience, expectations all completely different.

You have to know how to play to game and WIN. These are 2 totally different vehicles even though they invest into Bursa. (I assume we are just talking ABT local equities).

If you wanna win, learn..learn..learn..apply (and maybe even modify) and be the best!! Form your own opinion and test it before you go live.

No point 'shouting' in forums and saying dis and dat not good when you dun even understand the basics what an investment vehicle can do/cannot do for you.

Get a proper advisor who has YOUR INTEREST FIRST ..not just their comm.

fyi only~my portfolio of top-performing UT funds (not necessarily winning any awards)invested since 08/10/2008~to date total returns (net) 43.71%. Call me if anyone wants to know how. Otherwise, shall we let this UT matter rest in peace??

There's plenty $$$ more to be made..let's move on and be adults and professional traders shall we??

May you hv success in all your trades

Written by Audrey Boey
8.25 pm : I want to comment on her reply in RHBInvest but I think it is better to write in my own blog. I have the freedom to hai-chi ... excuse me, I need to go for my games.

11.05 pm : I went to the bowling alley but they do not have enough participants to start the game!! Many regulars there ... so, I prefer to come back to watch markets!!
LingBao : Up 8% today ... at HKD3.27 now. Gold at new high ... and all believe it could only go higher. These gold-mining stocks might benefit from the appreciation of the gold price. For those more conservative investor, do look into GLD, ok?


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Supermax : Dropped 16cents to close at Rm4.19, touched RM4.17. It broken RM4.25 strong horizontal support with HIGH volume. Indicators showing oversold but any rebound(technical) might be short and we might see RM4 soon Next strong support at RM3.70 level. Supermax-ca at new low 0.120, lost 14% today. Supermax-cb closed at 0.075, a new low. HOW LOW could rubber stocks go? Much lower ...? WHY?

DOW up 145 points. BULLISH.

RHBInvest's forum : There is a long discussion between Unit Trust and Stock Market. Well, those in UT, especially those selling UT are protecting their rice-bowl and those in stock markets(with knowledge and gaining) will know that it is better to TRUST yourself. For the UT sale-persons, it is obviously they are more interested with their commission. Many UT sale-persons do not even have knowledge about market as they are trained to SELL their UT, just like selling any products. IF they have the knowledge, they might as well invest in stock-market themselves rather than relying on commission of their sales? Anyway, I guess u could earn big-money by selling UT?

GenS-c8 : Still many chasing up. I m not queueing to sell this time. Buying now will pose great risk, so I m not buying either. I m going for UEMLand-cc while watching other bullish stocks(and its babies).

GenS-c8 : Cleared some at 0.53 done. Fingers itchy!

9.20 am : GenS-c8 : Bought some back at 0.50 done moments ago. My buyings are smaller in portion as it moves higher and sellings increase.

StockQuest : Took a RM2k cut loss on Tejari as it broken its strong support. ouch. I m far behind in the ranking, then. No time to monitor ... wrong punts.

12.30 pm : KLCI still up 2 points. UEMLand not moving much. Hold. GenS only left with 5k units with my selling mood. GenSP down today after days of up, profit-taking might take a day or two before continue its strong rally, under positive market sentiments.

SCORE : Sarawak stocks being written in The Edge, and upside seen. Many speculating on the election-rally and added with 'good' fundamentals, we could BUY into them? KKB, Dayang, CMSB, HSL? Which one?

3.50 pm : SigGas jumped and my queue to sell at 0.85 done!! It is at o.87 now. It reminds me of my TWSCorp which I sold for small profits only to see it jumps up another 10%. OUCH.

TatGiap : I cleared this one too just now for small losses and it is back to my cost price. This is OK as it is small portion. Who knows ... it might jump another 10% up tmr!!

SigGas : I m so busy with my work and I could not monitor or trade. I m grabbing back SigGas, done at 0.88 now. Sigh. I hv to let go of the pain of taking-profits too early again!

Resorts : This slow-moving babe shooting higher in very rapidly. How could anyone miss this? Those holding the faith on her will benefit.

Riding on GenM are many call-warrants. Time to punt again?

10.35 pm : Tired. DOW flat. KLCI bullish, up 6 points ... thanks to GenM. breaking RM3 was a big boost to this babe.

A123 : UP again ... at 9.60 level, touched 9.80 just now. Will it breach USD10? It is overbought!! I wont like to buy into overbought stocks!!

GenS-c8 : A doji formed today. I still have unfinished business, tho much smaller now. At one point I was holding 20k units of it, riding upwards and anxiously selling. Yesterday I sold half, only to grab back(decrease the no of units). Then, today I cleared more at 0.53 but grabbed back at 0.50-0.51(lowering the no of units again), before seeing GenSP in RED, going below SGD2.10. Hence, I cleared more at 0.505 and 0.495. I queued to grab back at 0.48 and 0.47(but 0.46 and 0.45 not done). I was very busy ... so, I do not have the time to monitor. I grabbed some before closing. Currently, I m only left with 8k units.

Tmr is another SELL to me, profit or loss. It wont be large anymore but I have taken good profits for the two days trade. Thanks, Genting Singapore. I will visit u end of the year, ok?

SigGas : I need to write this one down as I hesitated and decided to SELL it. I did not expect it to jump so soon(but I do know it will jump!). So, I grabbed back at 0.86, 0.87 and 0.88. I DID NOT follow my initial plan to hold on this one. What is the point putting all the points as reference but FAILED to follow the plans, right? This is another mistake I commonly done - PLEASE FOLLOW YOUR TRADE PLANS.

Stockquest : I m doing badly in with my portfolios as I m too busy with my classes and work in office. I m also busy with my trades(that is why I cut off TatGiap too). I want to focus in few counters as I could not monitor and make swift decisions that sometimes needed. For example, taking losses for Tejari. The moment I saw it diving, it is too late. I lost RM4k alone on it.

GenM : RSI too high. No buying into its call-warrant. Still bullish on UEMLand-cc, so I will trade this one, instead.

Rubber and tech stocks are in rubbish-sector. Someone said it is for rubbish-collectors! Haha, I cynically laughed. On the second thought, did he meant only for those non-educated people, who have to turn to be a rubbish-collector? Only non-educated people in market will buy into these sector now? That I wont agree ... in fact I m seeing that those BUYING into these unwanted sectors are contrarians(or rubbish-collector, whichever way u want to put it) and should continue to average down on GOOD stocks. These are for looong term investors who still believe these sectors will recover(I do believe that too ... by end of the year?). I do still monitor these sectors closely. I still like Topglove and JCY.

11.45 pm : A123 suddenly dives down .. at 9.20 now. I promised myself not to buy into it(or US) untill markets in US collapse, or it reverses to an uptrend. Trading fees are very expensive for non-klse stocks. It is basically BUY and HOLD, positioning for the recovery next year or so ... playing on the 'hype' news.


Monday, September 20, 2010

GenS-c8 : Closed at 0.445, up 41% today. It already went up 50% last Friday. I went in on Friday, sold at 0.41 and 0.43 today. Bought back at 0.40 - 0.44, with average at 0.41 now. Another 30% up tmr I will clear more and buy back(with smaller portion). As it moves higher and higher, GREED is there, so as a contrarian - I will be in FEAR. Of coz IF ONLY I KNOW, I wont even sell it today and keep buying!! IF ... and only IF ...

This is for a trade, short-punt. GenS closed at 2.14, touched 2.18 today. It is extremely overbought. So, do not be the last person standing buying into GenS-c8 tmr at 0.50?? I will watch 0.50 to clear. I dont know how high will it go but since I hv taken huge profits on it, and holding small portion, I wont mind let it runs .... and will clear once it retraces!!

I have missed GenS when it broken 1.20 level ... at 2.40 it will registered an incredible 50% in such a short month. But, the RISKY GenS-c8 went from 0.15 to 0.45 ... that is 200% since 3 days!!

Monday blues ... as I hv to start working after 2 weeks break. Added to that, Liverpool lost to MU last night. I could not login to ECM stockquest as there is no login page at the moment!!

9.20 am : MY blog-site got some problem. Sigh. really Monday blue.

GenS-c8 : Cleared half for huge profits at 0.410.

11.55 am : Trading Gen-S ... buy/sell. Highest bid bought at 0.44, but cleared more at 0.43. Wait.


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12.45 pm : my 'old' trading blog is corrupted ... so, I wont mind creating a new one and many of my readers might not be able to find me!! I dont know ... my blog is for my OWN pleasure reading. So, if they could get to read these lines or not, should I care too much? Hmm ...

Peter Pan - Kota Mati

StockQuest : I have bought into KNM, Tejari, Dataprep and Jadi. We are not allowed to buy warrants. Too bad.

GenS-c8 : I have sold half at 0.410, only to buy back more at 0.40-0.44 ... then, cleared some at 0.430. I m not sure how many units left or my average now(sold those I bought below 0.32). Huge profits and will buy my wife her mooncake!! Hehe.

SigGas and TatGiap : Not doing well and might consider to CUT it off and to focus on my other trades.

Sunrise : Rised today, up 9%. Wow.

KFC : Touched 3.38 in the morning surged but retraced since then. Wont do anything much as I only have 'little' of it.

My two Es : Flat ... nothing interesting about them. Wait.

I m back HERE!!

9.50 pm : Went to Taipan USJ to grab some mooncake for my wife and kids. They like it and nowadays mooncakes cost RM12-14 each. Wow ... anyway, I m really a cheap skate - the mooncake is just a small fraction of my huge profits from one day trade of GenS-c8. Yes, it was a good PUNT.

A123 : AT 9.50 level now, DOW up slightly. There is a strong rally in H-auto-stocks.

NEP : Down again ... at USD4.50, I m watching and waiting.

Rubber : Oh boy, rubber being rubberished again ... while tech-stock being unfavoured again. What is the stock that rallying? MRCB and UEMLand ... AirAsia continues it good run.

UEMLand : Bullish but today going 3% lower. Closed at 1.93 after surging to 2.05 in the morning. I grabbed UEMLand-cc which done 7%. Closed at 0.195, I think I have average at 0.205(as I bought into it in the morning but my lower queues done - surprisingly!)

Gamuda : Welcoming Gamuda to be in our big-boys list. Gamuda-wd worth looking but it moves to high for me to catch now(as I failed to clear IJMLand-wa for her).

TAGB : Welcoming her too ... these are latest development as TanJong taken out. I read these last week. Tanjong is such a good stock many investors would love her.

IJMLand : Privitisation news? What will happen to my IJMLand-wa if that is true?

TWSCorp : Touched 0.96 today, I cleared it on Friday at 0.905, I think. Hmm ... too many to focus?

SigGas and TatGiap : Done badly today, will see if I need to clear them as I want to focus in a few good trades.

Jerneh(wa) : No longer clear ... THIRD black long candle-stick. Cant remember about its news as I wont be buying her. But, written here as I m going to punt into it hypothetically.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Steel-stocks to rally?

Annjoo-ca : At 0.075, up from 0.055(as mommy moved), worth a punt!! Exercise price at 2.60, ratio 4 : 1, expiring Dec 2010, trading at premium 5.84%. For short trade hit-n-run but liquidity might be an issue. HIGH RISK.

AnnJoo : Recovered from RM2.20 level to current RM2.70 level, will be seeing RM2.90 again as the steel-rally is back! The better fundamental stock and recommended for investors who want to be in steel-rally. I will go for its baby.

Kinsteel : The best chart(in term of my RA = rojak analysis) to play on current steel-rally. I will like to grab some tmr and might clear SigGas for this one. I do not always buy into 'waterfalls', ya.

LionInd : At 1.75, broken 1.73 recent high. UPtrend with RSI into overbought region. High volume breakout possible tmr. Watch.